Chains of Apollo

I have been with my Master for many years now.  I’m grateful for the love he has given me, yet…when he made Bazil his favorite it tore my heart out. I know he loves me….damn, I hate this…I hate feeling anything.  This anger that boils inside me I’m finding it harder and harder to control.  Master can sense it and he is trying to help me. No one can help me.  My mother hated me.  I caused my little brother to lose his sight. Master Xanthos gave me away and now my Master has chosen another favorite submissive.  Then I think about what I do have now. My Master protects me. He even has found a doctor to give my brother his sight back.  Damn, all this crap swirling around my mind. I feel like I’m going to explode. Master Xanthos, my dead mother, my Master’s love for Bazil, my little brother being trained to be a Master, there is just too much. My anger rises up inside me almost blinding me to my actions that someday I will hurt her. I know this in my heart. Tonya…the way she looks at me, the way she tries to love me, but who could really love me. Nothing will break these chains I have forged.  – Master Dante’s Apollo

I love you, Apollo, why can’t you just let me love you? Why can’t you see yourself the way I see you? – Tonya

Songs I listened to while writing "Chains of Apollo"

I Believe- Christine Perri
Open Your Eyes- Lee Dewyze
Best Part of Me- St Leonards
Lay Me Down- Sam Smith
Stay- Hurts
Outta Your Mind- Lil John
Dark Paradise- Lana Del Rey
Feel Again- One Republic
Azeen O Shaan- A.R. Rahman
The Man- Aloe Blacc
Empire- Shakira
I can't Wait- Celldweller
Underneath- Adam Lambert
Afrain Drop- Rob Morat
Give it 2 u- Robin Thicke
Click Click boom- Saliva
Safe with Me- Sam Smith
Gravity- Sara Barallis
Numb- Usher
Hats off to the Bull- Chevelle
Surrender- The strange Familar
You'll be Okay- A Great big world
Smoother- Daughter

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Chapter One


Apollo looked at himself in the mirror. His Master had placed the chains perfectly. The metal pressed against his flesh tightly and the way he knelt there waiting for his Master, the anticipation of it was perfect. The mirrors were placed in such a way Apollo had full view of everything his Master planned to do to him. He could see his Master’s reflection in the mirror. The long whip he held coiled in his hand was like a promise of pleasure. Apollo’s breathing quickened and his heart started to pound as his cock hardened. His Master wore only a pair of leather pants. Apollo’s gaze wandered down his Master’s body. His Master was a very handsome and strong male. He liked how his Master wore his hair in those long braids that he had tied back with a leather strap. His Master had not changed in all the time Apollo knew him, in fact, age made his Master even more handsome.

“I like how you are looking at me, my Apollo,” Dante said as he uncoiled the whip.

Apollo’s Master was perfection. He could never submit to any other male the way he gave himself completely to his Master. He loved his Master. They had been through so much together. His Master knew him so completely.

“Lilith will pay for what she has done to Romulus,” Dante said as he struck Apollo with the whip.

Apollo relished the pain his Master’s whip caused. His cock hardened even more.

“We do this my way, boy.” Dante struck him again.

“I don’t know if I can contain myself, Master.”

“Watch me, boy, lose yourself in the visual feast I have provided.” Dante smiled at Apollo’s reflection in the mirror.

He whipped Apollo until his armed tired. Yet, he could still feel his submissive’s anger seething. 

“I’m going to use you like the toy you are, boy,” Dante said as he dropped the whip and removed his pants. He walked over to Apollo and grabbed his head. He drove his cock deeply into Apollo’s mouth. He groaned when he felt Apollo furiously sucking on him. He rammed his cock over and over into Apollo’s mouth, giving him only a moment to catch his breath. He knew his Apollo could take this. Hell, he craved being used like this. He kept going until he was certain that Apollo’s jaws must ache then he came down Apollo’s throat. He held Apollo’s head close to him, keeping his cock buried deeply. He counted silently in his mind. He didn’t want to suffocate his submissive, but he wanted to put him right on the edge of it. Apollo would not protest or struggle to be free of his Master’s cock blocking his airway. Dante had to be careful. When he thought Apollo was at the brink he pulled his cock from Apollo’s mouth. He heard Apollo gasp for air followed by the familiar moan of pleasure.

