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love_thy_Master6Love has the power to bring even the strongest man to his knees, or it can give a man his soul back.


"I am just a trainer not a Master"


Gina heard these words many times from Michael. But she knew in her heart that he was her only Master.  After living a lie for the last twenty years, Gina had no intention of just letting Michael go. Even though he trained her to be with Master Drake, he was the one she wanted to be with.


Michael had trained many submissives. He was foolish enough to fall in love with one of these submissives once. He has no desire to do it again. When Gina proclaims her love for him, Michael wants nothing more than to run, because he knows he could easily love her.  Michael has to confront his past before he can even begin to concentrate on the present.


Michael makes a visit to Master Nikolai to witness Jade's collaring before he heads to Master Drake’s island. He has trained three new submissives for Drake, Gina included. When he can no longer deny his feelings for Gina he is forced to confront Master Dante, he must meet the man who stole his first love from him. He has to bury his past, because he is finding it harder to push Gina away.


Michael must decide if he is strong enough to be Gina's Master or is she better off with Master Drake.



Nominated for 2006 Cupid & Psyche Award (CAPA) in the BDSM Romance category


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LOVE THY MASTER is a thrilling intense look into various BDSM lifestyles. Gina's love for Michael shines through the pages in her determination to make sure that she pleases him in everything she does.  She's an extremely lovable character and easy to relate to, especially if you're living a vanilla lifestyle and curious or even longing for something more out of a relationship.  Michael fascinates me, he doesn't believe he'd be a good Master and allows his fears of failing a submissive keep him from collaring one to keep as his own.  One of the coolest things I noticed in this book was the obvious adoration each of the Masters has for their submissives.  Each of these Masters and in one case a Mistress puts the needs of their submissives above their own needs.  Even the other Masters and Michael who were all once submissives to Master Drake still adore him. He in turn worries about their well being and happiness even though they're no longer his personal submissives.  This is the next book in Justus Roux's MASTER series.  The first book, MY MASTER is about Master Drake. I'm really hoping the next one will have Master Nikolai's story.  They're just so alpha male. The information you read about each of these men throughout this book will have you curious and wanting to know more about these charismatic men. 

4.5 out 5

Chrissy Dionne

The Romance Junkies   www.romancejunkies.com



Love Thy Masteris a detailed story of what some Masters/slaves would think is the perfect life.  There is a lot of imagination evident throughout the tale. There are several plots running through the book and Ms. Roux handles them with ease.  The characters are well defined and loveable.   The destination of each Master is well detailed and believable.  If you are looking for a book that goes into what a Master/slave relationship can be then this is definitely your book. 

Oleta M. Blaylock
Just Erotic Romance Reviews



JJade is an enchanting character. She and Nikolai complement each other very well. The supporting< characters are well developed and are an important part of the story. I especially enjoyed reading about Ecstasy and Leon. Their relationship is utterly fascinating. The sex scenes are intricately detailed and so hot I expected to see steam rise from the pages. Ms. Roux has penned a story that I am sure those who are interested in the BDSM lifestyle will enjoy just as much as I have. I recommend Love Thy Master to anyone who likes tales of love that include elements of dominance and submission. Readers who can suspend the strictures of today's society in their minds will especially enjoy this sensational story.

Susan White
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance



This is a book in Justus Roux’s Master series, and the first one I have read. Even having not read the others, this book is outstanding. I could not put down this book. Love Thy Master is a must read for anyone wanting to see how a loving master really can be. Although most masters do not have the wealth that the ones in this book do, the basic ideas of putting the needs of their slaves or submissives first is one that rings very true. The sex scenes are extremely graphic but for the most part very lovingly done. I cannot wait to read more of the series.

For the rest of reviewhttp://www.fallenangelreviews.com/2006/January/leyna-LoveThyMaster.htm

Reviewed by: leyna

Fallen Angel Reviews

5 out 5 Angels




Love Thy Master is part of the Master Series and is a sizzling enlightening read. Jade is entertaining and she and Nikolai are wonderful together. Michael and Gina are an enchanting couple that enhance and spice up the read. The secondary characters are quite in-depth and boost the storyline. Ms. Roux takes the reader on scrumptious jaunts with her characters and their sexual appetites that spin with much creativity. She pens incredible believability and sensual heat in this outstanding searing book.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Linda L.

