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mecover2In Master's Ecstasy, the reader gets to know Master's pets better, especially Master's favorite pet Ecstasy. Called Master's Angel because of his angelic appearance, Ecstasy possesses the same magnetic power Master has, but he must learn what this power can do. Readers will also get introduce to Master Dante. He was the maker of Master's pet Wrath. Dante is the total opposite of Master. Where Master uses pleasure to enthrall, Dante uses pain and intimidation. Both produce obedient followers.

I have power. I can make anybody do anything. Why, why! Would I want to leash that power? - Ecstasy

Ecstasy, Master's Angel, so beautiful, yet masculine, discovered he had a strong sexual power, especially over men. Ecstasy begun to play with this power, eventually driving away two of Master's male pets. Master must teach Ecstasy the difference between holding someone in a delicious spell versus driving them mad with desire.

Temptress loved Rapture from the moment she saw him. No one will stand in her way of  having  him.  Not even Rapture, himself.


Three plots woven together, all telling stories of different degrees of obsession


Chapter One



Jessica sat by the window and looked out across the island. She couldn’t believe that it has been exactly one year ago that she came here.

 “Mistress, are you alright?” Rapture asked. His honey voiced never failed to get her attention.  Jessica turned to him, her eyes couldn’t help but travel up his glorious body. He was even more handsome then he was a year ago. His thick blonde hair had grown down to the middle of his shoulders, framing that handsome chiseled face perfectly. His body was muscular, trim, and sun-kissed bronzed.

 “I miss Master.”

 “So do I. He wanted to see them off himself,” Rapture said. He wrapped his arms around Jessica, wanting to ease her pain.  Master had been gone for a week now, but was due back any day.  Master was never gone this long before, if felt as though the island’s very soul was missing with his absence.

“I still can’t believe Obsession, Passion, and Agony chose to leave Master’s island.” Jessica leaned back into Rapture’s embrace, the warmth of his body soothed her.   Master has to feel the loss of three of his pets. Agony was easy enough to know why she left. Her jealousy of Jessica was too much for her to get over. Jessica wasn’t really that upset about Agony leaving, there was no real love lost there.

“I know you don’t want to hear this Mistress, but you know its Ecstasy’s fault Obsession and Passion left.”

 “You’re right I don’t want to hear this.” Jessica broke from Rapture’s embrace and walked to the other side of the room.

“Mistress, Ecstasy has changed so much this year.” Rapture felt the change in Ecstasy himself.  He felt the sexual energy Ecstasy generated it was strong and dangerous. His own body reacted to it, until now, Master was the only man that excited Rapture.  However, Rapture has yet to act on the energy he felt from Ecstasy.

“Ecstasy has finally healed that’s all. He discovered his own sexual energy nothing more.” Jessica spent many months helping Master heal Ecstasy. Being tortured and rape by some vicious man a couple years ago, before he found Master almost destroyed him.  Now Ecstasy seemed to get beyond it.

 “Yeah, a sexual energy that drove Obsession crazy with desire for him. Ecstasy would use Obsession to pleasure himself, but he never pleasured Obsession.  Would you keep going to Ecstasy if you knew that he would never actually touch you? Still Obsession did because he was compelled to. This is not normal Jessica, I mean Mistress.” 

 “Rapture, Ecstasy didn’t desire Obsession.  He felt Obsession’s desire for him and he allowed Obsession to…”

“Suck his cock,” Rapture injected.

“Obsession knew Master was the only man Ecstasy wanted to be with. He knew Ecstasy would not pleasure him. Why are you holding Ecstasy at fault for that?”

 “But still Obsession pleasured Ecstasy.  I saw this with my own eyes, Mistress. I walked in while Obsession was eating Ecstasy’s ass. I was getting ready to turn around and leave when I heard Ecstasy tell Obsession that was enough for today. Obsession wanted more but Ecstasy just got up and walked away, leaving Obsession unsatisfied. Not once did I ever see Ecstasy touch him, and what about Passion.”

 “Rapture, we have other matters to discuss.” Jessica grabbed a folder off the nightstand. She knew in her heart that Ecstasy was playing with those two and maybe she should have done something. However, the flashbacks that Ecstasy had been enduring had lessened in these last few months.

