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Tao couldn’t get that moment out of her thoughts. She was so lost and afraid when she stood on Master’s doorstep. She was drenched from the rain, she still could feel the coolness of it on her skin. It took her a moment to gather the courage to ring the doorbell. After she had, it seemed like an eternity before the door opened. And there he was standing there before her.

He smiled and reached out his hand and simply said, “Come with me, girl.”

He knew what she wanted to ask before she could say the words. Master Drake couldn’t have told him she was coming because she didn’t tell him she was coming here. Yet, Master Mato was letting her know it would be alright with those four words and that warm smile of his.

“Come with me, girl.” How could those four simple words change everything?


Master Mato couldn’t believe Tao chose him over Master Drake.  After all Drake was the paragon of Masterhood. Yet, there she was standing on his doorstep looking so vulnerable.  She wanted to be his and he was going to do everything he could to deserve the honor of being her Master.


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Songs I listened to while writing "Come With Me"

Come With Me Know- Kongos

Broken- Seether

Candy Shop- 50 cent

Bad Reputation- Adelitis Way

Cheap Thrills- Sia

Sucker For the Pain- Lil Wayne, Wiz

Hurts- Papa Roach

Unsteady- X Ambassador

I’ll Keep You Safe- Sleeping Alice

Repeat After Me Kongos

Hurts- Johnny Cash

Like I Can- Sam Smith

How Long Will I Love you- Ellie Golding

Whatever I go- One Republic

Underground- Adam Lambert

Chapter One


Tao woke up in Master Mato’s arms. It had been exactly two weeks since she arrived at his doorstep. She still couldn’t give herself to him sexually and he didn’t force the issue. She sat up to look at him sleeping. She liked to look at him, but he would always catch her doing so, now he was sleeping she could take her time and really look at him. Her gaze went to the tattoo of a tomato on his right upper arm. She wondered why he would have a tomato tattooed on himself.  He shifted a little and that is when she spotted the brand on his right shoulder blade. It was a capital I surrounded by a circle. She had seen brands like this in the slaver compound before. She reached out and gently ran her fingers over the brand.

“Good morning, girl.”

She quickly removed her hand from his shoulder. “Good morning, Master.”

“Don’t let that brand bother you, girl.”

“I have seen brands like that in the slaver compound.”

“No one branded your beautiful skin did they?”

“No, I was lucky I wasn’t purchased yet.”

“Well, mine didn’t come from a slaver it came from my former Master.”

“Do you honor his memory by keeping the brand?” She was confused when he chuckled.

“Oh, girlie, it’s too early in the morning to talk about that. Besides, we have to pack our crap and prepare for our move.”

“Texas, Sir…why there?”

Mato climbed out of bed. He was wearing only his pajama bottoms. He stretched. Tao let her gaze travel up her Master’s strong body. She found it odd that he had only that one tattoo. She thought most tattoo artists were covered in them.

She quickly looked to the bed when his gaze met hers.

“You can look at me all you want, girl. We are moving to Texas because Brutus wants to be closer to Damien. Oh, does he have the hots for that guy. I generally follow Brutus. We are best buddies and all. You should see the house we bought together. It’s two houses that jut out from one another and form a V. It’s so freaking cool.”

“Master Brutus is going to live with us?”

“Well no, he will be living next to us. Girl, don’t let his size scare you. He is a sweetheart. You are going to love Venus and Mike. Ra and Sai do. I’m taking a shower. You go find those other two and let’s get this party started. Just pack stuff you want to take on the airplane, the rest of this stuff will be packed up by professional movers.”

“Yes, Master.”

“I love hearing you call me that, girl.” Mato smiled brightly at her then headed into the bathroom.

Tao got out of bed and put her robe on. She went to the kitchen when she smelled breakfast cooking. Sai and Ra were busy setting the table.

“Good morning,” Tao said.

“Good morning, isn’t it exciting we are going to live in Texas. I have never seen Texas before,” Ra said.

“Does Master move often?”

“Nah, but it is probably best if he puts some distance between him and Master Griffin. Master Brutus suggested the move and Master quickly accepted. You got to sleep with Master again. Lucky girl.”

“I’m sorry if…”

“You don’t have to apologize. We aren’t the jealous bunch here. We know Master loves us. We just expand our love to include you now,” Ra said.

Tao couldn’t help but smile. These two have been so welcoming to her. Not like Master Dante’s house, the only people who were ever kind to her was Bazil and Lara. When she was at Master Drake’s island his other pets were a bit standoffish to her.

“Sit, Tao, and have some breakfast before we pack up our suitcases,” Ra said.

Tao sat at the table. “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, you can ask anything,” Sai said.

