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angeliqueI am not too worried about this Angelique, for what can a woman really do to me...


      Mistress Angelique, the only woman Master Dante had ever trained, the only woman he would ever love. A woman so skilled in the art of pain and pleasure she has acquired a multitude of obedient male slaves. 

        Brent had all intentions of getting his brother Bazil away from Master Dante. So when he learned Bazil will be accompanying Dante to Mistress Angelique's castle, Brent poses as a client to gain access. Brent is surprise to learn that Mistress Angelique has a harem of male slaves, all of them follow her every command.  Brent soon realizes that getting Bazil out of this castle will be no easy task. On top of that Bazil has no desire to leave Dante. Brent will have to come to terms with his brother’s fascination with Master Dante, and learn just what one little woman can do to him, especially if that woman is Mistress Angelique...

"What does it matter who your brother loves, all that matters is that he loves." – Aurora



I can’t believe my half-brother Tom threw everything he had away to stay with a man named Master Dante. He left his beautiful wife Anna, gave all his holdings to her and left our father’s company to me. He even changed his name to Bazil.  Why would he do this? Anna told me that Bazil was in love with Dante. In love with a man!! How can this be? For as long as I known my older brother, he always had a woman on his arm. For Christ sakes I was his best man at his wedding.  I will not accept this for I am sure my brother is being held against his will, perhaps even protecting Anna. I refuse to believe my big brother is in love with another man.

Anna found out from a man named Habu that Dante is taking Bazil to visit his Mistress Angelique at her castle.  This Habu helped me get into Angelique’s castle. I will pose as a new client. Though I am not sure what I am there to learn, but I will figure it out when I get there.  I will get my brother away from this Dante and bring him home where he belongs.  And I don’t care if I have to hurt Dante to accomplish this.  I am not too worried about this Angelique, for what can a woman really do to me…



Chapter One


 “Be careful, Brent.” Anna grabbed his arm and pulled it from the suitcase he was packing.  She gazed into his warm brown eyes, the anger, the determination in those eyes was frightening.

 “Don’t worry about me.” He pulled his arm from her. “Tom I mean Bazil will come home with me. I will bring him back to you”

 “No, not for me.” Anna turned away. She knew it was over between her and Tom. There was no going back to what they had, she has accepted this, and unlike Brent she had also accepted Bazil’s new lifestyle. He was happy and that was all that matter.

Brent didn’t look at all like Bazil. Brent was trim-built like him, but Brent was dark-haired, dangerous and very masculine looking. Where Bazil was fair-haired and rather pretty though still very much male.  They shared the same father, but had different mothers.

 “You’d given up to easy.” Brent slammed the suitcase shut.

 “You should leave Bazil alone. He is with Dante out of his own free will. Why can’t you accept that?”

 “My brother is not some…” Brent grabbed his suitcase and headed for the door.

 “Brent.” Anna grabbed his arm again. “Be careful, if this Angelique is anything like Dante you could really get hurt.”

 “Please I have seen this Angelique, she is no bigger than you. “

 “I underestimated Dante and look what happen to me and…Bazil.” Anna let him go.

 “And I still blame you for leading him there.” Brent stormed out of the room.

 “I still blame myself.” Anna sighed. A long forgotten regret was surfacing. She loved Bazil, she loves him enough to let him go. Why couldn’t Brent leave things alone?


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