Mistress Angelique

She was trained by Master Dante and is now his lover. She lives in Nevada alongside of Dante. Her ability to completely dominate males makes her much sought after with the male submissives. However, she only has a few favorite slaves, which she calls sweets. All others are treated like clients. Angelique doesn’t care what the other Masters think of her. Dante is the only Master she cares about.

Angelique's Favorite Song

Come on closer- Jem

 “This song, oh yeah, makes me think about Dante”



"This song is for my Dante"


Mistress Roxanne

She is the only woman trained by Master Rex. She is every bit as cruel as he can be. She has one special male submissive and the rest are merely plaything to her. Xanthos has reprimanded Roxanne several times for her conduct. It is only because of Rex is she still allowed in the community. She lives in Hawaii not too far from Rex.

Roxanne's Favorite Song

Posion- Groove Coverage

“That damn Rex, that man drives me to distraction”

Sexy Silk- Jessica Cornish

"For you, Rex"

I Remember Everything- Five finger death punch
"Zen singing this song broke my heart"





Mistress Serenity

She is currently training under Master Rex’s guidance. Serenity is new to the BDSM community. She has been friends a long time with Master Damien. She recently got a taste of Master Rex’s training and fell completely in love with him. Rex sees potential for Serenity to be a great Mistress to some lucky submissive. Serenity lives in Texas to be close to Damien, but currently is living with Master Rex in Hawaii while she trains.

Serenity's Favorite Song

The way you love me-Keri Hilson

"I heard this song and I thought of you, Master Rex"


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