“Why does Master have a tattoo of a tomato on his arm?”

“Girl, I can answer that,” Mato said as he came into the room. He kissed Ra then Sai, then he kissed Tao on top of the head. He sat at the head of the table. He lifted his shirt sleeve up, reveling the tomato tattoo. “This is for my little brother, Nate. He couldn’t say tomato and called them Mato. I always thought that was so cute. So, when he died of cancer I got this tattoo.”

“I’m sorry, Master, I didn’t know…”

“It’s okay, girl. That was a while ago. I was just sixteen when I got this tattoo. Nate was ten when he died. Life can kick you hard in the balls sometimes. I just remember the good times with my little brother when I look at this tattoo.”

Sai served them breakfast. They chatted about this and that. Tao couldn’t get the reason why her Master has that strange tattoo out of her mind. It was sad, and yet touching all at once. She never had a brother or sister. She felt her Master gently touch her cheek.

“Don’t be sad, girl.”

His smile warmed her. She just smiled back and then went back to eating her breakfast. Ra and Sai talked excitedly about the move and she could tell Master enjoyed this.

After breakfast Master sent them off to pack. Tao didn’t have much, everything pretty much fit in one suitcase. She came downstairs with her suitcase and set it in the foyer. Ra and Sai brought several suitcases and two servants brought out a ton more.

“Master, doesn’t pack light,” Sai chuckled. “Tao, if you need a couple more suitcases I’m sure I can find some.”

“This is all I need.”

Mato came into the foyer. He finished arranging for the movers to pack the rest of the stuff they wanted and have it brought to their new home. He had no choice but to move. He had to get his submissives away from Griffin just in case. Griffin has yet to do anything, but he knew Griffin, he would seek some sort of retribution against Mato for losing him the Head Master position. Mato would take whatever Griffin decided he needed to do to make himself feel better, as long as it didn’t involve his submissives. He wouldn’t have changed his vote even now. He firmly believed Drake was the better choice for Head Master.

He looked over at Tao. She had one suitcase. Come to think of it, Drake’s pet Pleasure only showed up with the one suitcase for her.

“Is that all you are bringing, girl?”

“It’s all I have, Master.”

“Everything you own is in that one suitcase?”


“Didn’t Dante buy you anything?”

“I left everything he bought me at his home. I want nothing of his. Jessica was nice enough to buy me some clothes when I lived on Master Drake’s island.”

“Surely you had something before you came into this community. Mementos, pictures, etc.”

“The slavers took everything from me.”

“Shit…I’m sorry, I should have…”

“Master, it’s okay.”

Mato felt like an ass. He should have guessed the slavers would have taken and sold all her possessions. The doorbell rang and he quickly went to answer the door. Brutus smiled at him. Mato was glad to see him. Brutus was his anchor, and truth be told, his protector too. Brutus was his safety net.

“Are you about ready? Rex is letting us take his private jet.”

“Come in.” Mato stepped aside and let Brutus in. “Where are your subbies?”

“At the airport.”

“Rex is letting us use his jet? I was all set to just fly Delta.”

“I think he is happy that two of us Masters are getting out of Honolulu. He mumbled something about buying our houses.”

“That explains why this house sold so fast.”

Tao watched her Master talk with Master Brutus. She felt a bit uneasy being so close to the very large Master. She didn’t know him. And the slavers had men as big as Master Brutus. Their sole purpose was to dole out punishment. She had seen male slaves beat to an inch of their lives at the hands of men Master Brutus’ size. The air felt thin. Images of the pain and anguish those punishers caused so many slaves kept flashing in her mind until she had to flee the room and run upstairs.

Mato hurried after her. He looked in each room until he found her huddle in the corner of his room.

“What is wrong, Tao?” He quickly went to her. He sat down and pulled her onto his lap. She latched on to him as if her life depended on it.

“I’m sorry, Master.”

“What happened?”

“Master Brutus…he is so big…”

“I told you he wouldn't hurt you.”

“The slavers had men his size who doled out punishment. The things those men did to the slaves who wouldn’t just obey.”

“Girl, I will not let anyone hurt you. I swear to you Brutus would never hurt you.”

Mato held her tightly. He was going to have to find a therapist for her. Why didn’t Dante do this? She wasn’t with Drake long enough for him to have found her a therapist.

Sai and Ra hurried into the room.

“She is okay. Go help Brutus load up the suitcases. I’m pretty sure he is doing that right now.”

Sai and Ra left the room.

“It might do you some good to talk with Brutus on the flight. I will be right there.”

“If you think it is best, Master.”

“I will make it all better, girl. I promise.” He kissed the top of her head.


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