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Inner Beast



I will never judge you for the part of you that you can’t control, nor will I fear you because of it.” – Master Sage to Master Dimitri

“Ask Dimitri about that dragon tattoo, go on ask him, and then tremble with the thought that you welcomed this monster to your community.” – Master James to Master Xanthos



Master Dimitri is like a hurricane.  He came out of nowhere and he is the only thing I can think of.  Yet, there is something off about him. Maybe it’s just my insecurity rearing its ugly head again. I know, a Master who is insecure is quite the oxymoron.  – Master Sage

I wish I could make you see what I see Sage. You are so much like Master Griffin, but with a kindness he will never possess. What will you think of me when you see my inner beast? I’m new to this community. Griffin is not here with me. At least my submissive Colt is being so strong for me. Yet, I feel the inner beast trying to rise up. I’m afraid what will happen if I lose myself to this inner beast. - Master Dimitri

Master Xanthos’ BDSM community is about to be shaken to its very core when Xanthos finds out Dimitri’s secret.



“Inner Beast” is the 30th book in Justus Roux’s Master Series.  It is recommended to read more of Justus Roux’s Master series to get the full emotional impact of this story.

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Songs I listened to while writing "Inner Beast"

"Sick Like Me" In This Moment
"Centuries" Fallout boys
"Get Low" Dillon Franes and DJ Snake
"Big Bad Wolf" In This Moment
"Dance With the Devil" Breaking Benjamin
"Snakes" Concrete Blondes
"I Shall Believe" Sheryl Crow
"Bones" In This Moment
"Out of Hell" In this Moment
"The Fighter" In this Moment
"Le Serpent Rouge" Arcana
"I Need You" M83
"The Wolf" Fever Ray
"Love is Blindness" Jack White


Chapter One


Sage sat behind the piano and half-assed played. He had to practice this song before Romulus and Fawn’s wedding. Yet, his heart wasn’t in it. His only thoughts were of Dimitri. This new Master entered Damien’s house like a freaking hurricane. Everything about this male was chaotic. Damien and Lash were enjoying the energy Dimitri brought. Even Dimitri’s submissives had a certain energy about them, all but one of them. Dimitri’s male submissive Colt seemed to always be on guard. Sage has heard of some male submissives being a bit overprotective of their Masters, but Colt went beyond this. Sage’s male submissive Lucifer was far more laid back than Colt was, hell every male submissive in this community was less intense than Colt is.

“What’s wrong?”

Sage quickly snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Damien’s voice.

“I can’t focus.”

“Your song sounds beautiful. Romulus and Fawn will love it.”

Sage smiled. Damien always knew what to say. A gift, no doubt, he got from his mother. Georgia always brought calm with her and her son was the same.

“Do you think Romulus will make a good Master?” Sage asked.

“Yeah. Don’t you?”

“I’m not a good judge of that. Where is Dimitri?”

“His submissive Colt dragged him upstairs.”

“Don’t you think that is strange how protective Colt is of his Master?”

“No. I think it’s sweet. Don’t you like Dimitri?”

“I don’t know him well enough to form an opinion.”

“Well, he seems to really like you.”

“What makes you say that?”

“He told me he wants to fuck you.”

“What?!” Sage stood. He was just stunned that a male as exquisite as Dimitri would even consider being with someone ordinary as him.

“You are pretty sexy, Sage.” Damien gave Sage his most charming smile.

“Shut up. So when is Xanthos showing up?” Sage had to change the subject.

“Sometime today.”

“I got to finish this.” Sage sat back down.

“Alright I will leave you alone.”

Sage heard Damien’s footsteps as he left the room. Sage took a deep breath then let his fingers dance over the piano keys. He let the music fill him. The song represent love and a new beginning. He pictured his Emma in his mind. She was his first submissive he had ever collared. She was his heart, his joy, his strength, he knew she would always be by his side no matter what. He didn’t know yet if Faith or Lucifer would invoke this feeling in him. He did care deeply for those two, yet Emma was his heart.

