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Lucky Ones

Karma, baby. We all have to face this bitch at one time or another.  Angelique was so wrapped up in trying to get the biggest piece of Dante’s heart that she forgot that her submissives need her love and guidance. Dante has evolved as a Master, but not as a husband. When Angelique walks away from him, he realizes he may just lose the woman who is his other half.

Master Griffin has lashed out at everyone that tries to hurt him or his. He has schemed and plotted to run this community. Yet, when he tries to take on Master Drake he comes up against an opponent he can’t beat.

Master Mato had nothing but respect for Master Griffin until he is given a submissive named Tao from Master Drake. Drake’s only concern is for Tao’s happiness and he believes she will find it with Mato, yet he doesn’t force his will on her, he leaves it for her to decide. Mato is forced to see Griffin in a different light because of Drake’s actions.

Who will be the lucky ones and walk away unscathed from Karma’s wrath?

Available July 30th

 Songs I listened to while I wrote "Lucky Ones."

Lucky Ones- Celldweller

Stay With Me Baby- Chris Corneli

Needed Me- Rihanna

I Hate You, I Love You-  Gnash

Sit Still, Look Pretty- Daya

I Don't Care Anymore- Hellyeah

What is Love- Empire Cast

Hate Myself for Loving You- Joan Jett

Should've Been Us- Tori Kelly

Man Like That- Gina Wingmore

Let it Go-  James Bay

Hello Bitches- CL

Say You Love Me- Jessie Ware

Freedom- Beyonce


“Say my name,” he growled as he pulled her hair, forcing her to arch back as he rammed his cock into her from behind. “Say it!”

“Griffin,” Angelique said softly.

“Louder.” He wrapped his arm around her and lowered his hand to her pussy. He rubbed her clit at the same speed he drove his cock into her. He gave her hair an extra hard yank.

“Griffin!” she cried out. Her orgasm hit her with such force that nothing mattered at this moment. “Griffin!” she howled.

She felt him hold her closer as he came. She had spent the last couple of days losing herself in Griffin’s touch. All the while she thought about Dante. He branded that bitch submissive of his…hell she could take if he branded just Bazil…but not Lara.

“You can run home to Dante now, woman.” Griffin released her as he leaned back against the headboard.

“I’m not running anywhere.” She turned and looked at him. The way he looked at her should infuriate her, but there was something sexy about his arrogance.

“Oh come on, you know you want to tell him all about this.”

“No, because that is what you want me to do.” She climbed out of bed and grabbed her black silk robe. She almost smiled hearing Griffin chuckle. “I won’t let you hurt Dante.”

“Hurt him. How can I hurt him?”

 “He finds out you are fucking me and he will come over here and kick your ass, then you will have your goons hurt him.”

“Interesting.” Griffin climbed out of bed and pulled on his jeans.

“What is interesting?”

“If you don’t plan on running and telling your husband about our little tryst, then why are you here?”


“But why me? Shit, you could have fucked Drake or any of those other Masters.”

“You are toying with me. I can see it in your eyes.”

Griffin just slowly smiled. “You are welcomed to stay as long as you like, woman. You are an interesting fuck.”

“So are you. But if I stay I must bring my other sweets here.”


“I do have other male submissives besides Raven.”

“How much more?”

“Two at the moment. The others I let go. Yves and Marcus, I can’t leave them to stay at my castle all alone.”

“If they hurt Liam…”

“No one is going to touch your beautiful male unless I tell them it’s alright to do so.”

“Then I will have a couple of guest rooms prepared for them. I’m intrigued to see you with all three of your males. But tell me something. Why does Raven look so much like Dante?”

“Why does it matter?”

“Eros bared a resemblance to Dante as well. It matters because I’m curious to know the why of it.”

“Raven was my first real submissive…” Angelique sat on the bed. “Dante acquired him for me. He knew how much I would miss him…so he found a male who looked a lot like him. Eros was for the same reason.”

“Do Yves and Marcus look like Dante as well?”


“Raven is exquisite by his own merits. It is unfortunate that he bares such a resemblance to your husband.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Do you love Raven for himself or because of who he reminds you of.”

“I suppose the same question could be asked of you. Dimitri looks like your trainer Lennox.”

“Do not even think to tread on that ground, woman.”

“Then don’t question my love for Raven. He is not Dante nor would I ever want him to be. I love him for who he is.”

“I would hope so. He is your favorite.”

“I’m going to arrange for Yves and Marcus to fly out here. They are my submissives not yours.”

“You are in my home, woman.”

“I will make sure they show you the utmost respect.” Angelique left the room. She had to get away from Griffin for a moment. She hurried to her room. Griffin had the main guest room for her use, and Raven always stayed with her. She went inside and saw Raven sitting on the bed.

“Are you alright, Mistress?” Raven said.

Angelique walked over to him and ran her fingers through his dark hair. She looked deeply into his dark eyes. No, he wasn’t Dante. The way he looked at her…


“You know I love you right?”

“Yes. And I love you, Mistress.”

Angelique pulled her shit together. “I’m going to take a shower. Marcus and Yves will be joining us here.”

“Why? Let’s just go home.”

