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Talon’s heart was chained by the past. He can’t forgive himself nor can he move on. The moment a submissive starts to have feelings for him he sends them away.  Pepper knew this from the beginning and has made sure to hide her love for him. It is a game she has grown quite good at. She knows he would be a wonderful Master if only he could unchain his heart.

Hope was hurt by Master Talon sending her away.  Master Xanthos did warn her that this would happen when he gave her the choice which Master to serve.  Now she is placed with her second choice Master Zen. Her heart still aches for her first love Master Xavier. Her pride is still wounded by Master Talon’s rejection. Can she find what she is looking for with Master Zen?

“Chained Heart” is another thrilling addition to Justus Roux’s bestselling Master Series.

Songs I listened to while writing "Chained Heart" 

I'll Damage You- Razed in Black

Tears of an Angel- Ryan Dan

Mirror Mirror- Lord Kraven

Naked- Kutt Culhan featuring Tech Nine

Wait for Me- Kings of Leon

Act a fool- Lil John featuring three 6 Mafia

Game Over- Lil flip

Rock on- Michael Damion

A Case for Shame- Moby

Try- Pink

Shakin it 4 Daddy- Robin Thicke

Be Still My Beating Heart- Sting

Love Interruption- Jack White 

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Chapter One


He had no choice…did he? He couldn’t let her love him. Not him. He was unworthy to claim a woman’s heart.  Talon downed the shot of whiskey.  He had to send Hope away. He had no choice.  He looked at Pepper kneeling quietly in the corner. Why the hell couldn’t Hope be like Pepper? He explained to Hope that she shouldn’t get attached to him. He had the same talk with Pepper and she understood, she obeyed. Not Hope, she proclaimed her love for him even though he warned her of the circumstance of saying those words.

Zen just called and told Talon off. Well fuck Zen. He didn’t care what another Master thought of him. Hope would be happy with Zen. He knew she would be. She was better off. Talon convinced himself that he made the right decision.

Pepper looked at her Master sitting there lost in his thoughts. The pain in his eyes tore at her. It wasn’t because he sent Hope away. He barely had time to know her. It was something else, it was thoughts of her again…Sylvia…her ghost haunted Master’s mind again.  If only he would let someone else into his heart. Yet, the memory of Sylvia had chained his heart and threatened to condemn him to be forever alone. Hell, she only knew of Sylvia because Master was drunk and let his painful memory slip out to her. She dared not ever bring this up to him. He would send her away liked he did to Hope. Pepper wanted to stay by his side. She loved him with her whole being. However, she could never tell him this, never let him see, never let him know how much she loved him.  His chained heart would demand he send her away. 

She heard the doorbell ring. She got up and went to answer it.  She opened the door and immediately lowered her gaze to the floor.

“Master Xanthos, we weren’t expecting you, Sir.”

“Where is your Master?”

“Please, leave him be…”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Xanthos entered the foyer.

She had no choice. She led Master Xanthos to the study.

“What the hell do you want, Xanthos?” Talon said as he poured himself another shot of whiskey.

“Hope is crushed by your rejection.”

“I’m sure Zen will balm her wounded heart.”

“You should have rejected her from the beginning. Let her go to Zen from the start.”

“My life is full of should have’s. You did warn the girl about me. Now you stand in my study bitching me out about it.”

“She knew about Sylvia, she could have…”

Talon threw his shot glass at the wall and stood. “You should have never told her about that. Now get the fuck out of my house.”

“Getting drunk won’t ease your guilt. Nor will getting angry with me help your case.”

“My case?” Talon glared at Xanthos.

“Hope was precious to my brother Xavier. He entrusted me with finding her a perfect Master.”

“Then why the fuck did you send her to me.”

“She picked you. Xavier wanted her to pick her new Master. I should have just sent her to Zen. This mistake is mine. Maybe I was wrong about you. Maybe you will never be the Master you once was.”

“Then kick me out of your fucking community.”

“Oh I won’t do that.”

“Why not?”

“Because that is exactly what you want me to do.”

“I am in no mood for games today, Xanthos.”