The Romance studio






Michael watched Gina packing the luggage as he sipped his coffee. Gina was a bit older than the women he normally trained for Drake. She was thirty-six hitting the full bloom of her beauty, and she was quite the beauty too.  She was average height, with long, silky black hair and the most brilliant blue eyes he had ever seen on a woman.  Gina had recently discovered she wanted to explore the world of Master and slave. It was Michael’s job to see if she could be a good submissive and fit what Drake needed for his island. 

 “Master, I have finished getting my things ready,” Nadine said.

“Nadine, I have told you several times I am not your Master. I am just your trainer, so please call me Michael.” Michael set his coffee down. He glanced over toward Nadine. She was the usual age and type of woman he trained. She was twenty-five, petite, had shoulder-length blonde hair and beautiful blue-green eyes, a very innocent looking woman, one that brought out the protective nature of a man.

Michael was going to have another female for Drake, but the beauty from Romanian just wasn’t ready for this kind of lifestyle. She wanted a lover not a Master. Michael was a bit disappointed, the woman’s accent was sexy, Drake probably would have enjoyed that.

“Tryton, tell Jade she must hurry. Our plane will be leaving soon.”

“Yes, Michael.”

Tryton was a gorgeous young man, six feet tall, beefy, with short brown hair and warm brown eyes.  Michael wasn’t sure whether or not this one was going to Drake’s island or not. After all Drake had too many men right now anyways. But still when he saw Tryton he couldn’t resist. He was so eager, so willing to do pretty much anything Michael asked of him. Tryton had a true submissive nature.

And then of course there was Jade. Master Nikolai wanted him to train her. She had also trained with Drake, Dante, Angelique and Rapture.  He was getting ready to bring her back to Nikolai now.  That is where this misfit bunch was heading.  Nikolai had invited Michael and the ones he was training to spend a few days with him and his lovelies.  How could Michael refuse?

Michael gathered all the notes and letters, everything Nikolai sent him. It all detailed Jade’s training.  To really know the story behind Master Nikolai and his submissive Jade, Michael had to read all of this. Nikolai instructed Michael to only read these stories after he had spent a month with her. Nikolai didn’t want Michael to structure his training based on what the other Masters had done, but wanted Michael to concentrate on teaching Jade how to fit into Nikolai’s household. He knew Michael would be curious to know what the other Masters had done, that is why he provided him with the journal.  Michael planned to read the stories on the airplane ride over to Romania.  Jade was so excited that she was finally going home to be with Master Nikolai.

“Are we all ready? Well then let’s get going. I am sure Jade is most eager to return to her Master, and the rest of you get to see firsthand the Master/slave lifestyle.”

Michael led the ladies and Tryton into the limo and then they headed for the airport.















Part 1- Master Nikolai and Jade



Michael got comfortable in the airplane. He smiled watching the others getting ready to fall asleep. He had to admit each of them was adapting quite well to their new lifestyle. Not every person he begins to train makes it, for the simple reason that not everyone was cut out for this lifestyle.  Michael pulled out the stories Nikolai had sent him, each story represented each month of Jade’s training. Though she was supposed to train a full year Nikolai couldn’t stand to be away from her anymore.  Michael leaned back and began reading:




Nikolai returned to his estate in Romania. He slowly made his way up the stone walkway that led up to his house. His servants were lined up to greet him and he smiled politely at them all. But his mind was on Jade. Her tearful face haunted him. He had to do this though. He needed to know if his lifestyle was right for her.


“Delilah.” Nikolai climbed the stairs toward her. She was petite, all of Nikolai’s females were, it was his preference. Her golden hair was silky soft and hung down the length of her back, another of his preferences. Her eyes were blue, she was a delicate looking beauty.  Nikolai stroked her cheek.

“I have missed you, Master.” She nuzzled her face to his hand.

