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My_Master_webThe Books that make up the Master Series explores all levels of sexuality. My Master  introduces readers to this erotic world. An island paradise where guests are free to explore their sexuality. A man called Master Drake rules, his sexual magnetism so strong no one can resist. His pets, a group of attractive men and women help guests live their sexual fantasies. No one is judge the only rules are everything must be consensual, leave no one wanting, and Master's word is law.


I only want to bring you pleasure- Master

Jessica Scott was timid when it came to sex. The sting of her husband betrayal  was still fresh in her heart. But Master will opened her   eyes to all sorts of sexual  delights and show her what love is really meant to be.

Master had the ability to put any man or woman in a delicious erotic spell. All couldn't wait to please him. Though Master cared deeply for his male and female pets, it took  Jessica  to show him what love was.

Both go on an erotic journey of love, lust and everything in between.

Chapter One



 “Oh, come on baby. I said I was sorry,” Damon said. Jessica looked at her husband, anger still surging through her. Damon was flashing his most charming smile. His good looks aren’t getting him out of this.  Damon was gorgeous, his blond hair brushed his shoulders, and his body was well-trimmed and hot. That damn smile of his could melt any woman’s heart. That was the problem, he couldn’t keep his pants on. This time however, Jessica caught him with the other woman.

 “You know I love you, Jessica.” He tried to hold her, but she pulled away.

 “If you love me, then why…” Tears still stung her eyes.

“I am sorry. I have been a real bastard to you. I don’t mean to.  My cock has got a mind of its own.”

 “I really don’t want to hear this.” Jessica headed to the door. How many times had she heard this song and dance before? Every time Damon had cheated and she found out he would break into this routine, and like a complete idiot Jessica fell for it. But this time, damn it, she wasn’t. At least she hoped her anger could hold out long enough. Damon knew how to play her.

Damon ran after her and pulled her tightly against him. “Jessica, I love you. Those other women mean nothing. You, however mean everything. Please hear me out.” Jessica looked into his blue eyes. Damn those eyes.  

 “Okay, I will listen, but I don’t promise anything.” Jessica’s middle name might as well be Stradivarius.

 “Fair enough.” Damon released her and headed over to the dresser. He had been trying to find a way to give this to her. His mind worked in overdrive trying to come up with the right line to set his plan into motion. Damon took an envelope from the top drawer. He stared at Jessica, she was beautiful, her long brown hair softly framed her pretty face. Her warm brown eyes were alive with life, which sparkled with every flicker of light, and her body was firm and rounded in all the right places. She was petite, easy to maneuver in bed. His cock grew hard thinking about it. Focusing back on what he was going to tell her, he headed over to the bed and sat down next to her.

 “Here.” He handed her the envelope. “I bought this for you. I figured you could use time, you know, to think.”

 “A boat ticket?”

 “This will take you to a beautiful tropical island. It is isolated, I knew you would like that.” He had placed the cheese into the trap and she was nibbling.

 “But, this ticket said I will be gone for a month.”

 “Yes, one month. It will give you enough time, to see if you still, love me.” Snap! She is caught.

 “I do love you, Damon. I just don’t like you right now.” Jessica was touched by this gesture. He obviously planned this for a while. Maybe just maybe they could work this out.

 “Please, Jessica, I will abide by whatever you decide. I am hoping you will stay married to me.” Damon brushed her hair from her face. “Well, Jesse, will you accept my gift?” 

 “Time alone is just what I need. But what about you?” She placed his hand on her cheek and nuzzled it to her face.

 “I will be doing penance. I am going to visit my parents. They want to talk to me about beginning to take over the business.” Damon brought her lips to his and kissed softly. “I am sorry, Jessica. Please think about giving me another chance, while you are bathing in the tropical sun.” Oh nice touch, Damon smiled to himself.

 “I better pack. The ticket said the boat leaves early tomorrow morning. I have never heard of this island. “Kjonn Fengsel.” Jessica attempted to pronounce the island’s name.

 “It is supposed to be beautiful. You will come back a new woman, and then we will talk. I have my own packing to do.”

 “Who told you about this island?” Jessica was filled with a new hope. She was going to use this month to put everything into prospective. Damon seemed truly sorry this time and ready to change himself.

 “Simon, his wife went there, and it did their marriage a world of good. I guess time apart puts everything into prospective. I will miss you, Jesse.” Damon hugged her tightly. He couldn’t wait until she returned and showed him what his large sum of money had bought. Damon held her tightly then reached around behind Jessica to grab her ass.

