I Got You


Georgia thought after her husband died that she would never find love again. When her son Damien joined a BDSM community she was introduced to the head Master.  From the moment she laid eyes on Master Xanthos she was intrigued by this man. Now, she finds herself being trained to be Master Xanthos’ submissive.  The awkwardness of being in the same BDSM community as her son is something that can’t be easily overlooked. The growing love she feels for Master Xanthos scares her.  And now, Xanthos wishes for her to help Master Rex with his female submissives. The undeniable attraction Georgia feels for Rex is something she can’t allow to happen.  Rex is the same age as her son Damien.


Master Damien is happy that his mother has found love with Master Xanthos, yet he is uneasy about her being Master Xanthos’ submissive.  He is willing to deal with his uneasiness so that Georgia may find some happiness. However, when he notices that she acts very differently around Master Rex than she does around the other Masters in the community he will not accept his mother being with the most brutal of pain Masters in the community.


Master Lash is terrified that his brother Zen will take away the two most important people in his life, his submissive Julie and his lover Damien. Zen has taken Lash’s submissive and lover from him before what will stop him from doing it again. Lash loves his big brother, he was all Lash had when he was younger. He can’t figure out what he did to his brother to make him hate Lash so much.  But Lash will be damned if he lets Zen take Damien and Julie from him. 

Music I listened to when I wrote "I Got You"

Superman (B Version)- Super Junior

Sexy and I know it-LMFAO

Boom- P.O.D

Krazy- Pitbull

Down with the Sickness – Disturbed

Indestructible- Disturbed

Give it up to me-Shakira


Superstar – Jumpsmokers

Fix you- Cold Play

I’m a Loser- 3 doors down

Remember Everything- Five Finger Death Punch

Far From Home- Five Finger Death Punch

Never Enough- Fiver Finger Death Punch

Oh My God-Pink

Burn- Papa Roach

One Step Closer- Linkin Park

My Own Prison- Creed

Immortal –Evanscene

The Lonely -Christina Perri

I got You-Leona Lewis 


Chapter One


Lash watched the flurry of activity going on in and around Damien’s workroom. Damien’s fashion show was rapidly approaching. Pearl finally got Damien to show at one of the fashion shows in Los Angeles, though she was pushing for New York. She decided that the Wild Nights show was the best place for Damien to really put his work out there.

“You have to pick the damn models, Damien,” Pearl yelled.

“Yeah, yeah,” Damien replied as he came out of his workroom and headed over to Lash. “Hey baby bear, did our submissives come back yet?”

“Nope. To tell you the truth I’m not in a big hurry to get Nicolette back either. Julie is upset by this new female. Why the fuck she is I don’t have a clue. Nicolette is around Julie’s age so I was hoping that would make things easier, but oh no.”

“Julie has had you all to herself for a while now. She is probably just jealous.”

“I hope the fuck so. How is it going with your new amazon?”

“Would you stop calling Nikki that.”

“She is the tallest female submissive I have ever known.”

“So what.”

“I like my females shorter than me. Amazon is almost as tall as you are.”

“To tell you the truth I haven’t had too much time to get to know my new female. Thank goodness Steve and Cassie has been helping Nikki get use to the house.”

“They ain’t jealous of Nikki?”

“I’m sure they are to a degree. Maybe my Steve and Cassie can help Julie and Nicolette get use to each other quicker.”

“That is what I was hoping. Pearl’s generous gift of sending them all to a spa for a couple of days was pretty cool.”

“I wouldn’t call it generous. She just wanted them out of the way so I can finish my collection up.”

“Damien, damn it,” Pearl screeched as she threw a portfolio book at him. “Pick the damn models, so I can book the ones you want.” She glared at Lash then stomped back into the workshop.

“Damn, she doesn’t like me all that much, does she.”

Damien pulled Lash to him. “It’s because you get to fuck me and she can’t. Don’t take it personal.” Damien kissed Lash deeply.

The sound of a door slamming echoed in the foyer. “Oh enough of that shit.” Pearl pulled them apart. “You don’t have time for this, especially since you are going to that whipping demonstration thingy tomorrow.”

“I forgot about that damn thing,” Lash sighed.

“We don’t have to go if you don’t want to, baby bear.”

“And let my brother think he can show me up, no fucking way. We are going.”

Damien smiled then opened up the portfolio. Pearl had her pen and paper ready to take notes. He picked out ten female models.

“What about the last female model who is going to walk with you down the runway?”

“I already have someone in mind for that, so don’t worry about it.”

“Of course I’m worried about it. She will be wearing that fabulous black lace evening gown with you escorting her down the aisle. We should get a big name model for that.”

“I told you I have someone in mind. So chill.”

Pearl decided to let it go for now, though it was killing her not to know who this female model was going to be. “Here are the male models.”

“Wait here.” Damien went into his office.

“What is he doing?” Pearl sighed.

“I don’t fucking know,” Lash said.

“You should really let him work and go to that whip thingy by yourself.”

“He was invited too. He is a pain Master.”

Pearl looked at Lash as though he was some piece of trash. This guy pissed her off to no end. He was Damien’s lover, not submissive, lover and this pissed her off so badly she could just break something over this asshole’s head. She wanted to be Damien’s lover.

“You know the way you are looking at me makes my cock so hard.” Lash licked his lips then smiled at her.

“Shut the hell up. Damien will grow tired of you.”

“I wouldn’t count on that, bitch.”

Damien came back with a picture in his hand. “I want a model that has the same body type as him.”

Lash grabbed the picture before Pearl could. “Rex? Why would you want a model to look like him,” Lash asked.

“He inspired some of the pieces in my collection.”

“Did he now?”

Damien smiled at Lash with that damn sexy smile of his. “Jealous, baby bear?”

“Kind of. Why would Rex be your inspiration?”

“I can’t control what inspires me. And besides, I will need a male model that is built like you too.” Damien moved close to Lash. “You have inspired the hell out of me too.”

“Oh for God sakes, would you focus, Damien. I don’t know if there are any models this Rex guy’s size but I will find one. Now look at the other male models and choose some already.”

Damien flipped through the book and picked out several male models. He stopped on a picture of a very sexy Latino male. “Oh my God…” Damien smiled.

“What?” Lash took the book from him and looked at the picture of the male. “Who the fuck is this?”

“That is Angel. He was a submissive in my old community. Every Master and Mistress wanted him to be theirs and not one of them could handle him.”

“Did you try?”

“He is not my type for a male submissive. He wanted to be my submissive, but I knew it wouldn’t have worked out.  Hire him for the show, Pearl. I want to see how he is doing. He was such a sweet guy.”

“I bet,” Lash said. “He has my body type, so you are saying…”

“I like my male submissive small and pretty like my Steve. But my lovers…” Damien pulled Lash to him. “…you are so my type, baby bear.”

“I’m going to get the hose if you don’t stop,” Pearl grumbled.

Damien stepped out of Lash’s embrace. “There, I have picked out the models. I’m going to finish up that dress I’m working on.”

“That would be wise considering the show is less than a week away.”

“Calm down, Pearl. I’m doing this damn show to make you happy. Now take a deep breath, darling. Baby bear, what are you going to do?”

“Jerk off since you won’t come and play with me.”

Pearl about spit out her coffee. “I’m so out of here.” She stomped back to Damien’s workshop.

“I would like to see that,” Damien purred.

“Too bad, you are busy remember.” Lash headed upstairs.

“Don’t even think about following him. Get your butt in this workshop,” Pearl growled as she poked her head out the workshop door.

Damien sighed and headed to his workshop.


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