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About BDSM


I write many storylines dealing with the BDSM lifestyle. I have done a ton of research into this lifestyle. I canít state strong enough that this lifestyle is not to be entered into lightly. Please do your own research if you are curious about this lifestyle.


Here are a few books to start you on your research.


SM 101: A Realistic Introduction- written by Jay Wiseman


The New Bottoming Book by Janet W. Hardy


The Loving Dominant by John Warren


Jay Wiseman's Erotic Bondage Handbook


Different Loving: The World of Sexual Dominance... by William Brame


The Art Of Sensual Female Dominance: A Guide for Women (Paperback)

by Claudia Varrin


Master/slave Relations: Handbook of Theory and Practice (M/s Studies Books)



These are just a few books to start with. There are also a lot of websites dedicated to this lifestyle.


One thing to remember when you are reading my books that these books are works of fiction. Some of the practices in them may cause serious injury if not done properly and therefore should not be attempted without proper training.

A small article I wrote:

Why do you write BDSM romance novels?


This is a question I have been asked many times since I began writing erotic romance novels that contain BDSM elements to them.   I could answer this question with the deeply profound answer that Iím compelled to write about this subject.  I suppose this answer is partly true based on the fact that almost all writers are compelled to write.

I could say that it was my own research into the BDSM lifestyle that inspired me and this to would be partly true. I have researched this lifestyle quite extensively and through this research inspiration was given breath many times.

I could also say it is a need that I fill that drives me to write about this subject, and again this would be partly true. I do fill a deep rooted need when I write about this lifestyle.

Much like my character Amanda in my book ďVoodooĒ (which is part of the Master of My Heart series) I have always had desires that for the longest time didnít have a category to neatly fit in.  As she tells Voodoo that a dream inspired by an image she saw gave birth to her desires, my own desires began in a similar manner.  This was way back before BDSM hit the mainstream.

No, I do not live the BDSM lifestyle in a twenty-four-seven manner, though I believe that I could. Yet, when you are in loving relationship you must make compromises.  Though my husband dabbles in this lifestyle for me he could never dive into the deep end like I could, and I respect this.

Iím able to explore this side of myself through my writing and Iím grateful that Iím given a chance to do so. 


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