Dimitri entered the room. He watched Sage play the piano. Sage’s eyes were closed as his fingers went over the piano keys.

“Beautiful,” Dimitri said softly as he slowly approached the piano.

When Sage finished playing, he gradually opened his eyes. He was startled when he heard someone clap. He turned and saw Dimitri standing there.

“That was exquisite,” Dimitri said as he smiled brightly at Sage.

“Thank you.” Sage slowly stood. He gathered up his sheet music and put it into the folder. He looked over at Dimitri. God this man was beautiful. He had to be six foot two, his body was strong and that tattoo of the dragon that covered the right half of his body was breathtaking. His long platinum blond hair was perfectly groomed and those damn pale blue eyes were mesmerizing.

“I like the way you look at me, Sage.”

“Who wouldn’t like to look at you.”

‘The same could be said about you.”

“Yeah right.” Sage stepped away from the piano.

“Why do you think so little of yourself?” Dimitri moved closer to him. “You are a Master.”

“Well, that may be, but you have seen the rest of the Masters in this community.”


“I’m like the shortest and scrawniest one in the bunch.”

“So, who cares about your height. Master Griffin is the same built as you and yet when he enters the room the very air crackles with his dominance.”

“Who is Griffin?”

“He was part of Master James’ community when I was. He is my friend, lover and mentor.”

“So what happened? Why didn’t he come to this community with you?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye before my family left James’ community.”

“He doesn’t know you have left James’ community?”

“No, he is overseas. I didn’t know I was going to be leaving James’ community, Master James just threw me out.” 


“I don’t know. I guess he grew tired of me. But, so far I like Xanthos’ community. The way you all pull together to help wounded submissives is something to be admired. I can’t wait to meet Master Darius.”

“He is quite the asshole.”

“He is?”

“What he does to help Xanthos is pretty cool, but he doesn’t really play well with other Masters.”

“That is just an alpha male thing. I don’t need to be top dog, so I don’t feel the need to force my dominance on other dominant males.”

“That is refreshing.”

Dimitri moved closer to Sage. “You are a very sexy male. Please tell me you play with other Masters.”

“I’m open to that, especially…”

“Oh, what Master has captivated your desire? You must tell me.”

“Why not, this whole freaking community already knows that I desire Dante.”

“Oh, the Master of Pain, he is a very sexy male.”

“Yeah that he is. I would love to…”

Dimitri ran his hand down Sage’s chest. “Touch his body.” Dimitri grabbed Sage’s cock through his jeans. “Stroke his cock.” He gripped a little firmer as he moved closer. “Look into his gray eyes and see his desire grow.” Dimitri looked deeply into Sage’s eyes.

Sage stepped back from Dimitri and put some space between them. “Dante would never let me touch him like that.”

‘Then Dante is a fool.”

Sage’s body trembled hearing Dimitri’s deep sultry voice.

“I would love to have your hands all over my body, Sage. I wish I could let you see just how sexy you are.”

“I better go see where my submissives are.”

“Your females are with my females. And your male is with Damien’s Steve.”

“Master, you need to come with me,” Colt said as he hurried into the room.

“What is wrong, Colt?”

“Master Xanthos will be arriving sooner than expected and you and I need to talk.”

“If this makes you feel better, my Colt. You are welcome to join us Sage. We can both play with Colt.”

“Thank you for the offer, but it seems your male needs your undivided attention right now.” Sage hurried from the room.

“Master, why is he so flustered? What did you do?”

“I tried to seduce him. He is sexy and reminds me of Griffin.”

“He isn’t remotely close to what Master Griffin is.”

“Oh but he could be if he only had a bit more confidence. I can give this to him, Colt. I want to give this to him.” Dimitri smiled brightly as he got more excited by the idea of helping Sage.

“He would be lucky to get your help, Master.” Colt’s heart lightened seeing the happy look on his Master’s face.

“Don’t worry about Xanthos. He is just checking up on us. I’m sure James has filled his head full of crap to get back at Xanthos for what Dante’s Apollo had done.”


