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Copy_of_Obsession_Cover_SmallObsession…a need, a craving, a preoccupation.


Jet craved Master Drake like no other Master he had ever known. Drake knew his dirty secret, his hidden fetish, but how could he so soon. This frightened Jet, yet fueled his obsession about his new Master.


Drake had a need for the type of submissive Jet was. Jet was a complete submissive, one who would do anything and everything his Master wanted and he would love every moment. Drake could explore his most bizarre desires with Jet, something he couldn’t do with his other pets.


Fawn had a preoccupation with Rapture from the moment she heard about him. Now she was his submissive and she had no idea how to please her new Master. Hell, she didn’t know what she needed from her Master. Yet, for the first time ever Fawn felt safe and she knew in her heart that Rapture was the Master she longed for.



No Master series book would be complete without visiting previous characters I’ve known and loved.  Ms. Roux runs a secondary plot though Obsession involving Rapture and Master Dante that had me furiously flipping pages well into the night.  Rapture needs to step up and be a Master, making sure the needs of his new submissive, Fawn, are fulfilled.  With Dante and Drake’s help, Rapture is able to ensure Fawn never has to worry, feeling utter delight with a loving master who keeps her best interests at heart. 


Being able to revisit characters through new trials and tribulations is what makes Justus Roux’s Master series one of the premiere BDSM series in the genre today.  Start the series with My Master so you can savor these rich tales. 


4 out 5

Reviewer : Victoria



Chapter One


Jet entered the room. His nerves were starting to get the best of him, especially since Master Drake wasn’t here yet.  There was something about some guy named Michael that Master had to attend to…Jet didn’t know all the particulars. He was just disappointed that Master wasn’t going to be here.

“This used to be Beauty’s room. Master had the room redone to be a bit more neutral, though he said for you to think about how you would like your room decorated. By the way, my name is Shadow.”

Jet looked at Shadow. He had to admit Shadow was a very attractive man. No doubt, all of Master Drake’s males were attractive. He would expect no less, considering Master Drake’s status with the community.

“Look, don’t be so nervous. Master is a very kind man and he will take the time to get to really know you.”

“I look that nervous, huh?” Jet chuckled.

“A couple of things for you to remember, first and foremost you must always show Master the utmost respect, this goes for Jessica too. She is his wife and he will not tolerate anyone upsetting her.”


“Jessica is a sweetheart, so it will be easy to get along with her. The next thing to remember is that everything is consensual. Master gets very upset when someone breaks this rule. If anyone forces you to do something you didn’t want to do just tell Master and he will take care of it. Don’t even think about lying to Master, he will know. He can read people really good.”

“I wouldn’t lie to Master.”

“Take the time to learn the rhythm of the house. Get to know all of Master’s pets. Leon, Kitty and Brenda aren’t Master’s pets, please remember this. However, you should still try and get along with them. Kitty is my woman and you need my permission to touch her. Brenda is Rage’s woman, and trust me, you don’t want to piss off Rage. Leon is Ecstasy’s life partner and is off limits, unless you are invited to be with him. He is rather shy and probably won’t talk to you all that much at first. Just give him time. Ecstasy is Master’s favorite pet, so you don’t want to do anything to upset him.”

“Why is Ecstasy Master’s favorite pet?”

“I don’t know. It probably has something to do with the circumstances on how Ecstasy arrived here. But, this is not for me to tell you. If you want to know ask Ecstasy.”


“The servants are not to be treated poorly. Let them do their job and be friendly to them. Master will like it if you are nice to the servants and he will not tolerate anyone being cruel to them. You are free to have sex with anyone on the island as long as it is consensual.”



Jet’s gaze lingered down Shadow’s perfect body, then back up to his handsome face. He liked Shadow’s long ash blond hair.

“I’m not into guys, though I am flattered by the way you are looking at me.”

Jet quickly looked away.

“This is why you really need to get to know the other pets. Now I will leave you to get settled. Master has provided some clothes for you. He insists that us males wear only a pair of jeans. He really likes to see his males’ body. The female pets wear simple slip dresses, usually really short. Welcome to Master’s island, Jet.” Shadow smiled at him and left the room.

