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mastelove2"Your submission to me is a gift. My dominance of you an honor" - Master Drake


"That you allow me to do these things to you...that you give yourself completely over to me is a blessing that I'm truly thankful for." -Master Dante



After Seth's visit to Master Drake's island, he wanted nothing more than to be called Master.  He seeks out Master Falcon, the slave trader, to purchase the submissives he so craved. He doesn't see there is more to being a Master than just owning slaves.  Master Falcon's price is quite high. He wants Seth to bring him Master Dante's favorite slave Bazil and he wants Leon back from Master Drake. If Seth can do this Falcon will train the slaves that he will give to Seth.   Seth gets Falcon what he wants. Now Master Drake and Dante will do anything to get their submissives back.  Falcon knows this, he is counting on it. He wants Drake and Dante to pay for shunning him.


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Fans of Justus Roux will enjoy A Master’s Love, the next installment of her Master series. Many of the characters from her previous stories- Drake, Dante, Ecstasy, Bazil, Leon, and Angelique revisit making for a rich story.  This novella is a cautionary tale which exposes BDSM’s underbelly.  When I first met Seth in Ms. Roux’s last book, I knew he was an unsavory character having dubious morals.  Seth is childlike in his quest, not caring whose lives will be forever torn or if anyone is hurt by his actions.  He’s no match for the wily Falcon, a true piece of garbage who abuses his slaves beyond anyone’s acceptable standards.  Masters Drake and Dante pair up to locate and return their kidnapped submissives.  These two men demonstrate by word and deed they are “true” masters deserving their submissives’ devotion.   

4.5 out 5

Reviewer Victoria

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A MASTER’S LOVE/AMOUREX is a wonderful duo of stories that showcase two very captivating characters that had me looking up the other books in this series. It does have some scenes of M/M, Bondage, S&M, and other fetishes that may not appeal to everyone. It is a very sexually powerful book that will get you hot and bothered to the point you will want a cold shower or to jump your significant other. Justus Roux is a compelling storyteller and I will definitely add this author on my “to read list”. If you enjoy a revealing look into the world of Masters and Mistresses then grab A MASTER’S LOVE/AMOUREX. I look forward to more from author Justus Roux and can’t wait to see more of the Master Series.





Seth walked into the large mansion. There was so much security it was kind of creepy, yet intriguing.  Steve had came through and set up a meeting with Master Falcon. Seth couldn’t wait to pick out his new slaves. Him a Master, now that was interesting.  He would show Master Drake that he could be just as good of a Master as he was.

Two very large men flanked a set of doors. They stopped Seth from entering.

"What the hell?" Seth said.

"We must prepare you first."

"Prepare me for what?"

"To be in our Master's presence."

"You got to be kidding me."

Seth was surprised when one of the large men grabbed him and pulled his arms behind his back.

"Hey, get your hands off of me," Seth growled.

"Silence," the larger one barked.

They chained Seth's arms behind his back then led him into the room.

This room was massive. There were beautiful men and women lying about everywhere. It reminded him of an Arabic harem. Gold, lace, silk, all sorts of adornment covered the room. Opulent was lacking to describe how this room was decorated.  Seth had never seen anything like this.

The two large men dragged him to a room just off of this large room. They threw him to the floor.

"On your knees," one of them growled.

"Now," the other said as he lifted Seth up and forced him into a kneeling position, then both men came to their knees beside Seth.

"You must be Seth."

Seth looked up to see the owner of such a silky voice. He was taken back by Falcon's beauty. Not even Ecstasy could hold a candle to this man's beauty. Seth found himself speechless.

"It is always so amusing to see a person's reaction to me when they see me for the first time. I will allow you to drink in my beauty for a moment."

"Full of yourself, aren't you?"

"No, I'm just responding to your reaction to me."

Seth winced when one of the large men slammed him to the ground. "Watch how you talk to Master."

