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Love Hurts


Cassie fears her desires. She has been told her desires are wrong, downright evil, by her ex-husband.  She meets a woman named Fawn on a BDSM forum. Fawn manages to get Cassie a meeting with Master Xanthos who is the head of a well-known BDSM community. Cassie is afraid, but knows she needs to do this. Master Xanthos arranges for Cassie to be trained by Master Damien. From the moment Cassie sees her handsome new Master she is enthralled by him.  Master Damien leads her on her journey into the BDSM lifestyle.

Jessica can’t get Damien out of her mind after meeting him at Mistress Lilith’s home. This new charismatic Master fills her dreams. And yet, guilt consumes Jessica for having these thoughts.  Master Drake is everything to her. He is her husband, her Master, her whole world and yet thoughts of Damien won’t leave her. Against Drake’s better judgment he allows Jessica to go with Rapture to Damien’s house.  He hates the way Jessica is around this new Master, but he can’t deny her this, not after everything she has given him. 

“Love Hurts” is another exciting addition to Justus Roux’s bestselling Master Series. 


Chapter One




Cassie packed her suitcase. She had her other belongings put into storage for the time being. She was still in shock about the phone call. Master Xanthos agreed to meet with her. She had Fawn to thank for this, but more to the point she had Fawn’s Master Rapture to thank for this.

Her heart thumped in her chest as she looked at the plane ticket. She was flying first class all the way to Italy. She didn’t ask Master Xanthos to provide transportation and she was certainly not expecting the first class plane ticket. The mere fact that he agreed to meet with her was all she needed. His voice on the phone…her body still reacted to it. He had such authority, such a richness to his voice.

She finished packing the one suitcase he instructed her to bring.

“If I feel you are trainable your new Master will provide everything you need, so only pack one suitcase.”  Xanthos had told her during their phone conversation.

She held the plane ticket in her hand. She was so nervous she actually felt nauseous. It was only a couple months ago she began talking with Fawn on the online BDSM forum. And it has only been a year since she learned that her particular kink had a name. It was all moving too fast. She took a deep breath. She wasn’t going to waste this opportunity. Master Xanthos was a renowned Master. The community he founded was highly regarded in the BDSM community. She knew she would be safe within this community. Fawn talked highly of Master Xanthos and she was most certainly happy with Master Rapture.

Cassie literally jumped when someone knocked on her door. She hurried to the door and was stunned to see a limo parked in her driveway.

“I didn’t call for a limo,” she said to the handsome driver.

“Master Xanthos has arranged for you to be brought to the airport. I trust you have done what Master Xanthos has instructed.”

“Yes.” Cassie rushed into her bedroom and grabbed her purse and suitcase. When she approached the door the young man took her suitcase from her.

“I will wait in the car for you.”

Cassie turned around and looked at the now empty house her ex-husband and she had shared for ten years. She knew she was saying goodbye to her old life. A mixture of relief and sadness filled her. She hoped she was making the right decision, yet in her heart she knew deep down inside she was. She had to explore this side of her.

She took one last look around and headed for the limo. The young man opened the door for her.

“Master Xanthos is a very skilled Master. If you are meant for this lifestyle he will know it. Trust in that.”

Cassie looked into the young man’s handsome face. She just smiled at him and climbed into the backseat. This stranger’s words soothed her. He was right Master Xanthos would know if she belonged in his community or not.




Xanthos arrived home. He enjoyed his time at Lilith’s home. It was difficult finally confronting Lucy about Falcon, but Lilith was right he needed to do this. Lilith was usually right about most things, this was why he made her partners with him in leading this community.

Xanthos went to his office. He couldn’t get the memories of making love with Drake out of his mind. He knew Drake only wanted to ease his pain when he made love to him. It was a welcomed distraction and yet it renewed his love for Drake.

Xanthos didn’t have a regular submissive at the moment. He did have one female from Russia stay with him for a little while. The language barrier was too great to overcome. Not to mention the poor woman fell for Master Nikolai the moment she saw him. Xanthos couldn’t blame her. Nikolai was truly magnificent. It never bruised his ego when a submissive preferred another master to him. After all, there was nothing more important to Xanthos than placing a submissive with a Master or Mistress they truly had a spark with.

“Sir, your guest is here,” the young male servant said.

“Already. Bring her to my office after she has put her things in her room.”

“Yes Sir.”

Xanthos only agreed to see this submissive because Rapture asked him to. Since Rapture was Drake’s protégé Xanthos couldn’t refuse the request. He went over to his desk and looked over the notes Rapture sent him. Rapture’s submissive Fawn really liked this Cassie or perhaps she felt sorry for her. Xanthos had to admit after reading over the notes he kind of felt sorry for her too. He would talk with this woman and see if she was meant to be a submissive or if she just had kinky taste.




Cassie looked over the room Master Xanthos had for her. She was overwhelmed. This whole mansion was way beyond anything she had ever seen. He must have a pretty big bank account to afford all of this. She started to feel self-conscious. Maybe, she made a mistake coming to this particular community. Surely, there are other BDSM communities that weren’t quite as lavish. Oh, she was way out of her element.

“Master Xanthos is waiting for you. Please hurry,” the young man said.

Cassie quickly went over to him then followed him down the stairs. She paused often to look at all the amazing artwork that covered the walls.

