Ferocity in which he loves- Master Alejandro wants his former submissive Angel back. He needs him, wants to possess him, and will do anything to get him back. Angel is his, will always be his one way or another. Angel’s new Master, Drake will not keep Alejandro from getting his possession back.

Ferocity in which she wants revenge- Camila’s brother Conrad once served a Master named Dante. But this Master refused to be Conrad’s Master anymore.  This just about destroyed Conrad, sending him into a downward spiral of drugs and alcohol until he finally tried to take his life.  Camila watched Conrad suffer for years after Dante’s refusal to be his Master. Though now, Conrad has started to rebuild his life Camila can’t forgive the man who brought Conrad so much pain. She tricks Michael into sending her to serve Master Dante. She plans on hurting Dante, but first she must find out in what way would hurt him the most.

I loved the strong dual-storyline in Ferocity as Justus Roux went back and forth in Camilla and Angel’s stories letting us see both sides of the coin in a submissive relationship. In my opinion, Dante was light on Camilla especially considering her part in the accident hurting the supreme Master of their community.

Angel’s submission is so pure that when his life is threatened, many Masters of the community come out to help Drake get rid of Angel’s former Master. I loved how Ms. Roux injected new characters into this side of Ferocity especially with the introduction of a kick-ass Master by the name of Darius. Oooh, I could feel tingles come up and down my spine every time Darius entered the plot, dreaming how he’d put a submissive through his or her paces. I can’t wait for the next installment from Ms. Roux as maybe we get to know Darius and his submissives a little bit better and return to this BDSM community I’ve grown to love.

5 out of 5  

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Chapter One


Angel arrived at Master Drake’s island. He had no idea why his new Master made him stay at a hotel in Honolulu with Mistress Jessica and her two male submissives for the last few days, while he took his other pets back to his island. Angel was getting nervous that perhaps Master Drake was having second thoughts. Another thing that didn’t sit well with Angel was the fact that they all hurried out of Master Rapture’s home almost as if Master Drake was worried about something or someone.

“You don’t need to be nervous, Angel,” Jessica said.

“I can’t help it. Master’s other pets didn’t seem to like me all that much at Master Rapture’s house.”

“Everyone was worried about Xanthos. I’m sure it had nothing to do with you.”

The plane landed and Master Drake was waiting for them. Jessica thought it was odd that Drake met them himself. She was even more worried when he hugged her so tightly she could hardly breathe.

“Well, I would say you missed me,” Jessica said.

“Very much so.”

John and Zero nodded at Drake.

Drake looked over at Angel standing by the airplane as he thanked the flight attendant.

“He doesn’t know anything right?” Drake asked quietly so Angel couldn’t hear him.

“No, though I think he was worried that you changed your mind.”

“I just wanted to get my other pets home and explain things to them.”

Angel hurried over to Drake. “Master.” He bowed his head.

“I’m sorry that you had to wait to come home. After everything that happened with Xanthos my other pets needed a moment to center themselves.”

“I understand, you don’t need to explain anything to me, Master.”

“I’m taking my males back to the house. I will see you there, Drake.”

John led Jessica to one of the jeeps and held the passenger door open for her. When she got in he closed the door and headed to the driver side of the jeep. Zero jumped into the backseat, then John drove them away.

Drake just smiled at Jessica. “Did you enjoy spending time with my wife, Angel?”

“She is very nice and so are her submissives. But I would have enjoyed myself more if you have given me permission to play with them.”

“Come on, get into the jeep and I will take you home. Your stuff arrived yesterday and was placed into your room.”

Angel hurried to the passenger side and hopped into the jeep. Drake got into the driver’s side. Angel looked at his new Master. He remembered the one and only time so far that his Master allowed him to touch him. He was eager for more of his Master. Damn, his new Master was a sexy man. Angel became very aroused just looking at him.

Drake could feel the sexual heat coming from Angel. It was very potent, just like Jinx could do. And yet, knowing this male was very submissive intensified the potency.

“We are going to take it slow at first, boy.”

“Yes Master.”