“Why are you so worried, Colt? We have nothing to fear. So what if I can’t remember why or how I got this tattoo. You told me I was distraught by grief when my two submissives died in that accident. I wish I could remember. I owe it to their memory.”

“You don’t need to remember, Master.”

“I miss Jennifer and Zachery.”

“So do I, Master.”

“I will handle Xanthos…”

“Master, let me do this for you. I don’t wish for you to force to try and remember the pain of losing your two beloved submissives. Please let me brunt this for you.”

“If this makes you happy, Colt.”

“Thank you, Master. Here don’t forget to take your medicine.” Colt handed Dimitri the pill.

Dimitri took the pill and swallowed it.

“How much longer do I need to take that medication?”

“Until the doctor tells you to stop. You might have to take it for the rest of your life.”

“I feel fine.”

“Your doctor knows what he is doing. And as you said you feel fine, so he must be doing something right.”

“This is true. Now, do you feel better, Colt?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good, because I want to plan out a Roman orgy. It is the least I can do to thank Damien and Lash for the hospitality.”

“That sounds like fun, Master.”

“It does doesn’t it.” Dimitri headed out of the room with Colt behind him.




Xanthos arrived at Damien’s house. He prayed that James was just trying to rattle him to make him feel what James must have felt when Apollo went ballistic. Xanthos understood James’ anger. If anyone tried to hurt anyone in Xanthos’ community he would feel just as angry as James apparently is. Still, he wouldn’t deliberately try to hurt anyone just for revenge. He couldn’t really see James doing this either.

What did James mean by calling Dimitri a monster? Xanthos was going to find this out. Dimitri will answer all of Xanthos’ questions or Xanthos would throw him out of this community. Xanthos’ community has been through so much, he had no wish to make anyone endure anymore. Yet, Xanthos knew there were risks with bringing wounded souls into his community. He was willing to take this risk to a degree.

Xanthos wished his driver would hurry the hell up and get to Damien’s house. Damien was Georgia’s son and since she was Xanthos’ submissive he had to be extra protective of Damien. How could he had just let Dimitri come to Damien’s house without thoroughly investigating him first? If something happened to Damien because of this, Georgia would never forgive him.

He sent Georgia to visit Master Rex. He couldn’t let her know what was going on until he knew there was something to worry about. Xanthos didn’t really like that his submissive enjoyed being with Rex, hell she seemed to need to be with him. This bugged the fuck out of Xanthos. Yet, he couldn’t deny his submissive what she needed. Rex gave her a roughness that Xanthos couldn’t give her, nor did he wish to ever give her. Xanthos was a pleasure and pain Master, though he enjoyed the art of pleasure far more than the giving of pain.

Xanthos’ smiled seeing Liam was waiting for him in Damien’s driveway.  Liam was one of the therapist who Xanthos used for the people in his community. Liam knew about the lifestyle and had the ability to council submissives or dominants. Plus, Xanthos was intrigued by this male. Liam was obviously submissive but was trying so hard to hide it from himself. Xanthos suspected that Liam was also bisexual and was trying to hide this part of himself too. Liam was a very attractive male. His dark unruly hair and those amber colored eyes were breathtaking, not to mention his six foot frame was in excellent shape. Liam worked with Master Noah’s wild submissive Adam mostly, but he did work with Dante’s Apollo as well. And he had helped Lara on many occasions with patients. She too, was one of the therapist this community turned to as well.

The car stopped and Xanthos got out of it. He walked up to Liam.

“I’m glad you were able to make it.”

“You said it was urgent. Does Master Dimitri know I’m here?”


“Oh great.”

“Just follow my lead.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Xanthos headed up to the house. Damien came out to greet them.

“What is so important that you flew all the way out here? Where is Mom?”

“I needed to speak with Dimitri. This is Liam.”

“We have met before. You are Adam’s doctor right?”

“Yes. It is nice to see you again, Master Damien.”

“Please just call me Damien.”