Jet looked around the room. It was rather plainly decorated, giving it a neutral look. He started thinking about how he would like to decorate the room. He stepped out onto the balcony and looked out over the grounds. Everything was so beautiful. He could see a group of huts off in the distance. This was probably where the guests stayed. He didn’t have time to think about entertaining guests. He wondered if Master Drake would insist that he did be with the guests. He didn’t care about that right now as he took in a deep breath. He was relieved that Master Drake allowed him to live here and serve him.

Jet stepped back into his room and went to the closet. He smiled seeing several pairs of jeans hanging up. There were also a couple of robes. He saw the note pinned to the robe.


Shadow will show you around while I’m gone. I should be back soon. I had some clothes brought for you. I’m sure Shadow told you my preference to see my males in just jeans. This is how I would like you to dress. I want you to think about how you would like your room decorated. I will provide whatever you need or want. As far as the guests go we will discuss this at length when I get home. Welcome to Kjonn Fengsel, my newest pet.

                 Master Drake

Jet caressed the note. Master Drake took the time to write this. But how…Ecstasy must have pinned it to the robe, he did hurry back from Master Dante’s to be with Leon.

Jet grabbed a pair of jeans and walked over to his nightstand and carefully placed the note inside the drawer. He removed his clothes and put on the jeans. He went over to the bathroom. He was surprised by how large it was. He looked in the full-length mirror. The jeans fitted him perfectly. How in the world did Master know his size?

He stared at his reflection. He looked so similar to that damn Bazil. Only his long dark hair and dark eyes were different. He had no doubt that Master Dante probably would have made him dye his hair blond to match Bazil’s hair if he stayed. He was so grateful that Master Drake allowed him to be with him. He couldn’t take living with the Master of pain. He closed his eyes and shook at the memories of being at Dante’s mansion. He never wanted to step foot in that house again. Fuck Bazil and fuck Master Dante.


Jet quickly went back into his room when he heard the female’s voice. The woman who stood in the middle of his room was breathtaking to say the least. She seemed so mysterious. Her long black hair was flawlessly groomed; her big dark eyes and full lips were perfect. She walked toward him. Her movements reminded him of a jungle cat.

“I’m called Mystic.”

“What a perfect name for you.”

“Thank you. I just wanted to introduce myself.”

“It’s nice to meet you.”

“If you want I could introduce you to everyone else.”

“If you don’t mind I would like a little time alone to get adjusted.”

“That’s perfectly understandable. I’m right across the hall if you want to talk. Oh, one thing, don’t go into Rage’s room.”


“He thinks you are fair game if you step foot into his room. He is into that S&M thing. It might be your cup of tea…”

“No…I don’t like that stuff.”

“Then stay away from Rage. And be careful of his woman Brenda. She might lure you into his room.”

“Thanks for warning me.”

“You are so beautiful. I’m sure you will fit in perfectly here,” she said as she left the room.

He lay down on his bed. He had a lot to think about. His main goal was to please Master Drake. Whether these pets liked him or not was irrelevant as far as he was concern. He would try to get along with them for Master Drake’s sake and no other reason. He also wanted to know why Ecstasy was Master’s favorite pet. He needed to know, because he wanted the honor of being Master’s favorite. And he would work his ass off to earn that honor.




Jet emerged from his room a few hours later. He fell asleep as his mind spun. He had too many thoughts. Master Gregory was such an epic disappointment. The time he spent there was wasted time. His Master before Gregory was even worse. Simon had no idea how to be a Master. He fumbled his way through everything and often asked Jet what to do.  Simon was much older than Jet, this added to Jet’s disappointment. He assumed that Simon was in this lifestyle for awhile given that he was forty-five. He found out later that Simon was just as new to the lifestyle as he was and only lied about being a master for over twenty years. Jet left Simon after only a few months that was when he found Master Gregory. The only good thing that came out of his time with Gregory was that he got to meet Fawn. Her first Master was at least a real Master and she learned a lot from him, which she generously passed on to Jet. Master Rex wasn’t what Fawn was looking for and from what she told him about Rex, he wasn’t what Jet was looking for either.

Jet went down the stairs and walked over to the large glass wall. There was a large pool and beyond that there was construction of some sort going on.

Jet heard about Master Drake from Simon and Gregory. They were in awe of Master Drake. Simon confided in Jet that Drake was what he aspired to be. Simon could never be Master Drake. The more Simon talked about Drake the more Jet wanted to know about this man. What clinched it was when Fawn talked about Master Drake and his protégé Rapture. Hearing her speak about the two Jet knew he had to meet Drake. And when he met Drake at Dante’s mansion it was love at first sight. Drake was everything he imagined a Master to be. Now here he is ready to serve this Master. He only hoped that Drake was truly the Master he imagined him to be. Looks can be deceiving.