“Everything is consensual on my island. You may take pleasure with anyone you choose as long as they want you as well. However, if I have commanded you not to seek out pleasure you will obey is that understood.”

“Yes Master,” Angel’s voice was so intoxicating when he was aroused. His Spanish accent was more pronounced.

“You will do as I command, but if I command something that makes you very uncomfortable you are to tell me.”


“So that I won’t command you to do it.”

“You are my Master I will do as you command regardless whether I like it or not.”

Drake stopped the jeep.

“I would not want you to do something you truly don’t want to do. Surely, Damien didn’t…”

“Master Damien was never my Master. He was my friend. Though, I always wished he could be. Not that being your submissive is a bad thing or…”

“It’s okay. I understand what you are trying to say. So it was Alejandro that made you believe you must follow your Master’s every command even if it made you feel uncomfortable.”

“Yes. I never had a choice. His commands must be obeyed or pay the price. And trust me, you don’t ever want to go through that.”

“Tell me what the price was. I have to know what he put you through.”

“He would you tie you up on the wooden cross and of course you would be naked. He would whip you repeatedly, then use the electric rod until you screamed. You would have to stay tied to that thing for two days. Your arms and legs would ache. You were only given a little water. And he didn’t untie you to relieve yourself. You either hold it or go on the floor. And when the two days were up he would give you the same command you had refused and you either did it or go back on the cross.”

“How many times do you have to go through that?”

“Just once. I’m a fast learner.”

“May I ask what you refused to do? You don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to.”

“He was having a party with other head Masters from other communities. And he wanted me to be used by each one of them and I was supposed to do as they commanded. He wanted to show off my skills. I didn’t want to do that. Some of those head Masters were quite brutal. But then, after I got off the cross and he commanded me to do that again and I agreed he never made me be with those Masters. He just wanted to know if I would have obeyed him.”

“I’m not Alejandro. You won’t be punished if you can’t follow all my commands.”

Angel smiled at him. His cellphone was chirping in his duffle bag.  He dug through the duffle bag until he found the cellphone. He flipped it open to read the message.

I will find you, boy. You are mine. Eternally yours-Master Alejandro

Angel gasped then quickly shut his phone. How in the world did Alejandro get his new number?

“What’s wrong?” Drake said.

Angel flipped open his phone again and showed Drake the message.

Drake popped the battery out of the phone. “Don’t use this phone again. I will get you another one.”

“I don’t know how he got my number. I’m sorry, Master.” 

“You have nothing to be sorry for. And you are safe here.”

“That is why you left so fast from Master Rapture’s home and why you sent me to Honolulu with your wife. He found me at Master Rapture’s house. I knew I heard his voice.”

“I didn’t want you to worry. But that doesn’t matter now. He won’t find you here.” Drake drove off toward the house.

“What about Master Damien? What if he thinks I’m with him?”

“Damien is staying with Rex. So don’t worry.”

“Why is he staying there?”

“His mom is staying with Rex while Xanthos recovers in Honolulu. Damien wanted to help his mom.”

“That makes sense.”

Angel looked at the large house as they pulled up.

“This is your new home.”

“Wow.” Angel climbed out of the jeep.

Drake led him inside and straight up to his room. “This was Dai and Tabitha’s room, but they didn’t have a chance to remodel it so it’s pretty much as Blake left it.”

“This is generous of you, Master.” Angel looked around the room. There were several boxes stacked up in the middle of the room. “It was nice of you to have my things shipped here, thank you.”

“I want you to get to know your fellow pets. And you are to be kind to the servants.”

“Yes Master.”

“Jessica is my wife so she is to be given the utmost respect. If her submissives do something to you, you are to tell her first.”

“When can I touch you, Master?” Angel let his gaze wander up and down Drake’s strong body.

“We will see. Anyways, you have met my pets. Be careful around Rage.”

“Si Maestro,” Angel purred.

“You heat up fast don’t you, boy.”

“How can I not, my Master is so hot.”

“You need to learn some control. You are not to come until I say you can.”

“Yes Master.”

“Now get unpacked.” Drake left the room while he still had some control. The sexual heat Angel generated made his cock rock hard.