Damien led them into the house.

“Is Lash here as well?”

“Yep, baby bear is here, so is Sage. They are getting things ready for Romulus’ wedding.”

“I forgot that was coming up,” Xanthos said. “I need to speak with Dimitri now.”

“What is going on?”

“I hadn’t had a real chance to get to know Dimitri.”

Damien just looked at Xanthos for a moment. “Oh shit, what is wrong with the guy? You didn’t bring Mom with you and you have Adam’s shrink with you.”

“Something James said worried me, but I have no wish to discuss this with you until I have all the facts.”

“You will be discussing this with me. If something is wrong with Dimitri I have a right to know since he is staying with me. I won’t have my submissives or Lash put at risk.”

“Let’s not raise the alarm bells quite yet. Master Xanthos is only being cautious. Given what has happened in this community over the last couple years I understand his wariness,” Liam said. “Is there somewhere we could talk with Dimitri in private?”

“You can go to my study, which is right over there.”

“I will join you in a moment, Liam,” Xanthos said.

Liam nodded then headed over to the study.

“He is hot, isn’t he?” Damien said. “Sorry, that kind of slipped out.”

“I agree he is very attractive. This will no doubt lower Dimitri’s guard.”

“Oh…you know, Dimitri has been nothing but nice and polite these last few days.”

“He was very polite and respectful while he stayed with me too. This is only a precaution. Please have someone go get Dimitri for me.”


Xanthos headed over to the study. Liam was already sitting in one of the overstuffed chairs. Xanthos looked around the room. This was nothing like his study at home. It was so down to earth and cozy in here.

“What is wrong?” Liam asked.

“Damien is so like his mother.”

“This is a good thing.”

“Yes, it is. Yet, with Damien’s laid back manner people often forget he is a pain Master.”

“I would think this would be a good thing too. All pain Masters don’t have to be like Dante and Rex.”

“This is true.” Xanthos sat on the overstuffed chair next to Liam.

After a couple of moments Dimitri and Colt entered the room.

“Whoa…” Liam said quietly as he looked at the tall male with the long platinum blond hair. This male wore only a pair of jeans. Liam’s eyes were drawn to the dragon tattoo that covered the right half of this male’s body. He remembered this male from when he stayed at Xanthos’ home during Apollo’s therapy session. He couldn’t get him out of his mind. He wasn’t too thrilled about having to be here now, but Xanthos sounded so worried, how could he not help. He would have to just endure this uncomfortable feeling.

“Oh, is this male a gift for me?” Dimitri said as his gaze locked with Liam’s.

“Dimitri, this is Liam and he is one of the therapist that I use for the community.”

“Hello, Liam, I remember you.” Dimitri smiled.

“Hello, Master Dimitri, please have a seat.”

“Colt, we need to speak with your Master alone,” Xanthos said.

“I can’t allow that. I stay by my Master’s side at all times.” Colt stood behind Dimitri’s chair.

“It is fine if Colt hears what you wish to discuss with me. He is very protective of me. One of the many things I love about him. And please, Liam, just call me Dimitri, unless you are in this lifestyle, which I am hoping you are.” Dimitri smiled seductively.

“I’m not in the lifestyle,” Liam said quickly.

“So, what do I owe the honor of a visit of the head Master of the community?” Dimitri asked.

“I need to ask you some questions and I want nothing but the truth.”

“I always speak the truth, so ask anything. You have the right to know all about me, you are the head Master. Though I would have thought Master James would have told you everything about me. I have a couple of questions for you as well, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course. What do you want to know?”

“Did Master James give you a reason why he kicked me out of his community? I’m kind of glad he did, because I already like it in your community better.”

“Why is that?”

“You save broken submissives. I love this. I would like to help with this. Master James like to cherry pick his dominants. I think he took me and my family into his community in the first place because he wanted Master Griffin to be part of his community.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I am Griffin’s lover.”

“Oh. So, James allowed you to be part of his community because of Griffin.”


“Griffin is an exceptional Master.”