“I have missed all of my beauties.”

Delilah closed her eyes. She loved his thick Romanian accent. “Can I do anything for you, Master?”

“Ready my bath and tell the others to join us.”

“Yes, Master.” She hurried off.

Nikolai made his way to his large bedchamber. He undressed and slipped on his silky robe. This was going to be a long year. He gave Jade that long to know for sure if he could keep her by his side. He was sending her to various other Masters and Mistresses throughout the year so they could help train her.  He researched each one carefully. He already had four picked out and was looking for two more. Jade would spend two months with each of them.  His first choice was Master Drake. He had heard this man was dubbed the Master of Pleasure. But more so than that, Master Drake was known and often ridiculed by some Masters by being too soft on his slaves. Of course Nikolai was often considered too gentle on his slaves too. Master Drake called his slaves, pets. Nikolai liked that endearment.  So for his skill and obvious gentleness with his pets, that is why Nikolai chose Master Drake to be the first.  He also set up a page on the web for Jade to stay in contact with him and for him to have somewhere for the other Masters and Mistresses to leave their thoughts.  He did this so Jade would know he was there without him interfering with her training.  What he feared most was that she didn’t belong in his world, that his lifestyle just wasn’t right for her. He loved her more than he had ever loved any woman. But he would not keep her if his lifestyle made her unhappy.

“Master, your bath is ready,” Delilah said.

Nikolai was glad for the distraction his other slaves would give him. He did care deeply for each of them, he wouldn’t keep them if he didn’t.  He followed Delilah to the bathing chamber.

“Master,” a chorus of female voices called out as he entered the chamber.

“My beauties.” Nikolai smiled.

This room was one of Nikolai’s favorites. The bathtub was enormous so it could fit all of his beauties. Everything had gold trim on it. Four large white marble pillars framed the tub, with stripes of golden silk fabric tied on top of each, connecting them. There were tons of candles lit everywhere and the scent of lavender filled the room.

Delilah let her robe fall from her body and she climbed into the lavender scented water with the other women. 

Nikolai let his eyes caress each of them. He let his robe fall from his body and he climbed into the tub. He sat down on the north side of the tub and waited for each of them to greet him. Nikolai was very much into ritual, each woman had to learn every one of his rituals. He was a patient Master and gave every new woman plenty of time to learn. However, if after this time she forgot to perform a ritual correctly, she was then punished. Nikolai would beat her with a silken whip. He didn’t want to bring harm to any of his beauties.  Then she was denied pleasure for a week. In this week, he would tease and entice her.

“Master.” Althea approached him. She was from Romania, had long red hair, emerald eyes, and skin so white it looked like porcelain.

“Althea.” Nikolai kissed her deeply then she moved off to the side.

“Master.” Delilah was next.

“Delilah.” After his kiss she moved aside.

“Master,” Catalina purred.  She was from Spain and was a classic Latin beauty. 

“Catalina.” After his kiss she moved aside.

“Master,” Rami greeted him.  She was from Africa. Her long dark hair was braided just the way he liked it. Her ebony skin was silky soft.

“Rami.” Nikolai kissed her and stroked her cheek. Jade and she had developed a friendship and he knew Rami was missing her.

“Master,” Meiko greeted him. She was from Japan and was his delicate oriental flower.

“Meiko.” After his kiss she moved to his left.

“You may do what you will.” This was their signal they had all completed the ritual.

Each woman grabbed a sponge and positioned herself around him then started bathing him. Nikolai closed his eyes and enjoyed their caresses.

“Master,” Meiko purred as she kissed him. He reached his hand over and gently stroked her clit. He reached his other hand and started stroking Catalina’s clit as well. Their sweet moans excited him.

“Rami, ride my cock,” he commanded.

“Yes, Master.” She straddled him and slowly slid her pussy up and down on his cock.

“Yessss,” he moaned as he leaned his head back. “Althea, come and let me lick your pussy.”

“Yes, Master.” Althea climbed out of the bath then squatted over his face and watched as he licked expertly at her pussy.  “Oh Master…” Her breath caught. He knew exactly where to lick to bring her the most pleasure. He took his time learning each of their bodies, finding out what brings them the most pleasure.