"Let him up." Falcon walked closer to Seth. "You will remember to show me the utmost respect, Seth, or my servants will remind you."

"Unchain me."

Falcon walked back and sat down in his large chair. He smiled when one of the large men slammed Seth to the ground again. "They can do worse. Remember your manners, Seth. Let him up."

"Yes Master."

"The only reason you are allowed in my presence is because of your friend. He did me a big favor once and I always remember to repay such favors. Now what do you want from me?"

"I heard you are the best slave trainer. I want to buy some slaves from you."

"Oh, is that all. Well Seth, I have sold off quite a large portion of my stock."

"Needed some money?" Seth chuckled then winced when one of those monster servants slammed him to the ground again.

"Let him up."

"Yes Master."

"I have more money than I know what to do with. I was angry by the loss of a slave that is why I got rid of so many of them."

"Just get another one. Hell, you got quite a collection of hotties lying about in that large freaking room out there."

"Oh them, they are a pleasant distraction. However I wouldn't be angry to lose any of them. My former servant sold off my Leon."

"Leon? You mean that really pretty fucker who lives with Master Drake?"

Falcon stood. "Master Drake."

"Yeah, he has someone named Leon living on his island."

"Whose hair looks like chocolate silk, green eyes, small, beautiful," Falcon purred.

"Yeah that sounds like the Leon I saw."

"That former servant sold Leon to a man named Rapture."

"Yeah, that's what I heard. But this Rapture gave Leon to Master Drake. Why do you keep calling that man former servant?"

Falcon smiled. "He isn't a servant anymore."

"Fired him, did ya?"

"No, I killed him."

Seth’s eyes opened wide.

Falcon walked back down to Seth. "Tell me is Master Drake as beautiful as they say he is?"

Seth quickly gathered himself. "Yeah, he is one hot fucker."

"What is Leon doing? Does he serve Master Drake?"

""No, he is Ecstasy's lover."

"Ecstasy…" Falcon looked up at the ceiling. "What do you think of Ecstasy?"

"Wow, pretty much sums it up."

"Really, I’m intrigue by this Ecstasy. He has bewitched Master Dante, is Master Drake's favorite pet, and is the cause of Devin's death. Does he really look like an angel?"

"Yeah he does."

"I would love to have such a man in my harem."

"Take a number, pal." Seth winced when he was slammed to the floor again.

"Let him up."

"Yes Master."

"You watch your mouth or I will have one of my servants fill it with his cock. Do you understand?"


"My Leon is someone else’s lover. This pisses me off."

"You can beat me if it will make you feel better, Master," the large one said.

"Not now. Seth, as for your request for slaves, I do have a few but they are not trained properly."

"What about the ones out there?"

"Those are mine. You will come back in a month. I will have two men and two women. I just acquired them."

"A month?"

"Patience, I'm short handed after all. However, I will lower myself to train them myself if you will help me."

"Name it."

"I want my Leon back. And I have a feeling wherever Leon goes that Ecstasy is sure to follow. You will help me to obtain Leon."

"How in the hell am I supposed to do that?"

"Oh and one more thing, I want Dante's Bazil."

"What?! Are you fucking crazy?"

"You manage to do all of this and I will give you the pick of my personal harem in addition to the four slaves that I will train personally."

"This is quite an honor," one of the guards said.

"Leon never leaves Drake's island. And I heard Dante will kill anyone who touches Bazil."

"One month Seth. If you haven’t given me what I want then you shall have no slaves at all."

"Hey, what about I pay you three times the going rate for each slave."

"Money, you think I can be swayed by mere money. No, I want Leon and Dante's Bazil as payment. Four slaves I will train myself, and five of my personal harem. You can even sell them off and make quite a sum off of them if you want when you grow bored with them. Now go." Falcon walked back up to his chair and sat down. He watched his guards drag Seth out. He doubted Seth could keep his end of the bargain. But, it would be interesting to see if he could. Falcon started to chuckle.



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