“I can’t be near Dante right now, my sweet.” She headed to the shower.

Raven sat on the bed his fists were clenched. “Damn you, Dante,” he growled quietly. He didn’t want to be here. He wanted to go home. Master Griffin was toying with his Mistress. He was going to hurt her and Raven had no choice but to sit back and just watch the impending train wreck. He didn’t know the full extent of what Master Griffin was capable of and not to mention this damn house was full of his guards. Raven couldn’t possibly take all of them on. He got up and left the room. He headed downstairs and saw Master Griffin standing in the foyer talking with three of his guards. Raven had to fight the urge to walk over there and punch that smug bastard in the face.

“Master said you are free to roam the house and surrounding grounds, Raven.”

Raven turned to look at Liam standing next to him. “I know.”

“If you need to talk to someone I will listen.”

What Raven needed was to go home.

“I’m amazed just how much you look like Dante,” Griffin said.

Raven gritted his teeth and slowly turned to Master Griffin.

“I see that is a sore spot for you. Can’t say that I blame you. Dimitri was just a coincidence that he looked like my trainer. But you, shit, Dante sought you out. A weak substitution for him to keep his wife happy, well I guess at the time she was just his lover.”

“Master…” Liam said.

“Perhaps you should talk to Liam about this while you are here. You might as well get something from all of this. I believe your Mistress plans on staying here for a while seeing how she just sent for her other two males.” Griffin moved closer to Raven. “You are exquisite. A submissive Dante. I’m surprised that Xanthos didn’t snap you up for himself.”

“What have I done to you, Sir?” Raven said.

“Nothing that I can think of.”

“Master, please stop,” Liam said.

“Then perhaps you are just lashing out at the world because of what happened to Lennox,” Raven said.

“Boy, I will strip the flesh from your body with my whip if you even think to try and push my buttons.”

“Master…” Liam looked at Griffin with a very concerned look on his face.

“You have worried my submissive, Raven. I think I will have your Mistress punish you.”

“Master, please don’t do that,” Liam said.

Griffin walked over to Liam and gently caressed his cheek. “For you, boy, this once, I will be merciful.” Griffin headed to his office.

“Please don’t mention Lennox to my Master.”

“Fuck your Master. Fuck all these damn Masters. The only one of them who is worth a shit is Master Drake.” Raven stomped out of the house. He had to get some air.

Liam watched Raven leave the house. His Master hasn’t been the same since Dimitri’s beast killed Lennox. Master had to deal with this. Master saw Lennox for what he truly was, a monster. To have to deal with the fact that Lennox didn’t die all those years ago, and having to see him in a new light, then on top of that watching Dimitri’s beast kill Lennox right in front of him. His Master was going to use Angelique and her males as a distraction. He was going to hurt them to quiet the pain inside himself. Liam had to stop this from happening, but how?

“Boy, I will not let Angelique and her submissives upset you,” Griffin said as he stood by the door to his office.

“Master, let me help you to…”

“I’m not your patient, boy.”

“Raven isn’t a punching bag either, Master.”

“You’re right, what I said to him was uncalled for. Get into my office.” Griffin headed in.

Liam hurried into the office. He was stunned when Griffin grabbed him roughly and threw him on the sofa. Griffin pulled the jeans off of him and quickly took off his own. He flipped Liam over and quickly lubed up his cock.

“Master…” Liam winced when Griffin rammed his cock up his ass.

“What I do with Angelique will not affect you, boy.” He pulled Liam up to him and began kissing his neck as he continued ramming his cock into him. “Mmm, your body feels so good. Come for me, boy.”

Liam came the moment Griffin wrapped his hand around his cock.

“So eager for my touch.” Griffin licked up Liam’s neck.

Liam leaned back into him. Griffin rammed his cock with a sense of urgency. He needed to come deep inside his submissive now. Griffin lightly bit Liam’s shoulder as he came. “Your presence soothes me, boy.”

“Master.” Liam didn’t know what to say. He felt his Master’s arms go around him as he held him tightly.

Griffin breathed in the scent of his submissive. He felt like a powder keg getting ready to explode. Lennox…that mother fucker…how could Lennox let him believe he was dead? All those fucking years he blamed himself for Lennox being killed and to find out the whole damn thing was a setup for Lennox to escape being caught by the cops.

Griffin kissed Liam’s neck and heard the soft moan coming from him. Griffin had to find a way to quiet this storm brewing inside of himself. Was he like Lennox, was he a monster? When he was young and so in love with Lennox he didn’t want to see the evil that was inside Lennox.

“I love you, boy,” Griffin said softly.

“I love you, Master.”

Griffin tightened his hold on Liam. Watching Dimitri kill Lennox there was no more denying just how sick Dimitri really was. He should have killed Dimitri that day. He was mad at himself for being so weak. Would this new medication keep Dimitri from snapping again? Or was Colt right, was it Griffin’s fault for putting Dimitri into situations that led to him losing control?

“It will be okay, Master,” Liam said gently.

“I’m fine, boy.”

“I will not let this storm affect you, boy. Nor will I let the evil inside me taint the goodness inside you.”  Griffin couldn’t say this out loud, but these thoughts repeated over and over in his mind.

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