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“When I look in the mirror I see him. When people look at me, they see him. I’m not a newer shinier version of him, I am me. I saw the way you looked at me when you first met me. You saw him, not me. How am I going to prove myself in his shadow?” -Garrett


Garrett’s training was almost complete and soon he would be named Master. He was eager to start this new part of his lifestyle. Master Brutus was never going to hand over Bree until Garrett had proven himself worthy of her.  Kane, the man Master Lash was having help Garrett with his training was becoming attached to Garrett.  And Garrett was falling deeper in love with Master Lash, which was only going to lead to heartbreak because Lash was already in a long-term relationship.  Then there was the matter of trying to come out from his father’s shadow. Everyone in the lifestyle knew and respected Master Drake. Would Garrett be able to live up to expectations people placed on him for being Master Drake’s son?

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Songs I listened to while writing "In My Blood"

In My Blood- Shawn Mendes

The Way I do- Bishop Briggs

Only One King-  Jung Youth

Howl-  Jake Houlsby

Higher- The Score

Nothing compares to You- Chris Cornnell

This Feeling- The Chainsmokers

Better- Khalid

Where Have You Been -Rihanna

Run- Bugsy Malone featuring Rag and Bone Man


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