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Hold On Tight


Autumn had always been the cautious one, while her twin brother Garrett never seemed afraid to dive right into anything.  He knew that he was meant to be part of the BDSM lifestyle. She had no idea if she wanted the BDSM lifestyle. She was happy in the protective bubble her father had placed her in. Until her heart couldnít take the pain of Liamís rejection anymore. Lara, a friend and colleague, offered for Autumn to come stay at her Masterís home so that Autumn could help her with a difficult case. Autumn agreed, wanting to put distance between her and Liam.  Everything seemed like it was going in the right direction. She could focus on her career and figure out a way to forget about her feelings for Liam. She was eager to work with Lara, then she saw Laraís Master. She remembered his beautiful grey eyes and the way her parents would seem nervous around him when he visited their home.  She also remembered his title, the Master of Pain.  Being around him evoke feelings in her that she didnít understand.  Her first instinct was to run back home, yet she was determined to help the girl Lara entrusted her with. She would ignore all else and focus on her work. Yet, that was proving easier said than done.

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Songs I listened to while writing "Hold On Tight"

In My Blood- Shawn Mendes

Make Way- Aloe Blacc

How Could This Be Wrong-  The Glitch Mob

I Just Need U- Toby Mac

Silence- Marshmello, Khalid

Hold On Tight- R3Hab- Conor maynard

Be Mine- Ofenbach

Little Red Riding Hood- Sam the Sham

Body On Me- Rita Ore

Bad Man- Pitbull

Fall For You- Leela James

Angels- Khalid

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