“That he is. I never understood why Griffin never just formed his own BDSM community.”

“Not all Masters want that kind of responsibility. Though Griffin certainly has the skill to have been a head Master.”

Dimitri smiled brightly. “I am honored that a Master such as you speaks so highly of Griffin.”

“If you are Griffin’s lover, why did he stay in James’ community if you are no longer part of it?”

“Griffin doesn’t know that I was kicked out of James’ community. He is in Europe. He recently had to let go of his female submissive and it broke his heart. He really loved Sable.”

“What happened?”

“It was my fault. She wanted him to stop seeing me. She said he loved me too much and she didn’t like that, she was trying to make him choose. I told him we could just be friends, maybe then she wouldn’t be so jealous. He told me he couldn’t be around me without wanting to touch me. So it is my fault he is in so much pain.”

“No Master, it is Sable’s fault. I’m not jealous of your love for others. I know you will always love me,” Colt said.

“My Colt always knows what to say to make me feel better. Anyways, Griffin needed time alone, so I will let him have as much time as he needs. Please don’t bother him with this. It can wait until he feels better.”

“I understand.”

“Thank you.”

“You don’t know why James threw you out?”

“Nope, he just showed up at my home and announced that I was going to your community.”

“Bastard didn’t so much as say goodbye to Master,” Colt said.

“Now Colt, James is a head Master, you must show respect. I’m sure he had a good reason.”

“Ask Dimitri about that dragon tattoo, go on ask him, and then tremble with the thought that you welcomed this monster to your community.”  James’ words filled Xanthos’ thoughts.

“Dimitri, where did you get that beautiful tattoo?” Xanthos asked.

“I wish I could answer that, but I have no idea.”

“What do you mean you have no idea?”

“Master experienced a traumatic event. He doesn’t remember getting the tattoo,” Colt said.

“But I’m guessing you remember, Colt,” Xanthos said as he looked into Colt’s eyes.

“Yes, but what does that have to do with anything?”

“Go ahead and tell him, Colt. He is the head Master he has the right to know everything about me. He has to think about his community.”

“May I ask that Master leaves, he doesn’t have to hear this?”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, Colt.”

“It’s alright, Colt. I will be fine,” Dimitri said.

Colt could see that Liam was watching his Master very carefully. Damn you, James, Colt wanted to scream out. “Several years ago Master had two other submissives named Jennifer and Zachery…they died in a horrible car crash.”

“You will have to elaborate,” Xanthos said.

“Master, you don’t remember our old home that much do you?” Colt asked.


“We lived in San Francisco with Master Griffin. You were so happy that Master Griffin was staying the summer with us. It was the last week of Master Griffin’s visit and you wanted to do something special. He had to go away for the weekend for a business trip but would be arriving home that evening. You were going to have this huge party, well more like an orgy, is his honor, but you forgot to get enough silk rope. You know how Master Griffin enjoys his silk ropes. Jennifer and Zachery told you they wanted to go pick some silk rope up at the Japanese BDSM shop that was just out of town. They headed out and they never made it. Zachery loss control of the car and drove off the road.” Colt looked directly into Xanthos’ eyes. “Master was so broken hearted and blamed himself for their deaths. He couldn’t handle the grief and simply blocks it out. He had the dragon tattoo in remembrance of Jennifer and Zachery, yet he can’t remember getting the tattoo because this is also blocked.”

“Why get a dragon tattoo and why have it cover half your body?”

“He doesn’t remember. He told me he wanted to feel physical pain to match his emotional pain. He chose a dragon because both Jennifer and Zachery loved dragons.”

“We all have suffered some kind of emotional trauma…”

“Master Xanthos, it isn’t uncommon for someone to block out a traumatic experience. Some people can handle their pain while others need time to deal with it, so the brain blocks the event out. Has your Master seen a professional about this?” Liam said.

“I have seen a couple doctors, but they have no idea how to unblock my memories,” Dimitri said.

“Do you take any medications?” Liam asked.