 “Don’t go there.” She pulled herself away.

 “You’re right. But…” He licked his lips. “You are just so damn sexy.” Damon was so horny thinking about her return from Kjonn Fengsel. He wanted a before and after fuck to compare the difference.

“Damn it! Damon. You were fucking another woman in our home and you…” Jessica couldn’t finish the sentence her anger was building again. A month away from him is just what she needed.

Chapter Two



 “Did she go?” Simon asked. Simon greeted Damon at Mickey’s. Damon’s favorite hunting grounds for new bed partners.

 “Yeah, I saw her on the boat myself.” Damon sat down at the small table. Simon was Damon’s best friend and partner in crime, though not as sexy as Damon, Simon had that boy next-door thing going for him.

 “I tell you what, Heather was a sexual animal when she got back. I don’t know what that guy called Master did to her, but damn I am grateful for it.” Simon raised his beer in toast to Master.

 “Well, I hope he can make Jessica a little more opened-minded. I need other women, she can’t seem to understand that. She likes that romantic bullshit.” Damon paused, as a devilish grin swept over his face. “Did Heather tell you anything about the island?”

 “Let’s just say that I am tempted to go there myself. By what Heather described it is one big orgy. Umm, Heather was really hot last night when I brought home Samantha. Damn man, Heather was like a wild animal. I am surprise I had enough strength to meet you today.”

 “Oh, now that wets my appetite. I can’t wait until Jesse gets home and shows me her new skills.” Damon knew his money would be well spent. He had paid this Master to teach Jessica to fuck. A man like him needed a wife who could keep up with his sexual appetite, and Master was the person to show Jessica all sorts of new tricks to use on him when she got home.

 “What are you going to do with yourself until she gets back?” Both men thoroughly check out the pretty waitress as she walked by.

 “I am sure I will think of something,” Damon said, licking his lips. Both men laughed, as Damon ordered another round for them.






Chapter Three



Jessica had her luggage ready as the captain announced that they were at Kjonn Fengsel. Two days at sea had played a number on her stomach and she was eager to get on land. She stood on the deck of the beautiful ship. It was smaller than a normal cruise ship, but the service and accommodations were incredible. All the passengers seemed to keep to themselves, something that Jessica was grateful for.

Once on deck, she looked out over the small island. It was beautiful, but extremely isolated.  “You look as nervous as I do,” a woman said. Jessica looked at the pleasant-looking woman. She was taller than Jessica, a bit thinner, but had the prettiest golden hair Jessica had ever seen.

“Nervous?” Jessica replied.

 “Yeah, who knows what to expect? Nobody on this boat is in a talkative mood. Oh, my name is Amy.”

 “I’m Jessica.”

The captain announced that everyone should disembark. “Well here we go,” Amy said, leading the way. Jessica was confused by the woman’s nervousness. After all what was to be nervous about, it is only a vacation retreat.

Jessica walked down the ramp grateful her feet were finally on dry land. She looked up and saw four extremely attractive men waiting to greet the group. Off to the side four beautiful women also were greeting the group. One of the men gathered up Jessica and six other of the guest. “Please follow me,” he instructed. The man’s muscular skin was bronzed from the tropical sun. He moved with such grace as he led them into the jungle. Jessica looked at his broad shoulders, her eyes traveled down the v of his back right to his tight firm bottom. Whoa, Jessica thought, soaking up his image.

“This way.” He turned around to the group of women. His voice was like sweet honey, his golden hair intensified his smile. He opened up the doors leading to a row of huts. “Each of you will have your own quarters. When you have put your things away, please come back here, and I will explain how things work.”

 Jessica waited for the other women to choose their huts. It didn’t matter to her which one she had. She walked over to hers and went inside. “Wow,” she whispered. The room was larger than it appeared from the outside. A king-size canopy bed sat in the middle of the room. Jessica touched the fabric of the canopy. “Silk.” She was impressed. She placed her luggage down on the lush carpet in front of the bed. She ran her fingers over the light blue fabric of the rug. It was so soft and lush against her hands.  The room was a sea of blues, from the two chairs to the settee. The soft brown of the desk and dresser warmed the room more. Jessica headed to the bathroom. “Oh yes.” She smiled looking at the large Jacuzzi tub that dominated the room. This room was also in shades of blue. “My favorite color again,” she said. There was a corner shower that was also a steam room. Very pleased with her accommodations she headed back to her beautiful host.