“I see you have finally come downstairs. Would you like a tour?”

Jet turned around and looked up at Shadow then at the pretty petite woman at his side. This woman held herself like a submissive.

“This is my woman, Kitty. Kitty, this is Jet, Master’s newest pet.”

“Hello Jet.”

“Hello.” The sight before him was a strange one. Kitty looked as if she was Shadow’s submissive, but that can’t possibly be, Shadow was Master Drake’s pet.

“Kitty, wait for me upstairs while I give Jet a tour of the grounds.”

“Yes Sir.” She bowed her head to him and hurried up stairs.

“Follow me.”

“Wait.” Jet watched Kitty hurry up the stairs.

“What’s wrong?”

“Is she your submissive?”

“Yes.” Shadow was amused by the shocked look on Jet’s face. “That is why you have to ask my permission to be with her. Why do you look so stunned?”

“You are Master’s submissive.”


“Yet, you have a submissive…”

“Master Drake is not like any Master you have ever known. That is why I said you should learn the rhythm of the house. Now let’s go.”


Jet followed Shadow out to the pool. He saw the beautiful woman lounging on the chaise by the pool. She had to have the most perfect set of large breasts he had ever seen. Plus she had such life about her. He couldn’t help but smile.

“Affection, this is Jet,” Shadow said.

“Oh, look at you,” Affection said as she stood. Her barely-there bikini showed off her assets nicely. “Drink me in, sweetheart. I like the way you look at me.” Her smile made her whole face light up. “Are you related to Bazil? You look almost identical.”

“No, I’m not related to Bazil,” Jet said more harshly then he intended.

“Sorry…sore spot with you, huh. I won’t mention it again. Though, Shadow you know what is strange.”


“He looks so much like Bazil and yet he doesn’t look at all like Ecstasy, and Bazil looks similar to Ecstasy. Strange isn’t it?”

“Perhaps. Come on, Jet.”

“One question Jet. Are you into women too?”

“I’m bisexual.”

“Oh goody, then me and you must spend some quality time together later.”

“It would be my pleasure.”

“You bet that sweet ass it most certainly will be your pleasure.”

Jet just smiled at her and then followed Shadow.

“Master is having some huts built. The one on the right is for Ecstasy and Leon. This one in the center is for Wrath and Lust, and the one on the left is for Beauty and Pleasure.”

“Did they please Master?”

“We all please Master. It’s just these three are couples. He offered to build me and Kitty a hut, but I like living in the main house, so does Rage.”

“Couples? Yet they are all Master’s pets.”

“All of them except for Wrath and Lust, they use to be Master’s pets, then they were Rapture’s submissives for all of two minutes, now Wrath is Lust’s Master. Complicated I know.”

“If Wrath and Lust are no longer Master’s pets, why are they living here?”

“They miss Master. Though Rage isn’t too damn happy about Wrath living here, yet again it’s complicated. You will learn all of this in time.”

Shadow showed Jet the guests’ huts, the dock, the beach and Michael’s hut.

“There is also a small airport on the south side of the island and on the other side is Master’s private getaway. Beauty and Pleasure are living over there until their hut is finished, which should be any day now. Pain can’t wait to have his twin brother living closer.”

“Master’s private getaway?”

“He takes Jessica over there when they want some alone time.”

“That is understandable.”

Shadow drove Jet over to the middle of the island. A very large building was being built.

“Whoa, what is that?”

“This is something Master has wanted to do for some time. Rapture designed it for him as a birthday present last year.”

“What is it going to be?”

“A very unique playground. There will be several rooms in there all deck out in fantasy themes. Rage is giddy over the S&M room that will be in there. There is even a gothic dungeon in the basement. Everything from a harem, to an office, to a fire station will be in there. The guests are going to love this. And when the guests aren’t here we get to play in there if we want.”

“Whoa, Rapture designed every room?”

“Yeah…” Shadow said with a little distain in his voice.

“You don’t like Rapture?”

“I like him just fine. He is a nice guy. It’s just that…well, when Rapture left Jessica was devastated. Master wanted to make her feel better so he had Michael find a man who could be like Rapture. Michael found me. I think he picked me because I look a lot like Rapture. Then Master named me Shadow, Rapture’s shadow.”

