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kissRage and Shadow, Master Drake's newest male pets had no idea how much a pair of guests were going to change their lives. Brenda brings out Rage's submissive side, where as her twin sister Kitty brings out Shadow's dominant side.


Seth had everything money could buy. He decided to go to Master Drake's island on a whim. Drake teaches Seth to be submissive. This is a hard road for Seth to travel.


Ecstasy and Leon's love grows more each day. However, Leon still has lingering doubts if he can live Ecstasy's lifestyle. Leon's traumatic past may hurt his and Ecstasy's future.


"Kiss the Moment" is another exciting addition to Justus Roux's Master Series


With more than one story being told, Justus Rouxís Kiss the Moment is not only hot and steamy but also heart warming.

Kiss the Moment is part of Justus Rouxís Master series. This is the first one I have read and I canít wait to get more of them. With a special ending, we get to meet several of players from previous tales. But one thing is obvious that even with all the sizzle, it is not hard to miss the heartwarming part of the stories. Justus Roux is her own master in this field. Fantastic job for Justus with Kiss the Moment.

Written by Elise Lyn

4 out 5





Kiss the Moment covers from one spectrum to the other It is heart touching and the dark sexual games that are played arenít for the faint of heart. Cast from previous books come back for a visit and there is always the open for another in the series. Emotionally gripping the feelings Justus pulls from the reader might just surprise you.


5 out 5

Reviewer: Melisa




Title: Master 10: Kiss the Moment
Author: Justus Roux
Publisher: Erotictales Publications
Publisher URL:
www.justusroux. com
Reviewer: Claudia Orpik
Rating: 4 Stars
Heat level: O

Iíve been a fan of Ms. Roux for some time, having read all nine of the previous books in her Master series.  She does not disappoint in this the tenth installment of her popular series.  Many of the characters I have grown to know and love such as Drake, Jessica, Ecstasy, and Leon are prominently featured along with other supporting characters found in previous books.   I found the way she weaved the new characters of Kitty, Brenda, and Seth into the existing storyline to be highly satisfying on many levels.  The innovative sexual scenes left me at times simultaneously marveling at how she does it while looking for my own sweetie!  Out of the relationships that are developed in this novel, I especially enjoyed Kitty and Shadowís the most.  I loved the way Shadow was able to explore his insecurities with himself, questioning his role with Master Drake.  Kitty allows him to dominate her, after first resisting his gentle seduction.  Mmmmmm, their story was good!  Rage, the supreme dominant of Masterís pets, has finally met his match with a capable Brenda. The sexuality between Brenda and Rage is superb, playing out in some intense scenes.   Seth is the only one whose story is incomplete at novelís end but a teaser included after this story leads me to believe that the eleventh story in the Master saga will give us more about this intriguing character. 