He pushed Apollo’s head down to the floor and walked behind him. He got down on his knees behind Apollo. He quickly ran his hand over Apollo’s flesh to make sure the chains weren’t cutting off his circulation, when he was satisfied that his submissive was okay Dante rammed his cock into Apollo’s ass.

Apollo cried out in pleasure as his cum dripped onto the floor.

Dante thrust harder and faster, and then right before he came he pulled his cock out. He stroked his cock a few times and watched as his cum splattered on Apollo’s ass.

He pulled Apollo back up to a kneeling position.  Dante smiled at Apollo’s reflection.

“Master,” Apollo moaned.

“I’m going to leave you like this, boy. You better be kneeling just like this when I get back.” Dante ran his hands over Apollo’s flesh to check once more for any circulation issues then he pulled Apollo’s hair forcing his head back.

“I have only begun to use you, boy.” Dante glared into Apollo’s eyes.

Apollo couldn’t stand tenderness he responded to brutality. The only tenderness Apollo wanted from his Master was…Apollo moaned when Dante kissed him. His Master’s kiss was the sweetest of nectars.

Dante stood and looked at Apollo’s reflection.

“Lilith will pay, boy. But there is more that you and I must discuss.”

Apollo looked puzzled.

“Xanthos is molding your brother into a Master. How does this make you feel?”

“Xanthos is an idiot. Romulus isn’t a Master.”

“What about Tonya?”

“What about her?”

“She sees you as her Master.”

“No, you are the Master here.”

“Damn straight I am. But she is your plaything not mine. You must deal with her growing affection for you, Apollo. I want you to think about all of this while you wait for me to use you some more.”

“I will do as you command, Master.”

“I know that, boy.” Dante ran his fingers through Apollo’s hair. Dante yanked at Apollo’s hair then stepped away from him. He grabbed his leather pants and left the room.

Apollo looked at his reflection in the mirror. His gaze lingered on how the chains pressed into his flesh. He licked his lips wanting to taste the lingering flavor of his Master’s cock. The storm that was brewing inside him was calmed by his Master’s chains. Yet, it wasn’t dissipating. This storm never completely ebbs. His Master knew how to tame it.

Apollo looked at himself kneeling there bound by his Master’s chains. He could still feel the sting of his Master’s whip. The way the chains held him tightly and the ache in his knees as he knelt there felt comforting. His Master knew what he needed. His Master was quite simply…perfect.




Tonya helped Lily straightened up Apollo’s room. Tonya’s mind was on Apollo. He was with his Master and would probably be occupied for some time.

“Did he hurt you?” Lily asked as she carefully picked up the pieces of broken mirrors.

“No.” Tonya grabbed the broom and began sweeping up the smaller pieces.

“You were in here with him when he did all of this.” Lily gestured around the room.

Nothing in the room survived Apollo’s rage. Lily was afraid of Apollo. She was from the moment she came to live here. Habu was very protective of her and shielded her from Apollo’s anger. Thankfully, Apollo had great respect for Habu, so he would never lay a finger on her. Still, she could feel the storm that rage inside Apollo. She looked over at Tonya. There were no visible marks on her that Lily could see. Her gaze went down Tonya’s body then she spotted the Band-Aids on the top of her foot.

“You are hurt,” Lily said.

“Apollo tended to the cuts on my foot.”

“He is the reason you got cut.”

“He didn’t mean it. One of the mirrors shattered on the wall and two pieces of it embedded into my foot. He immediately stopped what he was doing and helped me.”

“Tonya…” Lily slowly walked over to her. “He hurt you. You shouldn’t just dismiss it. You should talk to Master Dante.”

“Apollo didn’t mean it. So could you just drop it?”

“I’m sorry. I’m just worried about you.” Lily went back to picking up the pieces of broken mirrors.

“You don’t have to help me with this.”

“I want to.” Lily looked over to the door when she felt someone’s heavy gaze. She quickly bowed her head.

Tonya noticed and looked to the door. She immediately bowed her head when she saw Master Dante standing by the door. She kept her gaze to the floor when she heard him moving closer.