“That sucks.”

“Yeah, it does. I was going to leave here because of it and the fact I thought I needed a Mistress. Master allowed me to stay with Mistress Angelique, oh was that a big mistake.”

“That fucking bitch…” Jet quickly looked to the floor of the jeep.

“I agree with you on that. I don’t like that whole pain thing that she and Master Dante are into. But talking with Rage I understand why some people really like that. I like mild bondage and soft domination. Kitty needs those things, so I give it to her. Anyways, Master let me come home. I want to serve him and no one else.”

“You aren’t into guys.”

“That doesn’t matter to Master. He told me I didn’t have to be with him in a sexual nature. Me just being here, being myself is enough. I saw the genuine honesty in his words. He loves me and I can feel his love. He has been so helpful with guiding me to be a good dominant for Kitty. He is always there for me. I don’t mind being Rapture’s shadow if this is what Jessica needs. It is the least I could do for my Master.”

“I know what it feels like to be a substitute for someone else. Mistress Angelique only acquired me because I looked like Bazil. Dante told me I was a poor copy of Bazil. I didn’t ask to be a copy of anyone. I’m Jet, not Bazil.” He felt Shadow gently grab his hand.

“Master doesn’t care that you resemble Bazil. But please don’t hate Bazil, because of Angelique and Dante. Bazil is a truly kind person.”

“I fucking hate him,” Jet growled. “The shit Dante put me through because of him.”

“Hey, it’s okay.” Shadow squeezed his hand. “Master Dante scares the crap out of me. I hate when I have to be around him. Bazil is a nice person, please don’t hate him.”

“Fuck Bazil.”

“Let’s go back up to the house. I bet you are hungry and I would like to introduce you to Master’s other pets.”

“I’m sorry…I probably made you uncomfortable.”

“You can talk freely around me as long as you don’t insult my Master or my woman.”

“Alright. Thank you for giving me this tour.”

“You are Master Drake’s pet now and we all look out for each other.”

Shadow drove back up to the main house. “Hello Desire. I would like you to meet Jet,” Shadow said as they walked up the steps of the porch.

“Hello Jet.”

“Hello.” Jet looked over the beautiful woman with the long lush red hair. Her green eyes were so beautiful.

He quickly followed Shadow into the house. “This is Pain. His twin brother Pleasure is at the other side of the island with Beauty. Pain this is Jet.”

“Aren’t you a pretty fucker.” Pain licked his lips and let his gaze wander over Jet.

Jet looked at the tall, muscular man with shoulder length blond hair. This man was spectacular looking.

“Behave Pain. Master has said no one is to touch Jet until he gives his permission to do so. Pleasure is Pain’s identical twin.”

“Really.” Jet mentally pictured the image of two of this beautiful man.

“You have met Mystic.”

Jet smiled at her.

“This is Blaze. Blaze this is Jet.”

“Hello Jet and welcome.”

“Hello.” Jet looked over the Greek god before him. His tan skin, black hair and brilliant blue eyes were amazing. He started to feel a little self-conscious. All of Master’s pets were unbelievably attractive.

“This is Tryton. Tryton this is Jet.”


“Hello,” Jet replied. Tryton’s boyishly good looks and eagerness were most intriguing to say the least.

“Yummy, yum, yum.”

Jet turned to the sound of the deep voice behind him. He froze looking up at the monster of a man. His short dark hair and piercing dark eyes added to his intimidating image.

“What a pretty fucker.” Rage grabbed a hold of Jet.

“Rage let him go. Master has forbid anyone to touch him.”

“Too bad.”

“Baby, what are you doing now?” Brenda said as she hurried down the stairs.

Jet noticed Kitty standing at the top of the stairs looking a bit worried.

“I’m just saying hi to Master’s newest plaything.”

“Rage this is Jet. Jet that is Rage. Stay away from him.”

“Shadow, that is not a nice thing to say.” Rage chuckled.

“This lovely lady is Brenda…”

“And she is off limits, pussy boy.” Rage growled at Jet.

“I love it when you get all possessive like that, baby. Hi Jet, it’s nice to meet you. I’m assuming you have met my twin sister Kitty?”

“I have had the pleasure.”

Brenda smiled at him. “Come on baby, let’s go back upstairs. We have that new whip to break in.”

