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Book Order:

Master Series:

1.My Master

2.Master's Ecstasy


4.Sweet Rapture

5.Erotic Shivers Volume I (Has novellas:  Yes Master Dante, Wrath's Story, Ecstasy's Story)

6.Mistress Angelique

7.Wrath's Lust

8.Breathless ( Has novella: Master Drake)

9.Love Thy Master

10.Master Nikolai

11.Dante and Angelique

12.Kiss the Moment

13.A Master’s Love



16. Bind Me
17.Lilith's Romulus/ Rex's Jinx
18. Lilith's Web
19. Love Hurts
20. Love's Escape
21. My Mistress  
22. I Got You 
23. Ferocity 
24. Yes...My Master 
25. Strict Machine
26.Whispers of Change
27. Judas' Kiss 

28. Chained Heart

29.Chains of Apollo

30. Inner Beast

31. Say Love

32. Wicked Ones

33. Stitch by Stitch

34 Lucky Ones

35 Come With Me

36 Gravity

37. Hold On Tight

38. In My Blood

39. Unravel

About the Master Series


 A reader awhile back once told me how much she loved my BDSM drama series. I like that term for my series and it’s the best way I can think to describe this series.


There are a lot of characters in this drama. Each having a important role to play. Xanthos is the founder of this community. He enlisted the help of Mistress Lilith to help him oversee everything. He likes having someone to keep him in check the way he tries to keep all the dominants in the community in check. He believes it is easy for a dominant to blur the lines and is adamant in making sure every Master or Mistress in the community remembers how to treat a submissive. Not that a submissive is beyond reproach.  He tries to make sure that a person who enters the community as s submissive is truly a submissive and not someone playing at it.  


Xanthos often will seek out submissives who finds themselves trap by slave traders and poor dominants. He has made it his mission to save as many of these poor souls as he can. He started this community wanting a safe place for people like him to explore their unusual lifestyle in relative safety. However, he has gone out of his way to save these unfortunate submissives and make sure they are place with a dominant that will help them heal. It is his penance for what his son had become.


Xanthos met his true submissive Dana years ago, he married her and they had a son together. He, however, had to continue his work with the community and placed his family in a home they truly loved. His beloved Dana died when Falcon was a young man. Falcon was fascinated by the Master his father was and wanted to be like him. Against Xanthos’ better judgment he allowed Falcon to train as a Master. He set up his son in a remote mansion and gave him some submissives. He quickly learned the monster his son became when given power over someone. Xanthos love for Dana, and his love for the son he use to know clouded his judgement and he allowed Falcon to continue basically being a slave trader. Xanthos upped his rescuing of trapped submissive trying to make up for what his son was doing.


Lilith overlooked Xanthos ’son as well out of her love for Xanthos. He had brought her into this world and trained her to be a Mistress, and he had been her lover for several years. They stopped being lovers and he made her top Mistress as well as the second highest ranking dominant in the community.


Xanthos had a history of falling in love with the people he trained. Master Drake, one of the main characters of this series, is Xanthos’ love of his life. Though, Drake respects Xanthos he doesn’t feel as strongly for him. Xanthos knows this, and yet he allows Drake to stay in the community. He knows Drake is the best Master in the whole community and in his opinion is even better than he is.

At the same time Xanthos trained Drake he trained a young man named Dante. He desired Dante and tried everything to seduce him. Dante would never allow Xanthos to touch him in a sexual manner. Drake and Dante were complete opposites of each other. Drake was more sensual where as Dante quickly earned the title of being the Master of pain.  Not to mention their upbringing was completely different. Drake was born into wealth and Dante lived most of his life on the streets. Xanthos seeing a need Dante could fill in the community offered Dante a hefty some of money, plus a mansion in the desert of Nevada if he would join the community as a Master. Dante accepted Xanthos’ offer.


Xanthos found Master Talon and Master Nikolai on his travels. Talon was eager to join the community where as Nikolai was not. He respected Xanthos, but had no desire to be part of any community. Xanthos is still working to convience Nikolai to formely join the community.


Xanthos found Master Rex in a S&M club. He was in awe of Rex’s presence and quickly offered Rex the same deal he did Dante. Rex accepted, but is proving to be quite the pain in the ass to Xanthos. Yet, Xanthos feels Rex is worth it.


Master Max, Sage and Royce joined the community on their own. They came to Xanthos. Royce was formerly trained by Xanthos, but  Sage and Max spent a great deal of training time with Master Rex. . Max loves Xanthos, but Xanthos doesn’t allow himself to see it. Sage is infatuated with Dante, Xanthos understands Sage’s interest, for he too was in the same position once. Royce is a bit on the strange side, but he is the best at bondage. Lilith was most impressed and that is saying something since she is pretty good with tying someone up too.


Master Jak and Jasper, Xanthos found while attending a BDSM conference in Germany. These twins are an interesting addition to the community. They often share submisives.


Master Lash is the youngest Master in the community. He was formally trained by Xanthos.


Master Druce and Damien are the newest Masters to the community. Xanthos liked them because of their resemblance to Drake and Dante. Lilith is a bit concern about this and oversaw the training of these two. Thankfully, both are proving to be good Masters. However, Lilith plans on watching Xanthos closely with these two, especially after what happened to Falcon.


The Masters, Xanthos have trained have gone on to train other Masters and Mistresses. Drake has trained Master Rapture. Dante has trained Mistress Angelique. Rex has trained Master Jinx, Sage, Max , and Mistress Roxanne.


Lilith is supposed to train Mistresses, but she has yet to find a woman worth training. She has trained a new Master named Cyrus. Xanthos has little choice but to acknowledge Cyrus as a Master. If Lilith believe he is good enough to be a Master, Xanthos trusts her judgment.


Submissives outnumber the dominants, but this is usually the case in a community as this. And with the constant stream of submisisves Xanthos brings in it makes it even more bottom heavy. Lilith understands Xanthos’ need to save as many submissives as he can from slave traders and bad dominants. They will find a way to make it work. Both are always on the lookout for new skilled dominants.


Each book in the series adds to the overall story. Each dominant and each submissive’s story is told. Love, lust, trust a whole gambit of emotions are experienced as the reader journeys through this world.


I have enjoyed writing this BDSM drama which is known simply as the Master series and I hope there are still many more books to come.

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