“Master takes a small dose of Zoloft. His doctor prescribed it that help with anxiety over not remembering the accident.”

“Zoloft, that’s it?” Liam asked.


“Colt makes sure I take my medication every day.”

“So you see your doctor on a regular basis?”

“Once a year.”

Xanthos sat there looking at Dimitri for a moment. “Did you and James not get along?”

“Not really. But I always made sure to show him the outmost respect, he is a head Master. As I try to show you the outmost respect, Master Xanthos.”

“You have. And it is appreciated.”

 “Yet, you haven’t told me why James threw me out of the community.”

“To be honest I really don’t know. He just asked me to let you join my community. I assumed you were unhappy.”

“I love Griffin that is why I stayed in James’ community. And my submissives seemed happy where we were.”

“I would like to talk to your other three submissives alone. If this is alright with you, Dimitri.”

“Of course it is.” Dimitri stood.

“Please send them.”

Dimitri and Colt left the room.

“Colt is very protective of his Master,” Liam said as he wrote down some notes.

“Do you believe what they said?”

“Yes, Dimitri’s body language spoke volumes. He really doesn’t remember getting that tattoo. However, Colt seemed angry, but I suppose seeing his Master so uncomfortable was the reason for his anger. And they were honest about Dimitri taking prescription meds.”

“Why would James call Dimitri a monster?”

“I think your best bet would be to find Master Griffin.”

“I think you are right.”

There was a knock on the door and two females and one pretty male came into the room. They all bowed their heads to Xanthos.

“Please sit. Let’s see if I remember. You are Jolie.” Xanthos pointed to the female with short blonde hair and well-toned body. “You are Vida.” He looked at the female with porcelain white skin, long dark hair and dark eyes. “And of course you are Jonas,” he said to the beautiful male submissive, with shoulder-length brown hair and soft brown eyes.

They smiled at Xanthos.

Xanthos just looked at them for a moment. They seemed happy. They didn’t appear to suffer any mental or physical abuse. He could see they were starting to get uncomfortable under his scrutiny. “I have one simple question. Do you love serving your Master?”

“Very much so,” Jolie quickly spoke up. Vida and Jonas agreed with her.

“Why would you ask that?” Vida said.

“I want to get acquainted with your Master and his family. That is all I want to know, you may leave. Please have your Master come back in here without Colt. Tell him I insist that he comes in here alone.”

“Yes, Sir,” Jolie said.

They hurried from the room. After a couple of moments Dimitri came back into the room.

“Please sit,” Xanthos said.

“My submissives are delightful aren’t they.” Dimitri smiled.

“Yes, they are.”

“Is your mind more at ease?”

“Something James said bothered me…”

“Then tell me what was said. I want so much to fit into your community and to have you trust me. I know my family will be happy here.”

“James called you a monster.”

“He called me a monster, why would he had said that? Maybe he was upset by Sable leaving Griffin as well. It was my fault she left. I know Colt tries to make me feel better by saying otherwise. But it was my fault his love for me destroyed her love for him.”

“It wasn’t your fault, Dimitri. The BDSM lifestyle is quite an open one unless of course a dominant and submissive have agreed to have an exclusive relationship,” Liam said.

“It is sweet of you to agree with my Colt, but my heart knows the truth of it. Griffin is hurting because of me, maybe I am a monster.”

“I don’t think that would be the reason for James to call you a monster. Maybe James is angry at me for what Apollo had done to his family. Dante should have known Apollo would have followed him, hell I should have known that. We should have took precautions to make sure that didn’t happen.”

“Mmm, Apollo, the fire that male has ignites my desire. Dante is lucky to have such a male.”

“You are not shy about speaking what is on your mind are you,” Liam said as he looked to the floor. Dimitri’s sexy voice was arousing. This was starting to freak Liam out. He was never attracted to another male like this before.

“No, if someone stirs my desire I let them know. You are making my cock very hard, Liam. I am planning a Roman orgy to thank Master Damien, Lash and Sage for being so nice to me and my family. You are welcomed to join us.”