“Sit on what’s left of the bed,” Dante ordered.

Tonya never questioned Apollo’s Master. She quickly did as he commanded.

“Are you alright?” Dante asked as he squatted down and grabbed her foot. “Apollo wanted the doctor to look at you.”

“He did?” She looked into his gray eyes for just a moment then quickly averted her gaze back to the floor.

“You are going to need stitches. How did this happen?”

“Apollo threw a mirror at the wall. It shattered and two of the pieces embedded into my foot. It was an accident, Sir.”

“It seems like you are injured a lot by his accidents.”

“He would never intentionally hurt me, Sir.”

Habu came into the room. “Master.”

“Carry her to the waiting area. The doctor will be here soon.”

“Yes Master.” Habu came over and gently lifted Tonya into his arms.

Dante stood and watched Habu carry her out. He turned his attention to Lily. “You don’t need to clean this up. I have servants who can do this.”

“I know, Sir. It’s just Tonya was already beginning to clean it up and it seemed really important to her that it be done before Apollo came back.”

“I want you to stay away from Apollo. Is that clear?”

“Yes Sir. But if I may ask why?”

“If Apollo accidently hurts you Habu will strike back. I can’t have them fighting. Habu likes it here, you remember that. I will have no choice but to throw him out if he hurts Apollo. Do you see what I’m getting at?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. I will have a herd of servants clean this up. You can go back to Habu’s room.” Dante left the room. He headed to the waiting area. The doctor was already looking at Tonya’s foot. She was going to need stitches.

“Damn it,” Dante muttered under his breath. Apollo felt bad for hurting Tonya and this only added to the building rage inside of him.

Dante headed to his office. He turned on the monitor and looked at Apollo kneeling in the room he left him in.

“Damn you, Lilith,” Dante growled.

Romulus was hurt by her just handing him over to Master Xanthos when she left the community. How could she just up and abandon her favorite submissive like that? If Xanthos was right and Romulus was meant to be a Master, he was going to need her guidance more than ever now. Yet, that bitch just dumps him off like he was some pet she no longer wanted to care for.

Dante understood Apollo’s anger over this. Romulus was Apollo’s little brother. Dante looked at Apollo kneeling there like a stone statue. Apollo would stay like that as long as Dante wanted him to.

Dante sat back in his chair. How was he going to see to getting back at Lilith? The stupid bitch wasn’t part of this community anymore. Master James, the head Master of her new community, wasn’t about to let Dante near Lilith. Yet, if Dante didn’t do something Apollo will. He couldn’t have that. Apollo would take it too far and probably end up in jail.

“I hurt Tonya, I didn’t mean to, please have the doctor look at her.”

Those were the first words Apollo said as Dante was chaining him up. The remorse Apollo had in his voice told Dante it truly was an accident. Still, Apollo’s rage was going to get someone really hurt or worse.

“Master, are you alright?”

Dante looked over at the doorway and saw Bazil standing there. “I’m just seeing to calming Apollo, my Bazil. Come here.”

Bazil hurried over to him and knelt beside him.

Dante leisurely stroked Bazil’s hair.

“I don’t want you to be alone with Apollo until I get him calmed about this Romulus thing. You disobey me on this and I will punish you severely.”

“I won’t disobey you, Master.”

“Hell, it might be better if I send you to stay with someone else while I sort through this.”

“I don’t want to be away from you, Master. You might need me.”

“I need to know you will be safe, my Bazil. I have never seen Apollo this out of control before. He is angry at Lilith for treating his brother like shit. He is angry at Xanthos for training his brother to be a Master. And he is fighting his feelings for that little bitch of his. He is still very jealous of you, my Bazil.”

“I will do what you think is best, Master.”

Dante closed his eyes and continued stroking Bazil’s long blonde hair. His Bazil brought him calm. He was going to need that now. However, he couldn’t risk Apollo hurting Bazil. He had no choice but to send Bazil away for a little while. He would send him to Angelique’s home. She would see to his safety.

Dante slowly opened his eyes and looked at Apollo in the monitor. Apollo was still kneeling there like a beautiful stone statue.


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