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Master_Nikolai_cover_2Rose Tyler and Jacob Smith have worked together for a few years now. Rose writes the words and Jacob takes the pictures. They have grown to love each other like brother and sister. Now Rose has decided she wants to write a book about the Master/slave lifestyle and as always Jacob is there to help her. She met a man who only went by the name Xanthos on an earlier assignment. What he had to say about the Master/slave lifestyle is what set her on this path. Her and Jacob try to meet with Master Drake, Dante and Nikolai and are met with resistance.  Rose convinces Xanthos to help her to get into Master Nikolai's home where she will pretend to be a submissive for research for her book. Meanwhile, Jacob manages to get invited to Master Drake’s island. Unlike Rose, Jacob will not pretend to be a submissive, but instead go as a reporter looking to research this lifestyle.


Both Rose and Jacob find themselves in a world they can’t understand. Both are overwhelmed by what they experience and it changes their lives forever.


This book contains all three parts to Rose and Jacobs’s story. The main part "Master Nikolai" and the two erotic shivers "Curiosity Seduced the Woman" and "His Eyes Wide Open"   This book is another exciting addition to Justus Roux’s Master Series.


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MASTER NIKOLAI is the latest addition to Justus Roux's MASTERS series. If you've already been reading this series you'll appreciate the protective nature of both the Masters and their beloved slaves throughout this book. If you haven't read any of the other books then MASTER NIKOLAI gives you a tantalizing taste of each of these dynamic Masters and the submissives who love them. Rose and Jacob enter into their book project from an outsider's perspective but soon discover that while the lifestyle isn't for everyone there are aspects that do appeal to them. I was touched by Rose's story and her confusion while being with Nikolai, but it's Jacob's story that brought me to tears. His time on Master Drake's island is so open and honest that I truly felt my heart break when it came time for him to leave. Justus Roux fans will truly appreciate MASTER NIKOLAI's story.

5 out of 5 blue ribbons
Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne



Master Nikolai from the Master Series was a complex tale of dark desires, wounded souls, and those with the ability to heal them.  The book was truly a treasure.  I was sad to see my time with the characters end.  Jacob was young and still trying to find his way in the world, which was bound to happen the longer he worked for Rose.  The lady knew how to find trouble and she did just that with the new story they were researching.  One minute Jacob was sure of his sexuality and the next he found beauty in the eyes of another man.  If Rose were near, he would have vigorously until her senses returned.  I found Jacob’s self-exploration sweet and refreshing.  It felt as if I was finding out about the joys on life with him.  Meanwhile, Rose was having troubles of her own.  From the moment she entered Master Nikolai’s home, her life changed.  My experience with Rose was different from Jacob.  She had a stronger personality and that made for more fire in the bedroom.  Even though, Master Nikolai was not a classic tale of romance, the connection between all of the characters was realistic.  The plot kept me on the edge of my seat and the sex caused me to quiver. 

Reviewer: Suni Farrar
Rating: 4 out 5 Stars
Heat level: O


Master Nikolai is an erotic tale that is set in three parts. The first part tells the story of Rose and Jacob’s first meeting with Master Drake’s pets, the second is Jacob’s story at Drake’s Island, and the third tells Rose’s story with Master Nikolai.

This book contains some very hot and spicy scenes with very descriptive sexual encounters that might not be suitable for every reader. That being said, I thought that Justus Roux did a great job of describing the lush surroundings in these stories and making the characters come to life. I felt that the second story came about rather abruptly but the third story was seamless. Master Nikolai is a fascinating and entertaining read that I give 4 Angels!

4 out 5 Angels

Reviewed by: Tammy




Part I-Curiosity, Seduced the Woman



Chapter One


“Okay, here is what we are going to do,” Rose said as she packed her suitcase. “You will be the one interviewing those Masters’ submissives.”

“Me!?” Jacob said.

“Yes you. That way if I decide to go undercover later to one of those Master’s love den they will just think I am a client.”

“I only take pictures. I wouldn’t know what to ask them.”

“Don’t worry I will give you questions to ask them. Now stop whining and get packing.”

“Wait, you are the one who spoke to whoever on the phone. Won’t they think it is strange that a woman called but a man is interviewing them? And why am I helping you pack?”

“Nope, I told them I was your assistant. It’s sweet of you to help me pack.”  Rose smiled over at Jacob. Jacob had been her assistant for two years now. He was younger than her and to her he looked like a cute puppy. She saw him like a little brother and had no trouble getting him to go along with whatever she wanted to do. He was her assistant after all and a damn good photographer. His pictures had a way of making her stories come to life.