“You will no longer be labeled Master in this community…”

“You can’t do that!” Pepper blurted out.

Both men turned and looked at her.  Pepper had her gaze locked to the floor.

“Master has earned the right to be called Master. Please don’t take that away from him because of a submissive that went against your advice.”

“Leave us, Pepper,” Talon growled.

Pepper quickly left the room.

“Well, your submissive is quite passionate.”

Talon just glared at Xanthos.

“For Pepper I will let you retain your title of Master. For now anyways. Yet, if you can’t get beyond the past…”

“Save it. I don’t give a shit whether these assholes in this community see me as a Master or not.”

“That’s good, because most of them don’t.” Xanthos left the study.

Talon looked at the doorway and saw Pepper kneeling there.

“Forgive me, Master, I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s okay, girl. Xanthos was full of venom and wanted to see if he could rattle my cage. I’m sorry you had to hear that. Now leave me alone.”

“Yes Master.” Pepper stood and closed the door. She headed to her room.  She looked out her bedroom window and watched Xanthos’ limo pull out the driveway.  How dare he come into Master’s house and speak to him like that. She understood Master Xanthos’ anger. Hope was special to his late brother. Still, no one adds to her Master’s pain, not even the head Master of this community. She would have to find a way to talk to Georgia. She was Master Xanthos’ favorite submissive, maybe she could convince Master Xanthos to leave Master alone. No one can force Master to unchain his heart. Master Xanthos needs to know this.




Tessa watched Georgia pick out the new artwork for Master’s home. Georgia had to be the most elegant beautiful older woman Tessa had ever seen. This made her very self-conscious. Of course Georgia would be Master’s favorite she was closer to his age. Tessa was only twenty-two and she didn’t care that Master was in his fifties. He was going to send her to a Master named Zen, but she just couldn’t leave Master Xanthos.

“You seem lost in thought,” Georgia said.

“I’m sorry did you ask me something?”

“I ask did you like this one?”

Tessa looked at the painting of a woman lounging by a lake. It was beautifully painted. “It’s beautiful.”

“I thought so too.” Georgia gestured to the art dealer that they would take the large painting.

“May I ask you a question?” Tessa asked.

“Of course.”

Tessa followed Georgia out to the limo.

“When is Master going to start training me?”

“You will have to ask him.”

“I have asked him and he hasn’t really answered me.”

“What does he say?”

“He said he hasn’t found another Master for me yet. Did I make him angry by not going with Master Zen?”

“No, he appreciated your honesty. He would have hated to place you with the wrong Master.”

They got into the limo.

“Please take us home,” Georgia said to the driver. “Master is probably home by now. I’m sure it wasn’t easy confronting Talon about Hope.”

“He seemed really ticked off about it.”

“Yes he did.”

They arrived back at the house. The other limo was in the driveway. Tessa followed Georgia into the house. Master was angry she could feel the vibes of his anger before they even entered his office.

“I’m guessing that didn’t go well, Master,” Georgia said as she walked over to Xanthos sitting behind his desk.

Tessa just stayed by the door. She was too afraid to approach. She didn’t really know how he would act, she never seen him pissed off before.

“That fucking Talon…” Xanthos slammed his fist on his desk. This caused Tessa to jerk, but Georgia seemed calm.

“You did warn Hope. This is not your fault.”

“I promised Xavier I would find a Master worthy of her. And what do I do, I let her go to Talon, a man barely worthy of being called Master anymore. Now she is with Zen…”

“Do you not think Zen is worthy?”

“I don’t know him well enough to judge that. Why the fuck didn’t she go to Drake or Dante for that matter. Hell, even Rex would have been acceptable.”

“Master Rex and Master Dante would have been too intense for her.”

“Drake would have been perfect.” Xanthos sat back in his chair.

“Zen will be a good Master to Hope. Siena is very happy with him and you know she will be kind to Hope.”

“Siena is a sweet submissive that is one point in Zen’s favor.”

“You don’t like Zen all that much do you.”

“Not really, not after what he did to Lash.”

