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Bazil has been Dante's favorite slave for several years now. Bazil is kind and gentle, while Dante is dubbed the Master of Pain. Dante needs to give pain, yet Bazil doesn't enjoy receiving pain. Knowing this, Dante is unable to inflict erotic pain on Bazil. The difference between them is starting to tear them apart. Angelique sees what this is doing to her beloved Dante. Hoping to help him, she convinces him to take on new clients and gives him two new slaves to play with. By doing this she is forcing Dante and Bazil to face their problem. This will either draw Dante and Bazil closer together or it will pull them apart, either way, Angelique can’t stand by and watch Dante suffer any longer.


"Amoureux" is  part of Justus Roux’s best-selling Master Series







"Master Drake is here."

"I know, so is Ecstasy and Rapture." She turned back to the window.

Jet went over to her and saw what had captured her attention. "He is calming Apollo."

"I see that."

"Fawn, maybe Master Dante will let us go. I don't want to be here. I want to be with Master Drake. I saw him…"

Fawn looked at the euphoric look on Jet's face.

"He is everything I thought he would be."

"How do you know that he won’t be like Master Dante?"

"They call Drake the Master of Pleasure. And he had such a warm presence about him."

"Our last Master was gentle."

"But he didn't have that presence Drake had. And I only caught a glimpse of Master Drake. Imagine being close to him. I bet he would make me want to go to my knees before him and not out of fear like Master Dante."

A loud knock on the door caused both of them to turn around.

"What the hell are you doing in here? Master will beat you for being near one of his females," Einar said.

"He was only talking to me," Fawn added.

"That doesn't matter." Einar grabbed a hold of Jet’s arm. "I must tell Master what you have done."

"Oh please don't," Fawn said as she gently grabbed Einar's arm.

"Your sweet face may work on Habu, but it won't on me." He pushed her away then dragged Jet from the room.

Einar paused at the door to Dante's chamber. "Stay still and take your punishment like a man." Einar knocked twice on Dante's door, but there was no answer.

"Master is in the dining hall with Bazil," Emerald said. She was carrying a tray of food.

"Then what is that for?"


"Oh…carry on." Einar dragged Jet to the dining hall. Dante was sitting on one of the large dining room chairs with Bazil on his lap facing him. Bazil was busy feeding Dante.

"Shit…" Einar growled. He hated disturbing Dante when he was with Bazil or Angelique. Master tended to get very pissed off when he did.

"Mmm, Master," Bazil cooed when Dante licked the cream from Bazil's finger.

"Come here," Dante growled pulling Bazil closer. He latched onto Bazil's hair and kissed him hard on the lips. He reached back and cupped Bazil's ass with his free hand.

Einar took a deep breath to try and calm his jealousy. He would kill to have Master touch him like the way he touches Bazil. "Master."

"What the fuck is it?" Dante said before he captured Bazil's lips again.

"Oh Master," Bazil groaned as he deepened their kiss.

Dante pulled him closer and grip his ass hard. "Take those fucking pants off now."

"Yes Master," Bazil said breathily.

"Master, I must speak with you," Einar said a little louder.

"What is it?" Dante unbutton his pants and pulled his cock out.

Einar licked his lips as he gazed upon his Master's beautiful big cock.

Dante pulled Bazil back onto his lap. He reached onto the table and grabbed the bottle of olive oil. He poured some on his hands and lubed his cock up with it.

"Get on my cock," Dante growled. "Yeah, that's it, take every inch of my cock up that ass."

"Master!" Einar said even louder.

"You are trying my patience, Einar. What the fuck is so important?" Dante grabbed Bazil’s ass with both of his hands and helped Bazil to ride his cock. "God damn, this sweet ass is still so fucking tight."

"I caught this male slave in Fawn's room." Einar’s cock was getting harder by the moment watching his Master fuck Bazil.

Dante leaned back in the chair. "That’s it, my Bazil, ride my cock. Just like that, ummm, yeah." Dante reached over to the table and dipped his hand into the whip cream. He brought his fingers to Bazil’s mouth. "Lick it off." Dante growled as he watched Bazil lick his fingers clean.

"Master what do you want me to do with him?"

"I want you to shut the fuck up for a moment." Dante stuck his finger into Bazil's mouth. "Suck it, my Bazil, just like you suck my cock."

The passionate way Bazil sucked at Dante's fingers made Dante groan loudly.

He pushed Bazil back just enough so that Bazil was leaning against the table.

"Bring the fucker over here, Einar."

Einar grabbed Jet by the hair and dragged him the rest of the way to Dante.

"Ride me, Bazil, oh yesss," Dante hissed. He glanced over to Jet. He reached up and grabbed Jet's long dark hair. "On your knees before your Master. Both of you," Dante growled at Einar.

Einar quickly obeyed. Jet had no choice because Dante pulled him down to his knees by his hair.

"Master," Bazil moaned as he moved his hips in a circular motion the same time he moved up and down.

"Yeah, fuck yeah," Dante growled. He pulled Jet closer. "Suck his cock, now you little bitch."  He pushed Jet’s face down onto Bazil's cock.

Jet quickly obeyed, having no desire to feel Dante's anger.

"Ahsssooo," Bazil moaned loudly. He kept moving his hips up and down, feeling every inch of Dante's huge cock going in and out of his ass. This combined with Jet's talented mouth on his cock was bringing Bazil to orgasm quickly.

"Let me see you come, my Bazil."  Dante tightened his grip on Jet's hair. "Suck him off, now."

"Master, Master oh yes…" Bazil started to breathe in rapid short breaths as his orgasm built. He was right there.

"Suck you fucker, suck," Dante growled. His own orgasm hit him so hard when Bazil yelled out in pleasure. Bazil lay back on the table only Dante's hand keeping him from falling over.

Dante pulled Jet away and pushed him to the floor. "Come here," Dante pulled Bazil closer. That look of pure satisfaction on Bazil’s face made Dante’s cock hard again.

Bazil could feel his Master's cock hardening again as it nuzzled between his ass cheeks.

"I love this look on your face, my Bazil."  Dante licked Bazil's lips.

"Master, I feel your need." Bazil rubbed his ass back and forth against Dante’s cock.




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While any installment of Ms. Roux’s Masters series is guaranteed to feature old characters, a variety of sex acts and unique couplings, Amoureux in my opinion has heightened sexual content. Dante makes love with Bazil, and no act of red hot man-love is taboo.  Dante is at the top of his form as he deliciously trains Bazil to accept and enjoy the full brunt of his domination. I can’t wait for Justus Roux to continue her series and find out what else has been happening in Dante and Drake’s worlds!


4.5 out 5

Reviewer Victoria

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A MASTER’S LOVE/AMOUREX is a wonderful duo of stories that showcase two very captivating characters that had me looking up the other books in this series. It does have some scenes of M/M, Bondage, S&M, and other fetishes that may not appeal to everyone. It is a very sexually powerful book that will get you hot and bothered to the point you will want a cold shower or to jump your significant other. Justus Roux is a compelling storyteller and I will definitely add this author on my “to read list”. If you enjoy a revealing look into the world of Masters and Mistresses then grab A MASTER’S LOVE/AMOUREX. I look forward to more from author Justus Roux and can’t wait to see more of the Master Series.





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