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Master Drake

He is dubbed the Master of Pleasure. He was trained by Master Xanthos. He lives out on a private island with his wife Jessica and his many submissives, which he affectionately calls pets. He has paying clients who come to his island to explore their sexuality. Master Drake is look highly upon in the BDSM community he is a part of.  And it is no secret that he is Master Xanthos’ favorite Master in the community.

Drake's Favorite Song

Gravity of Love-Enigma

“This song reminds me of making love to my Jessica. Just hearing it makes me want to sink my cock deep inside her”

Hero-Enrique Iglesias

"For my beautiful, Jessica"



Master Dante

He is dubbed the Master of Pain. He too was trained by Master Xanthos. He lives out in the middle of the Nevada dessert in his own private oasis. He lives with his favorite slaves and is a lover to Mistress Angelique. He also has paying clients who come to him to experience the pleasure of pain.  Dante tolerates the other Masters because he has to. The only one he remotely gives a shit about is Drake.

Dante's Favorite Song

Voodoo- Godsmack

“I just love fucking to this song. Not to mention my females dance to this song for my enjoyment’

Tonight I’m fucking you-Enrique Iglesias
"This song is for my Angelique."



Master Nikolai

He is a very private Master, who lives in the countryside of Romania. He lives with his bevy of beauties. Nikolai doesn’t take on clients. He is part of the Master Xanthos’ BDSM community but usually has little to do with any of them. He is a very successful businessman, which allows him to spoil his submissives.

Nikolai's Favorite Song

Bohemian rhapsody -Queen

“This is the song that was playing in the background when I first met Jade”



Master Rex

He is heavily into the S&M scene and is the most brutal pain Master in Master Xanthos’ community. He has several slaves, but finds it hard to keep his favorite ones happy and often times will dismiss them. He lives in Hawaii. He does take on paying clients when he is so inclined to do so, but this is rare. Rex’s ability to make his submissive feel safe is why so many want to serve him. He is overprotective of his lover Jinx and often butt heads with the other Masters to protect Jinx.

Rex's Favorite Song

Next Go Round- Nickleback

 “It’s a good song to fuck to.” 

Seduces Me-Celine Dion

"Jinx, this is what you do to me, you pretty fucker."

I Shall believe- Sheryl Crow 

"This song holds a very special place in my heart"


Master Jinx

Is a strange and theatrical kind of Master. His submissives love this about him. He is a very loving Master, which is odd considering he was trained by Rex. Though no longer Rex’s pupil he is still Rex’s lover. Jinx lives next to Rex.  Master Xanthos was reluctant about naming Jinx a Master and only did so because of Rex.

Jinx's Favorite Song

I like the way you move- Body Rockers

“This is my favorite song because Rex danced so sexy to this. Damn, my cock is getting hard thinking about it now.”

Right Round- Flo Rida

"I just love this song. It makes me hot"




Master Xanthos

The founder of this BDSM community and is look upon with much respect. He has one male and one female submissive most of the time. He has trained several of the Masters and Mistresses of the community. He arranges all official functions of the community. He lives in Italy most of the time.  His main mission is to rescue submissives from slave traders. He needs to do this, as he feels he must atone for mistakes in his past. He looks after everyone in his community. Yet, he is known for keeping his private life just that private, even from the people in his community.

Xanthos' Favorite Song

Fire woman- The Cult

“This is a sexy song”


"This song is for Georgia. You were most unexpected. I’m honored you are allowing me to take you on this journey."



Master Max

Is a quiet man and has one or two submissives at a time. He was trained by Master Rex, but has more of an attachment to Master Xanthos. He attends many of the functions of the community, but tends to stay by Xanthos, which often times confuses new comers, they think he is Xanthos’ submissive. He lives in Italy most of the time. He is the only switch Master in the community.  He wants to be Xanthos’ submissive at the same time he is a Master to his own submissives.

Max's Favorite Song

 4 minutes- Madonna

“I danced for my submissive during this song. It turned her on so much she came without me touching her.”



Master Sage

He likes pleasure and pain. He has several submissives and often will take on new submissives at Xanthos’ request. Sage was trained by  Master Rex, though his first choice would have been Master Dante. He lives in Las Vegas. 

Sage's Favorite Song

Animal- nickelback

“This song makes me feel all primal and sexy”


Master Jak and Jasper

The twin Masters, as Xanthos has dubbed them. They refuse to be apart, except when training their submissives. Jasper is more like Master Drake, while Jak is like Master Dante. They were trained by Xanthos. Jak and Jasper live in New York, but also have a residence in Los Angeles. 

Jak and Jasper's favorite Song

Paralyzer- Finger Eleven

"This song reminds us of a great party we attended. Damn, that was a hot party”




Master Lash

The youngest of all the Masters, Xanthos found him when he was only eighteen. Lash was a quick learner and became a Master by the time he was twenty. Lash has a couple of submissives, but enjoys the training process more than having a relationship with his submissive.  The only submissive he has kept is Julie. She is ten years older than him. They don’t mind the age difference, but others in the community find it odd. Lash lives in New Mexico, but also has a home in Texas. Lash is called baby Master by the other Masters, which bugs the hell out of him.

Lash's Favorite Song

More Human than human- White Zombie

“A great song to listen to when I practice using my whip”

Pump it Up- Vishal Dadlani & Adnan Sami

""Master Damien danced to this song for me, it’s a long story, but damn…it was fucking hot."

"Thank you, baby bear"- Damien.