 “I trust your rooms are to your liking,” he said. The women eagerly agreed. “Good, Master will be pleased.”

Master, Jessica thought.

 “The rules are very simple. Master’s commands are law here. If you disobey, you will be punished. But, those who obey are nicely rewarded.” A sexy smile crossed his lips. “An open mind is a must. Pain can be pleasure and pleasure can be painful. But in no way will your life be in danger.”

 “Excuse me, ah, what is your name?” Jessica asked. None of this made any sense to her.

 “I am Rapture.”

 “Well, Mr. Rapture.” Jessica was taken back when he grabbed her hand and kissed it softly.

 “No formalities here, I am called Rapture.”

 “Okay, I… don’t understand this whole Master thing.” Jessica looked as confused as she felt.

“Say my name.” He kissed her hand again. He hoped to ease the nervousness this little woman was obviously was feeling.

 “Rapture, I don’t understand what you are talking about.” A puzzled look came across his face.

 “Wait here,” he instructed Jessica. “The rest of you, I will show you the way to Master’s house.”  Jessica watched the group of anxious women follow Rapture down a small path into the jungle.

 “Oh, something isn’t right.” Jessica felt really uneasy. She paced the small courtyard waiting for Rapture to come back. Twenty minutes passed. “Maybe I could get back on the boat before it leaves,” she said, heading to her hut.

She had grabbed her luggage and headed for the door. “Where are you going?” Rapture’s honey voice said.

 “To the boat,” she replied, looking at his magnificence. She couldn’t will her feet to move. Her eyes were locked on Rapture.

 “That is not possible. Please sit down.” He motioned to the bed.

 “Hey, I don’t know you,” she said, letting the luggage fall from her hands. The way he was looking at her was turning her whole body into jell-O.

 “Ah, but you will,” he said, moving closer to her. Jessica’s heart raced as his masculine scent enveloped her. He was so close she could feel his body heat. Man, did he smell good. She put up her hands to stop him from coming any closer if that was possible. His body was almost touching hers any closer and... well she didn’t want to think about that.

 “Look uh, Rapture. I am a married woman.” This stopped him in his tracks.

 “You really don’t know what this place is, do you?” He moved away and brought a chair over for Jessica to sit on.

 “Why don’t you enlighten me? My husband sent me here to rest and think about well, stuff. I don’t even know who this Master is.” That nagging little voice in her head told her she better sit down. This was going to be a whopper she bet.

Rapture placed his fingers gently to her lips. “This is Kjonn Fengsel, translated, means sex prison. Once you are dropped off by the boat you are here for a month.” Jessica’s eyes widened.  “Your husband paid for you to be tutored by Master. This is often the case here. Husband or wife whichever comes here is taught to be more sexually open. Or people come here to explore themselves. He didn’t tell you this?”

Tears formed in Jessica’s eyes. How could Damon do this to her? That bastard.  Rapture brought his finger to her eye and gently wiped away the tears that fell. He cradled her cheek with his other hand. His touch was so tender, Damon never touched her like this. She felt the warmth of his breath as he brought his lips to hers. Softly, he kissed her. The tears flowed from her eyes, she couldn’t stop them.

 “Please, don’t cry.” Rapture took her in his arms and gently stroked her hair. Jessica accepted his touch and wrapped her arms around him, burying her face in his chest. Oh, Damon how could you. She held Rapture tight to her, and he continued to stroke her hair and back, trying to bring calm to her. This man she barely knew touched her the way she always wanted Damon to. “I must bring you to Master. It is almost time to begin. Are you okay?” Rapture said, looking into her tear stained eyes.

 “Could I have a moment to compose myself?”

 “Of course, I will wait for you outside.” Rapture sweetly kissed her lips before leaving.

Jessica went into the bathroom with her makeup case. She quickly fixed her makeup. She thought about her last conversation with Damon. “That bastard!’ she slammed her fist on the sink. She was stuck here for a month on an island full of sex-starved people. “Tutor me, huh!” She brushed her hair roughly. “Damn Damon, maybe if you kept your ass at home more.” The rage was starting to build in her. “I will meet this Master and explain things.” She decided looking at herself once more.

When she exited her hut, Rapture was indeed waiting for her. “You look beautiful.  Master will be pleased.” He smiled.

 “Thank you, well lead the way.” He offered her his arm, Jessica took it timidly and walked with him up the path. Her courage was beginning to fail her with each step they took.






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