“Master,” Affection said as she bowed her head to him.

“Back in your room, I want to bend you over something and fuck you hard.”

“Yes Master.” Affection hurried to her room




Camila was eager to get to Master Dante’s house. Why in the hell was Michael taking so long in Italy.

“You seem aggravated,” Michael said as he came into the study.

“I’m just eager to start serving Master Dante.”

Michael chuckled. “If I was you I wouldn’t be in such a hurry to be Dante’s plaything.  I told you that is exactly what you are going to be until he decides to let you actually be one of his submissives.”

“I don’t care. I will be anything he needs me to be.”

“I’m waiting for my submissive to call to make sure our guest have arrived at my home.”

Camila waited in the foyer. She wanted to hurry up and get to Master Dante’s house. She heard Michael talking about the progress Xanthos was making. What if he finds out what she has done? More importantly what if that happens before she could accomplish what she needed to do.

“You sound tired, Gina,” Michael said as he walked into the foyer holding his cellphone. “I’m glad you think Xion is sweet. Let me talk to him for a moment.”

Camila listen to Michael tell Xion that he would be coming home shortly and for him to help Gina out. Then he told Gina how much he loved her.

“Alright Camila, let’s get to the airport. We have to fly out to Vegas. Apollo will be meeting us at Caesar’s Palace. He will take you to Dante’s house.”

“You are not coming with me?”

“No, I don’t see a need to do so. I haven’t seen my submissive since Xanthos’ accident. She is very pregnant and I want to make sure she is being taken care of. You will be fine. Being alone with Apollo will prepare for you being at Dante’s house. If you can’t handle Apollo there is no way in hell you will be able to handle his Master. You have my number if you change your mind about serving Dante. And to be honest I think you will, that is why I’m having one of Xanthos’ servants stay in Vegas. He can come and get you and bring you to my home.”

“I will serve Master Dante.”

“I give you a week, girl, then you will be crying to me to come and get you.”

“Why are you being so mean?”

“To be honest, I don’t believe you are a submissive. And quite honestly I don’t know how Xanthos did. You are too defensive and controlling.”

“I’m new to the lifestyle.”

“I have trained my share of new submissives. I have seen defensive ones, those who are afraid to truly lose control. It’s scary to give another person control over you and this I understand. Yet, I don’t see this in you. I think you have seen what Dante looks like. He is a very handsome man. And I think you have read one too many romance novels. To have a Master who is dangerously handsome, how exciting that is to a young girl. But once you get the reality of what it means to be Dante’s submissive you will want to come home. They don’t call him the Master of Pain for nothing. Still, that is another thing that puzzles me, this community is full of handsome Masters, why pick one who is so extreme.”

“I want to learn about the pleasure of pain,” Camila quietly said as she looked to the floor. She had to quiet Michael’s doubts before he looked into this further.


“I discussed this with Master Xanthos. I’m embarrassed to repeat it.”

“Why didn’t Xanthos write this down somewhere?”

“When I think about a man so much bigger than me bringing me erotic pain it excites me. In my sexual fantasies I pictured a man who…well, he looked just like Master Dante. And when I learned that a man existed who was almost exactly like the man I pictured when I allowed myself to fantasize, I had to seek him out.”

“How did you know about Dante at all?”

“My friend Angel knew Master Damien and he is part of your community. Angel told me about Dante and the other Masters. When we went to the fashion show and stayed at Master Damien’s house I got to see a picture of Master Dante. I was so excited and yet so embarrassed. Angel is good about sensing someone’s arousal even when they try to hide it. So I told him everything. He asked Master Damien if Master Xanthos would let me serve Master Dante. Master Damien is a very sweet man and helped me.”

“Damien is a nice guy. You don’t need to be embarrassed about your fantasy man looking like Dante. I would see it as a lucky coincidence. I just fear that the reality of this lifestyle will be too much for you.”

“Then I will call you and admit I have made a mistake.” 

“Alright, let’s go.”

She followed Michael out to the car. She was relieved that she satisfied his doubts. She didn’t care what she had to endure while staying at Dante’s house as long as she made that bastard pay for what he did to her brother.


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