“No Mistress, you will listen, Ecstasy teased Passion but wouldn’t let him touch him, Ecstasy’s body language was quite clear and inviting. However, when Passion acted on this Ecstasy would deny him even a kiss.”

 “Rapture, could you discuss this with Master when he gets back.” Jessica didn’t want to hear this about Ecstasy, especially now when Master wasn’t here. Her body ached for his touch, she wanted to hear his deep voice and smell the scent of him. His absence effective her more than she ever thought it would.

 “If that is your wish, Mistress.” Rapture knew it was pointless to pursue this. Of course, he talked to Master about this and all Master would say was he would look into it.  After all Ecstasy was Master’s favorite pet. Master would have sooner be rid of all of them, except of course Mistress, than be without his favorite pet.

 “Rapture, do you know anything about this Master Dante? Why would Master want another Master here in the first place?” Jessica asked, wanting to change the subject. Jessica looked at the picture of this Master Dante. He was big, very muscular, his jet-black hair hung down the length of his back, it was braided in at least a hundred thin braids that all were tied back with a thick leather strap. His eyes were gray and dangerous-looking. His face was handsome, but with a cruelness about it.

“While Master Dante is here he is to be called Dante. I don’t know why Master wants this man here. I can only guess for Wrath, this man makes Wrath look gentle.”

 “You know him?”

 “No, but I know of him. Stay away from Master Dante, Mistress.” Jessica saw the seriousness in Rapture’s face. Rapture had heard from Wrath what a cruel Master Dante was.

“What about Apollo?”

 “He is Master Dante’s favorite slave.”


 “Yes Mistress slave, Dante has no pets only slaves.” Jessica looked at the picture of Apollo. He did look like a Greek god. Big, Blonde and beautiful, he had the same hardness to him as his Master had.

 “Temptress, she is Master’s new pet right?” Jessica looked at the tall, beautiful woman’s picture. The woman had long dark hair that look like silk and had dazzling green eyes. 

“Yes, she is Master’s pet.” Rapture went to Jessica and pulled her tight against his body.  “Tell me how to please you, Mistress.” Jessica felt his hard cock through his jeans an invitation she couldn’t refuse.

 “I want you to fuck me hard,” Jessica practically growled out.  Rapture pulled her dress over her head and threw it to the floor; as usual, Jessica wore nothing underneath. Rapture took little time discarding his own clothes.  He scooped her up into his arms. He knew what she wanted by the hot, hungry look on her face.  Rapture threw her roughly into the bed then pounced on her. He took one of his hands and pulled her arms above her head. Jessica squirmed and tried to break free of his grasp. “Struggle all you want, your mine.” Rapture spread her legs apart with his knee. “Spread those fucking legs wider!” Rapture snarled.

 “Fuck you.” Jessica struggled that much harder.

 “Wait until I impale you with my big-ass cock then we’ll see how much you resist.” Rapture forced her legs open with both of his knees. With his free hand, he guided his cock into her wet pussy. He dug his hand into her hip driving him deeply into her.  “Ummm, not fighting now are you?” Rapture thrust deep and fast into her. Jessica wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him closer to her.

 “Come on fuck me hard. Make me scream for mercy,” Jessica howled and tightened her pussy around his cock. Rapture released her arms and brought both hands to her hips. As he thrust his cock up, he pulled her hips down.

 “You want it hard, huh.” Rapture rammed his cock violently into her.

 “Rapture!!” Jessica screamed. “Oh yes, just like that, more give me more.”

Rapture obliged.

 “Yes, cum,” Jessica said breathlessly.  Jessica squeezed her pussy as tightly as she could. Rapture screamed out ramming his cock into her faster and faster, harder and deeper as he filled her full of his juice.

 “Mistress.” Rapture laid on top of her bringing his lips to hers. “I didn’t hurt you did I?” He gently stroked her face.

 “Ummm, no, I like this game we play.” Jessica smiled at him. Over this past year, Rapture and she had come up with quite a repertoire of sex games they like to play.  Rapture was her favorite pet, she played with him often.

 “Mistress, we have to meet Master Dante at the docks soon.” Rapture’s cock was already getting hard again, lying there on top of Jessica.

 “I’m sure we have time for one more rough and wild ride.” Jessica wrapped her legs around his waist again.


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