Xanthos looked over at Liam. He could see him getting more and more flustered.

“You are welcomed to attend too, Master Xanthos. It would be an honor if you attend.”

“I wish I could, but Damien is my submissive’s son.”

“Oh yes, that is right, he is. Yet, you are not his father, so there would be no harm in fucking him.”

“Georgia would be uncomfortable with that, so Damien is off limits.”

“Okay, enough talk about fucking,” Liam said.

“Have I answered all your questions, Master Xanthos?”

“Yes you have, thank you.”

“Liam, I have a question for you,” Dimitri said

“What is it?”

“At Master Xanthos’ home I offered to fuck you and you said you weren’t into guys.”

“I remember that.”

“Yet, when I mention fucking you can’t seem to look me in my eyes. I stir your desire don’t I, and yet you are afraid to give in to your desire. Why is that?”

“I would like to know the answer to that question as well,” Xanthos said.

“I don’t fuck guys, alright. Can we drop this?”

“For now,” Dimitri said as he stood and went over to Liam’s chair. He squatted down beside it. “You are very attractive, Liam, and so deliciously submissive. And when you stop fighting with your desires I would be honored to train you to be a perfect submissive. Mmm, my cock aches thinking about tying you up, or seeing you kneeling before me…your beautiful face awash in desire.” Dimitri stood. He let his gaze linger on Liam for a moment then he turned his attention to Xanthos. “It is always an honor to get to speak with you, Master Xanthos.” He left the room.

“Are you okay?” Xanthos asked Liam.

“Why didn’t you stop him?”

“Why would I want to stop him from seducing you? Dimitri is a very handsome male and I enjoyed his attempt to seduce you. There is no shame being attracted to another male. In this lifestyle gender doesn’t matter. You should know that.”

“But I’m not in this lifestyle.” Liam stood.

“You should be. You would make a glorious submissive.”

“I’m heading out. If you need my professional help I will be happy to help.”

“Thank you, Liam.”

“You’re welcome.” Liam left the room.

Xanthos smiled. He really hoped Liam would just give in to his nature. It is so freeing when you stop fighting who you are and explore every aspect of your desires, of course providing your desires didn’t hurt someone else. Xanthos was relieved that Dimitri didn’t appear to be any kind of monster. Losing two of your submissives in an accident would have been unbearable. Dimitri blocking it out was understandable.

Damien came into the room. “Well…”

“Dimitri seems okay. I will of course investigate what was said to make sure it is true. I think James is fucking with me. It is in poor taste to do something like this. But like I said I will be checking all of this out. If Dimitri makes you uncomfortable in the least you let me know and I will make other arrangements for him and his submissives.”

“You don’t have to worry about that. If I thought for a moment he was a danger to my submissives or Lash, his ass would be out of my house in a flash. Though I do have one question for you.”


“Did Dante threaten to rape my mother while he was at your house?”

“Did Georgia tell you this?”

“No, Dimitri told me I shouldn’t let my mother around Dante. His female submissive heard about what Dante did from your young female submissive and she of course told Dimitri. So tell me, did Dante try to rape my mother?”

“I handled it.”

“You handled it. Did you kick his fucking ass?”

“Your mother is safe with me, Damien. You will not confront Dante about this. Like I said I handled it.”

“If I see that fucker you bet your ass I will confront him.”

“I said, you will not touch Dante. Do you understand me? I am your mother’s Master and I took care of it. I can protect what is mine, you best remember that. And you damn well better not lay a finger on Dante. Is this clear?”


“I am heading over to see Rapture. I will be looking into Dimitri some more.”

“What’s going on with Rapture?”

“Alexandra had a miscarriage. She is understandably devastated. Drake is with them. But I should offer my condolences.”

“I didn’t know she lost the baby, please give them our condolences as well.”

“I will.”

Xanthos left the house and headed to Hawaii. Rapture and Alexandra were at Drake’s pets Beauty and Pleasure’s home, no doubt so she could be around Drake’s babies.



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