“Oh goody,” Rage said as he followed her upstairs.

“If Rage tries to hurt you just let Master know,” Shadow said. He gestured for Kitty to come to him.

Jet watched as she hurried downstairs and quickly came to Shadow’s side.

“You got your sister to come down here didn’t you?”

“Yes Sir. I was afraid Rage might frighten Jet.”

“Good girl,” Shadow purred as she caressed her cheek.

“This is hot,” Affection said as she walked over to the servant and grabbed a drink. “Make me purr like a kitty, Shadow.”

Shadow watched the blush come to Kitty’s face. “Go to our room, sweetie.”

“Yes Sir.” Kitty hurried upstairs.

“Shy little thing, isn’t she,” Affection said as she went back out to the pool.

“Let’s get something to eat.” Shadow led Jet into the dining room. “You can eat in here or you can have a servant bring your meals to your room. However, if Master commands you to dine in here then of course you do it.”

“Of course.”

They sat and ate. Jet listened to Shadow talk about Master Drake. He already felt very at ease around Shadow and he was grateful for it.

“He is so pretty.”

Jet turned to the sound of the soft voice. He was taken back by the beautiful feminine looking man standing there.

“Jet, this is Leon and that is Ecstasy.”

Jet looked over at Ecstasy and felt sick to his stomach. Ecstasy was beyond handsome. His long pale blond hair was flawless, he was ethereal-looking with those pale blue eyes, his body was perfectly tone, not too muscular, just freaking perfect. The aura around this perfect man added to his perfection. He oozed sexiness. How in the hell was he suppose to compete with that for Master’s affection. His gaze turned toward Leon. This pretty male had such a vulnerability to him, not to mention he was so feminine, so freaking pretty, that long chocolate brown hair was so silky looking you wanted to reach out and touch it.

“Leon is off limits. You did tell him that didn’t you, Shadow?”

“Yes, I did. Jet is just looking at him, so calm down.”

“Why is he looking at me like that?” Ecstasy said.

“Like what?”

“With such distain.”

“I’m not…” Jet turned to Shadow.

“You are Master’s favorite, perhaps you just see a hint of jealousy.”

“Whatever. Just keep him away from Leon.” Ecstasy grabbed Leon’s hand and left the room.

“You have to excuse Ecstasy. He can be a real dick. It will take a lot of time before he even remotely starts treating you with any measure of respect. Leon, on the other hand is rather sweet, but like I said he is very shy, especially when he is not around Ecstasy.”

“How can Ecstasy be Master’s favorite? Sure the guy is freaking hot and he just drips sexiness, but…he doesn’t have the warmth so many others of you have. Well, except for Rage and that Pain is a little scary too.”

“All that is important is that Ecstasy is Master’s favorite and you better remember that. You hurt Ecstasy and you will feel the full force of Master’s anger.”

“So, I’m just supposed to let Ecstasy treat me like shit.”

“You can talk to Master about it, but unless Ecstasy has physically hurt you Master won’t do anything about it. It sucks sometimes, but it is a small price to pay to be Master’s pet.”

“Does Ecstasy treat you badly?”

“He did at first and he still does occasionally. I just don’t pay attention to it. Anyway, I better get to Kitty. The poor thing has been waiting for me for awhile now.”

“By all means attend to your submissive. Thank you for showing me around.”

“It was my pleasure. I think you will be very happy here.”

Jet headed back up to his room. He wanted to process everything Shadow told him. He lay in his bed and looked up at the ceiling. He was frightened. What will happen if he couldn’t get along with Master’s pets? That Ecstasy…shit…he paid little attention to him when they were at Dante’s mansion. He was so frightened by Dante and so in awe of Drake he didn’t even noticed Ecstasy. Now he wished that he did. He would be better prepared for this. They rode on the same plane home. Ecstasy didn’t speak to him and spent most of the time in the cockpit with the pilot. Even so, Jet spent most of his time asleep on the plane. Why didn’t Ecstasy want to get to know him on the plane?  He could have prepared him for the island. Jet suspected Ecstasy didn’t give two flying shits about him and didn’t want to waste his time. Meeting him today, Jet could believe that was the reason for Ecstasy ignoring him on the plane.

He wished Master would hurry and get home. He felt so out of place here. Maybe if Drake was here this would change. He closed his eyes and willed himself to go to sleep. He didn’t want to think about this anymore.

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