""Damn it Damien ,don’t call me baby bear."- Lash

Sex is on Fire- Flett
"I sang this for Dante and Angelique's reception, but previewed it for Damien."



Master Druce


Master Druce is one of the newest Masters to the community. He is much like Master Drake, but a lot more reserve. He has a black belt in karate he obtained to be better able to protect his submissives. He is very sensual in his training, but he asks a lot of his submissive, which makes him a difficult Master to serve. He lives in California. Druce is referred to as Kung Fu Master, by the other Masters. He could care less what the others think about him.  In fact the only other Master he likes to talk to is Master Damien.

Druce's Favorite Song

II’m the only one- Melissa Etheridge

“I love this song.”

Let me think about it- Ida Corr

"This song was played at Dante's and Angelique's reception. Damn, it was inspiring."


Master Damien

Master Damien is also new to the community. He trained with Druce at Master Xanthos’ home. Damien is much like Master Dante, but is not as intense. Damien is very laid back and charming, which draws submissives to him. However, he only likes to train one or two submissves at a time. He lives in Texas. He is referred to as the cowboy Master by the other Masters, which he doesn’t mind being called.

Damien's Favorite Song

Beautiful people- Marilyn Manson

“This song always fires me up. I don’t know why it just does”


Get low- lil john

"I caught Lilith's Romulus and Jessica's John singing this song the other day. It still brings a smile to my face when I think about it. What male submissives do when their Mistresses aren't around, lol"

On the floor- Jennifer Lopez

"To see Cassie dance while Steve remixes this music...I have no words to describe my joy."




Master Javier


He is new to the community. He is into bondage and soft discipline. He was trained by Master Xanthos. Master Javier lives in Spain, but also has a home in Florida.

Master Javier's favorite song

I know you want me- Pitbull

"I love the beat of this song"



Master Zen

He is new the community, but has been in the lifestyle since he was eighteen. He is trained in pleasure and pain. He is Lash’s big brother. He tends to move around, but for now he calls Texas his home.


Karma- Joss Stone

"I love this song for I firmly believe in karma"

Vanity- Christine Aquilera

"Big brother this song should be your theme song"- Lash

"Fuck you, baby brother"- Zen

Crazy bitch- Buckcherry

"For Roxanne"



Master Logan

He is new to the community but not new to the lifestyle. He and his wife Jezebel have been married for over ten years and train submissives together. Logan is from Australia but moved to New York because Jezebel loves her home town. Xanthos likes the fact that Logan and Jezebel are a strong couple and share submissives.


Sexy and I know It-LMFAO

"Jezebel picked this song for me. I am sexy ain’t I, lol."

"Damn right you are, baby"- Jezebel

I like how it feels-Enrique Iglesias

"Drake and Jessica know why this song puts a smile on my face. Damn that was hot, mmm"



Master Darius

Very little is known about this new Master and Xanthos wants to keep it this way for now. Master Darius and his submissives are like a military squad and they help Xanthos when he needs to break up a slave ring. Without Darius’ expert help Xanthos would have never been able to save so many trapped submissives. The Masters who have met Darius referred to him as commando Master.



Master Noah


Master Noah is new the community, but not to the lifestyle.  Master Xanthos offered to let Master Noah join the community with his two submissives when the head Master of Noah’s former community suddenly dies.  Master Noah is from German, but now lives in California.  



Judas_picMaster Judas

Master Judas is new the community, but not to the lifestyle.  Master Xanthos offered to let Master Judas join the community with his three submissives when the head Master of Judas’ former community suddenly dies. Master Judas is a young Master being only one year older than Master Lash.  Master  Judas is from Great Britain. He has a home in London as well as New York.

DimitriMaster Dimitri

Master Dimitri used to belong to Master James' community now he has joined Master Xanthos' community. Dimitri has such a joy for life which can be felt by everyone around him. Dimitri is a pain and pleasure Master though he likes giving pleasure to his submissive more than he enjoys giving pain.  Since the other Masters call him anime Master he has chosen this pic to represent himself.

Sick Like Me- In this Moment  ( Dimitri's submissive Colt knows the significance of this song)


men_long_hair_model1Master Griffin

Master Griffin used to belong to Master James' community but decided he wanted to be where Master Dimitri was. Griffin is also a pain and pleasure Master, yet unlike Dimitri, Griffin loves the pleasure of pain.  Griffin is co-head Master of the community with Master Xanthos

Favorite song-  The Man- Aloe Blacc

Jeremy__Master_seriesMaster Jeremy

Master Jeremy came from Master James' community to this one. He is an expert in discipline.

Master_ReedMaster Reed

Master Reed came from Master James' community to this one. He is an expert with the whip and plans to challenge Master Dante for the title of Master of Pain.

Master_MatoMaster Mato

Master Mato came from Master James' community to this one. Master Mato is a strange Master and is skill in both pain and pleasure

Master_TroyMaster Troy

Master Troy came from Master James' Community to this one. Master Troy is an expert in the art of pleasure and plans to challenge Master Drake for the title of the Master of Pleasure

Master_WyattMaster Wyatt

Master Wyatt came from Master James' Community to this one. Master Wyatt is an expert in Bondage.

Master_BrutusMaster Brutus

Master Brutus came from Master James' community to this one. Master Brutus is a pain and pleasure Master and is the biggest Master in the community.

Master_ShadowMaster Shadow

Master Shadow has just been named Master. He was trained by Master Drake. He is a pleasure and pain Master.

All these images of these beautiful men have inspired me :)

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