“Mmm.” Nikolai slowly ran his tongue up her pussy. “Catalina taste Delilah’s pussy,” he commanded, then he went back to enjoying Althea’s pussy.

Delilah sat on the edge of the bathtub then spread her legs. Catalina turned around but made sure Nikolai could still play with her clit, his gentle caresses felt too wonderful and she didn’t want him to stop. She was so close to orgasm, but he let her linger there. Oh damn did she love it.

Delilah reached over and grabbed Catalina’s head and lowered her down to her pussy. She kept her hands tangled in Catalina’s hair. “Ahh, mmm,” she moaned, feeling Catalina’s tongue in her pussy. Delilah moved Catalina’s mouth to her clit and held her there that is where she wanted her to lick. She briefly turned her attention to Althea when she heard her cry out. She pushed Catalina’s face closer and started to move her head up and down, rubbing her pussy against her face. She needed release.

“Very good, Althea,” Nikolai said.  Althea stood up and got back into the bathtub. Nikolai turned his attention to Catalina and Delilah. “Yesss,” he growled, seeing Catalina’s head between Delilah’s legs. He stroked Catalina’s clit faster letting her come. Her muffled moans excited him.  “Ride my cock faster, Rami.”

“Yes, Master.” Rami had already come twice. She loved having Master’s cock buried deeply in her.

Nikolai tilted his head back as his orgasm built.

“Master…” Delilah pushed Catalina’s face even closer to her pussy as she watched the pleasure on Nikolai’s face. Her orgasm was so strong it almost hurt. She released Catalina’s head and slid into the tub.

“Lick your juice from Catalina’s face Delilah then you lick her pussy,” Nikolai commanded.  “Very good, Rami.” Nikolai petted her then gently slid his cock out of her. He pulled himself up on the edge of the bathtub.  “Althea, Rami and Meiko, lick on my cock.”

“Yes, Master.” The three positioned themselves so they all could reach, and they began to bath Nikolai’s cock with their tongues.  He watched Catalina ride Delilah’s face. She was squatted over her, rubbing her pussy back and forth against her face.  This was Nikolai’s favorite form of voyeurism watching two women enjoy each other.  He turned his attention back to the three women who were licking his cock. “That is good.” He reached down and petted the women.  “Now, Meiko and Rami lick at my balls. Althea suck my cock.”  Each woman did as they were told.  “Ah yes.” Nikolai grabbed Althea’s hair and bobbed her head on his cock. “Don’t stop, ah…don’t stop,” he growled, feeling a powerful orgasm building.  “Suck harder, mmmm, lick faster.”  He bobbed Althea’s head faster and faster on his cock as he felt the other two women’s tongues flick rapidly over his balls.  “Yesss!!!” he cried out. He pulled Althea from his cock and let his cum spurt up. It splattered over his stomach and chest and the three women rushed to lick every drop up.

“Very good,” he purred, stroking their hair.  He turned back and watched Catalina come on Delilah’s face.  “Clean her face off with your tongue, Catalina.” He watched Catalina lovingly lick Delilah’s face clean.

Nikolai climbed out of the tub and Meiko quickly hurried over and dried him off. Rami helped put his robe on.

“Now my beauties, I wish for all of you to go to my room and wait for me in my bed. I want to sleep cradled in your arms.”

“Yes, Master,” they all said as they slipped on their robes and hurried from the room.

“Jade,” he whispered. He missed her already and he was worried about her. She was so delicate and shy.  Was Master Drake being kind to her?  Was she afraid of him? He would have to wait until he heard from her.

Nikolai made his way to his bedchamber. He smiled seeing all of his beauties in his bed. Their loving arms would help him through this. He climbed into the bed. Meiko and Rami lay cradled in his arms.  Catalina laid her head on his stomach. Althea was cradled against Meiko and Delilah against Rami. Both women nuzzled his hands. “My beauties.” He smiled and closed his eyes. He breathed in their collective scents as he fell asleep.



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