“You would,” Jacob sighed.  Rose had this way about her that bend people to her will. He had much respect for her. She was one fine journalist. Rose was rather attractive, though he tried not to notice, he knew he didn’t stand a chance with her and honestly he saw her more as a sister than a lover. She had beautiful auburn hair that she always let hang free. Her amazing green eyes sparkled every time she got really excited about a story and this story they were working on now excited her.

They headed to the taxi and rode to the airport. Once on the plane Rose pulled out her laptop and kicked up the picture of Master Drake. “God, he is gorgeous.”

Jacob looked over at her laptop. “Jessica is quite attractive, too.” He had taken these pictures of Master Drake and Jessica while they vacation in Rome. He didn’t know how Rose found out where the two were going to be, it wasn’t his place to question.

“Can you believe that man has a basically what amounts to a harem of men and women. Sure he is hot and rich, but what makes these people obey his every command?”

“I am sure you are going to find out.”

“This whole Master/slave thing baffles me.”

“Who is showing up for this interview?”

“Jessica and two guys, one is named Ecstasy and the other is named Leon. All three are Drake’s submissive.”

“Drake isn’t showing up?”

“That Jessica said she wouldn’t allow you to talk to Drake. In fact she seemed rather annoyed by your intrusion into their lives.”

“Jesus Christ, what in the hell did you say to her?”

“I knew none of those submissive would talk to you unless I threatened their Master.”

“You threatened him?”

“I simply said that you would name him in your book if they didn’t cooperate.”

“Oh nice, they are already going to hate me.”

“Oh calm down. Look at it this way at least you get to go to Hawaii.”

“I wonder why Jessica picked Hawaii to meet.”

“Somebody named Michael let her use his house. I knew she wasn’t going to let you step foot on Drake’s island. So, this is best I could do. Here is the list of questions. I will be hanging around in the background. Of course I will wear a wig or something. I doubt they will even notice me. They will be more interested in getting you away from their Master.”

“What have you learned about this Master Drake?”

“The only thing I could dig up was that he owned an island where clients pay to explore their sexuality. I know he owns quite a few companies and that he is filthy rich. His parents died and left him a lot of money. That Michael guy did run his companies and still looks after Drake’s interest. Other than that, I know little else.” Rose let her eyes wander down the image of Drake. “He is hot, though. I want to know all about you, Drake,” she said, running her fingers over his image.

“Who are the other two Masters you want to interview?”

“There is a Master Dante and a Master Nikolai. I have been talking with a submissive named Bazil. He is Dante’s submissive. Don’t worry I will have you either talk to this Bazil or hopefully Master Dante himself.” Rose clicked on a folder in her computer. “You took great pictures, Jacob.”

“Thank you.” He smiled at her. He took these pictures of Master Dante and his submissive Bazil in Japan. Again, he didn’t know how Rose got the info on where Dante would be.

“Master Dante is very handsome too, though he has a more dangerous look about him.”

“Well, he is called the Master of Pain after all.”

“And Drake is the Master of Pleasure. I wonder what they call Nikolai? Speaking of Nikolai did you manage to get photos of him on your trip to Romania?”

“I don’t know who your source was over there, but without their help I doubt I would have ever found Nikolai. Here, your highness.” He handed her a CD.

She popped the CD into her computer and clicked on the folder named Nikolai. “Wow…” was all she could say. “These are great pictures.”

“Thank you, thank you.”

“He is gorgeous and he looks so elegant.”

“He has a whole harem of only women. Very beautiful women I might add.”

Rose looked at the pictures of Nikolai’s women.

“Your best bet would be a woman called Jade. She is Nikolai’s favorite.”

“Alright once we finish talking with Drake’s submissives I will speak with this Jade. I will have to get a hold of my contact in Romania and wrangled Nikolai’s private number out of him.”

“How did you know this contact?”

“Let’s just say he has wanted to get me in bed for some time. He knows Nikolai through business dealings. I met my contact on a trip to Italy. You remember that story about big business and the men behind the companies?”


“Well he is one of those men I interviewed.”

“You really are something.” Jacob chuckled.

“I know. Now you have to practice acting like a world class journalist.”

“And just how am I supposed to do that?”

“Just be your charming self. Pretend you want to take their photograph, but instead of film use words to paint their story.”

“I will try not to let you down. I know this story is important to you.”

“You won’t let me down. I have complete confidence in you.” She patted his knee. He placed the earphones on and leaned back in his seat closing his eyes. Rose turned her attention back to her laptop. She couldn’t take her eyes of the photographs of Nikolai. There was something different about him, something that set him apart from the other two Masters. And she was damn determined to figure out what that was.



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