“Please hurry. You should never keep Master waiting.”

“I’m sorry.” Cassie kept pace with the servant.

They paused at a large door. Her heart thundered in her chest as the servant opened the door. She couldn’t move her feet.

“Master will see you now.” The servant stepped aside so she could get through. Yet she still couldn’t will her feet to move. “Go inside.”

“I won’t bite you, girl.”

Cassie almost fainted when she heard Xanthos’ voice. She felt nauseated when she heard his footsteps coming closer.

“I’m sorry, Sir. I don’t know what is wrong with her.”

“Go back to work, boy.”

“Yes Sir.” The servant hurried off.

“You needn’t be this afraid,” Xanthos said looking down at the frightened woman. By looking at her he put her age to be around thirty. She was pretty and petite. Her golden brown hair was well groomed and hung down to her shoulders. Her eyes were a rich brown color.

“Your voice matches you, Master Xanthos,” Cassie said quietly.

“How so?”

“You are very attractive…” Cassie didn’t know what else to say. Xanthos was a very handsome male. He had to be in his fifties. He was so elegant, so refined, so…she never seen a man like him before. His aura gave off such power it made her tremble.

“Come into my office.” He walked back inside and she quickly followed him. He gestured for her to sit in the chair across from his desk. He sat behind his desk and grabbed the notes Rapture gave him.

“I’m sorry I’m so awkward, Master Xanthos.”

“You need not apologize. Most people who meet me are uncomfortable to a certain degree. I see you use to be a ballet dancer. Why did you stop dancing?”

“I injured myself early on in my career. And Joshua didn’t want me to continue dancing anyways. He wanted us to start a family.”

“Do you have children?”


“If you didn’t injure yourself would you have kept on dancing?”

“Probably not. Joshua wasn’t happy that I was a dancer.”

“What’s wrong with a ballet dancer?”

“He wanted me to stay home and take care of the house.”

“What did you want?”

“I wanted to make him happy.”

“Did you like to dance?”

“Yes, it was freeing.”

“My wife was a dancer. I loved watching her lose herself in the music.”

“Your wife?”

“She passed away years ago.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I read the notes about you. Master Rapture is intrigued by you.”

“He is?”

“Of course, his submissive wants to help you. It is very important to her, so he wants to do everything to help you. I would give you to him, he is a very patient Master. However…” Xanthos leafed through the notes. “Going by what I have read about you he would not fit your needs.” Xanthos watched a blush coming over her cheeks. “You need not be embarrassed by your desires.”

“My husband left me because I shared my most hidden desires with him. He called me sick, twisted, perverted.”

“He is an asshole. Even if your desires didn’t match his, he should have felt honored that you trusted him enough to share your desires. Judging by what you have told Fawn I’m guessing you lived a pretty sheltered life. You didn’t know that BDSM existed until recently.”

“Joshua didn’t like me going online and when I did he monitored what I looked at.”

“You come from a small town. Did you have many friends?”

“No, not really.”

“When did the fantasies of letting a man spank you start.” Xanthos couldn’t help but chuckle when Cassie fidgeted nervously in her chair. “I have to know these things to find a perfect Master for you. Your desires are not wrong. You have to forget what Joshua told you. No one will judge you in this community. We have a wide range of kink, so nothing you say will shock me.”

“I try to shut out the fantasies for so long. It’s hard to give in to them.”

“I know, but try.”

“I have had fantasies of being spanked, bound and dominated by a man for as long as I can remember. I saw a picture once a woman completely tied up, lying on the floor at a man’s feet…I was so turned on by that image, but at the same time I was ashamed of what I felt.”

“I’m guessing Joshua was a totally vanilla lover.”


“Regular sex, no frills.”


“I do have three Masters in this community who specializes in pain. However, given the fact that you were told your desires are wrong…” Xanthos leaned back in his chair. If his mind wasn’t so preoccupied at the moment he might have enjoyed training Cassie himself.  “Rex would frighten you. Dante is too intense for a newbie. That leaves Damien. However, Damien is new to this community, but he is not new to this lifestyle.”

“I trust your judgment, Master Xanthos.”


“Fawn speaks so highly of you. And I have done my research into your community…oh…I didn’t mean to…”

“Calm down, girl. I’m glad you have looked into my community. It shows me you are truly ready for the next step. I will talk with Master Damien and tell him about you. He has to agree to train you. I don’t force a submissive onto a dominant, nor will I force you to go with him.”

“Thank you…” Cassie felt her tears build up.

“Tears are not needed.” Xanthos stood and walked over to her. He gently caressed her hair. “What Joshua did was wrong. He should have never made you feel bad about your desires. Now, no tears. You can make yourself at home while you are here.”

“Thank you, Master Xanthos.”

“Go on to your room. I will call Damien. I would like your training to start right away, if you two like each other.”

Cassie stood. He smelt so nice. She wanted to linger just a little longer, yet she was compelled to obey him. She left the room.

Xanthos headed over to his phone. Damien would agree to train her. He had no doubt he would. Especially once he looked at her. Cassie wasn’t the most beautiful female submissive, but she was certainly submissive. A born submissive was a rare thing indeed. Xanthos really wished he had it in him to train her.

“Lucky Damien,” Xanthos said as he dialed Damien’s number.


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