Claudia Orpik
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"It looks like all the guests are here. The pilot said he will be delayed so I will have to greet Seth myself later," Jessica said as she finished tying the leather band around Drake's upper arm. "Shadow is with one of the female guests. She looks like she is about to throw up from nerves."
"He will make her feel better. Where are my other pets?"
Jessica looked into the room again. "They are all in the front of the room."
"Master Drake."
Drake turned to the sound of Leon's soft voice.
"You shouldn't be here. I am about to greet my guests."
"I wanted to watch Ecstasy. I love the way the guests react to him."
"It is an arousing sight." Drake let his eyes caress Leon's small frame. Leon wore only a pair of jeans and nothing else, just like all the other male pets. His long chocolate hair cascaded down his back. And those big green eyes looked so innocent as he stared up at Drake.
Jessica could feel the sexual heat being generated between those two and it aroused her. The mental picture of Drake taking Leon was so tantalizing.
"Oh boy, letís get the guest-greeting over with," Jessica said as she grabbed Drake's hand.
"Horny, sweet Jessica?"
"Oh yeah."
Drake chuckled. "Leon, you wait right here until Ecstasy comes and gets you."
"Yes Master Drake."
Drake squeezed Jessica's hand and walked into the room. He enjoyed the looks he got from his guests. Some of them he recognized, they were returning guests. Others were new ones. He couldn't wait to watch them explore their sexuality. There was something so primal about seeing people letting go and allowing their sexual appetites to be sated.
Kitty squeezed Shadow's hand. "Thatís the Master of the island?"
"Yes, isn't he magnificent?"
"That word doesn't do him justice."
Everything seemed to move in slow motion as Drake spoke. She could barely remember what he said. She felt so out of place here and yet, his voice soothed her. She was drawn to him. Her body reacted to just his presence. She looked up at Shadow. Was it Master Drake or was it this gorgeous man standing next to her that made her almost dizzy from her arousal.
"Are you alright?" Shadow asked.
"I feel funny. I need some air."
The room started to spin and the next thing she knew she was outside cradled on Shadow's lap. "What happened?"
"I believe you swooned."
"Is she alright?"
Kitty froze hearing Drake's voice.
"Are you alright?" Drake squatted down and gently stroked her hair.
"Iím fine. I just want to go back to my hut."
She gasped when Shadow stood up and started to carry her to the hut.
"Jessica tend to the other guests."
"Brenda. My sister IÖ"
"Jessica make sure her sister is reassured. Shadow let's get Kitty to her hut."
Kitty wanted to protest to tell Shadow to put her down, but she doubted she could walk on her own. Mostly, she wished Master Drake would go away. She was frightened of him and the way he made her body react with only his voice.
Shadow carried her to her hut and laid her gently on the bed. He went into the bathroom to get a cool washrag.
"Are you sure youíre alright? Itís a good thing Shadow caught you." Drake could see her fear. "Perhaps it's best that I let Shadow take care of you. I don't want to frighten you anymore."
"Thank you," she said quietly.
"Shadow, when she feels up to it bring her to the dining hall."
"Yes Master."
Hearing that beautiful man call Drake Master sent a shiver of desire through Kitty.
"Here." Shadow placed the cool damp washrag on her forehead.
"I feel so stupid."
"Don't feel that way. This happens a lot. You are just overwhelmed by everything. Trust me you will feel better."
"You are being so kind, thank you."
"You're welcome. Now lay there with your eyes closed for a moment."
"Kitty!" Brenda hurried into the hut.
"Iím alright."
"Donít scare me like that. What happened to you?"
Shadow stood up and left the hut to give them some privacy.
"I donít know I heard that Master's voice and I just passed out. I don't know if I can do this, Brenda. I mean what is expected of me."
Brenda went to the door and motioned for Shadow to come back in. "Tell her that she doesn't have to do anything if she doesn't want to. ButÖif she did want to explore her sexuality that no one will think any less of her."
"She is right, Kitty. If you find out that this isnít your cup of tea, you donít have to do anything. Whatever you do on this island is no one's business but your own."
"See, now get your butt up and come with me to the dining room. I am starving."
Kitty sat up.
"I could bring you something to eat if you would like to stay in your hut," Shadow said.
"No, I have troubled you enough."
"It's no trouble."
"Come on you big sissy get your but out of that bed." Brenda pulled her out of bed. "Shadow, we are ready to dine. Please escort us to the dining room."
"Kitty are you up to it?"
Shadow escorted them to the dining hall. "I have to leave now. Are you sure you will be okay?"
"Yes, thank you."
"Kitty, you are going to have to at least get with Shadow while you are here. Damn that man is fine and he can put up with your peccadilloes. Now let's get something to eat I am starving."
Kitty looked around at all the guests. They all seemed just as eager as Brenda was. She wished at least one of them was as nervous as she was.
Seth held onto the airplane seat tightly. He hated the landings. He couldn't wait to get his feet on solid ground.
"Welcome to Kjonn Fengsel," a woman said as he disembarked from the plane.
It took a moment for Seth's eyes to adjust to the sunlight. "Hello," he said to the pretty woman.
"My name is Jessica. Please follow me and I will take you to Master."
Jessica couldn't help but admire the young man's beauty.
"Nice tattoo," she said, pointing to the snake on his arm. The black tattoo was well done, the snake looked as though it was wrapping around his arm.  "Do you have more tattoos?"
He showed her the black dragon on his other arm, then he removed his shirt and showed her the large black one that had three dragon heads that formed a circle.
"Very nice. Not many guests have tattoos." 
Seth put his shirt back on and just stood there. He wasn't in the mood to play nice with this woman. Yet, she had such a warmth about her he found himself unable to deny her small request.
"Follow me."
Seth looked at everything as he followed her up the path passed a group of huts to a large house. He watched Jessica hurry up the stairs to the large man who was standing on the porch. The way he carried himself he had to be the Master of this island.
"Hello Seth. I am Master Drake."
"Nice to meet you." Sethís gaze went to Shadow. His eyes seemed to devour every inch of Shadow's body. Sexy, he liked sexy men. Curvy women and sexy men were his favorite playthings.
"I see Shadow has caught your attention. I am afraid Shadow only tends to my female guests."
"Well, we will see about that." Seth smiled at Shadow.
Jessica looked up at Drake and shrugged her shoulders. "Seth, please follow me. I am sure you are hungry."
"Sounds good. I am pretty hungry." Seth licked his lips as he passed Shadow.
Shadow waited for Seth to be out of sight before he spoke. "Master, I don't like that guest. He seems a bit arrogant."
"You are a challenge. I believe this guest likes that. If he bothers you too much let me know."
"Still, do I have to be nice to him?"
"Of course my pet, I want everyone to feel welcome on my island. You are very sexy, my pet, his response is quite natural." Drake stroked Shadow's cheek.
Seth looked around the foyer when he finished his meal. This house was nice, not spectacular, but still nice.
"So how does this work?" he asked Jessica.
"Well, if you see one of Master's pets that catch your eye you can put a request in for their company. However, consensual is the rule on this island. If a pet doesn't want to be with you, you can't force them to be. Later you can mingle with the other guests as well."
"Can I request you?"
"Yes, you can."
"Are you a pet too?"
"I am Master Drake's wife."
"Kinky. This whole set up takes the concept of an open marriage to a whole new level."
"I will have one of the servants show you to your hut."
"The best hut has been reserved for you."
"And what if I don't like it?"
"Then speak with me and I will see what I can do." Jessica motioned to one of the male servants.
"No, I want Shadow to escort me," Seth said when Drake and Shadow walked into the foyer.
"Shadow, do you mind escorting Seth."
"If it pleases you, Jessica."
"Thank you."
"Please follow me."
Jessica watched Seth and Shadow leave. "Oh boy..." She wrapped her arms around Drake's arm.
"What is it?"
"That man is a spoiled brat. I bet he hasn't had to work a day in his life. His mother probably gave him everything he ever wanted, so I bet 'no' doesn't register very well with him."
"A lot of our guests are wealthy."
"Yeah, but most of them are here to explore their sexuality. The ones like Seth, who just wanted something to do, are a pain in the butt."
"Be nice, Jessica." Drake playfully swatted her on the ass.
"When you are done talking to Michael I want to play," she purred. 
             Drake just smiled seductively at her then headed toward his office.


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