“Lash has forgiven Zen.”

“Zen is his brother, you can forgive a lot when it comes to family. I, however, still haven’t forgiven Zen. I will go to his home after she has had time to settle in. If Hope looks miserable I’m taking her out of there and placing her with Drake.” 

“And if she looks happy?”

“Then I will leave her where she is.” Xanthos looked over at the doorway and saw Tessa standing there with her gaze to the floor.

“Come here, girl.”

Tessa hurried over to the front of his desk.

“Now is a perfect time for you to tell me exactly why you didn’t want to go to Zen’s home.”

Her gaze darted up to Georgia then back at Xanthos’ desk.

“Perhaps I should give you two some privacy.” Georgia started to leave the room.

“No, stay here.”

Georgia walked back over to him.

“Answer me, girl.”

“I couldn’t leave because I want to be with you, Master.” Tessa kept her gaze fixed on the desk top.

“Me…I’m more than twice your age, girl.”

“That doesn’t matter to me.”

“You need a younger Master. I would not suit you.”

“Yes you do…I don’t want to leave.”

“Go to your room and let me think about this.”

“Yes Master.” Tessa hurried from the room.

“Did you know about this, Georgia?”

“No, but she did ask me today when you were going to start training her.”

Xanthos stood. “I can’t train her, she is too young for me.”

“With all due respect, Master, you don’t have a problem with me being with Master Rex and he is quite a bit younger than me.”

“Rex is in his thirties. Tessa is twenty-two. You would never be with Lash, he is about her age.”

“Of course not, he is my son’s lover.”

Xanthos paced back and forth in his office. This whole day was pissing him off. He had to calm himself. He didn’t want to take out his frustrations on his submissive.

“She is in awe of you as I’m sure every female submissive in this community is. It wouldn’t hurt for you to begin her training. Then when she gets comfortable with her role as submissive, perhaps you can introduce her to the younger Masters. I think she is a bit frightened by her desires and thanks to Lucian mistreating her it will be hard for her to trust anyone.”

“That is another thing, Darius’ submissive Salome will be reminded of Lucian every time she sees Tessa. I want to get closer to my nephew not drive him away because he can’t have his submissive with him when he visits. And you know Darius it doesn’t take much to push him away.”

“Master Darius will only see the woman who helped him to catch Lucian and therefore save Salome. I’m sure Salome will feel the same way. It isn’t fair to put this on Tessa.”

“You are right.” Xanthos walked over to Georgia and gently caressed her cheek. “How do you feel about this?”

“You are an excellent Master. If you can help to put Tessa’s feet on the right path by guiding her yourself into this lifestyle you have to do it, no matter what her age is. She is a grown woman that is all that matters.”

“And if she wants to stay as my submissive at the end of her training?”

“Then I will welcome her to the family as I’m sure Max will.”

“You have a generous heart, Georgia. I confess mine is not so much.”

“What do you mean?”

“This thing with you and Rex…I can’t help but get a twinge of jealousy every now and then.”

“If it bothers you I will stop…”

“If it bothered me that much I would insist you stop. I am your Master after all.”

“Yes you are.” She smiled seductively at him.

“Oh if I had the time I would so…”

She leaned over his desk and lifted her dress up exposing her bare ass to him. “You can’t leave your submissive wanting, Master.”

He quickly undid his pants and got behind her. He grabbed her hips and drove his cock deeply inside her. Her body fit his so perfectly. He rammed his cock into her over and over. His hand gripping her hips firmly. He knew this is what she wanted from him. He knew her needs, her wants. Her body was his and she relished in the thought. He loved her soft moans, loved the way her thighs would quiver just before she came. He sped up his thrusts until both of them came. He leaned over and kissed her shoulder as he kept himself buried deeply in her. She needed this, needed for him to linger. He couldn’t help but wonder if Rex did this very thing to her. This thought ignited his jealousy. He quickly shifted his thoughts she would feel his jealousy and he didn’t want to taint this moment. He breathed in the scent of her hair.

“My submissive,” he purred into her ear.

“Master,” she sighed contently. 

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