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Lilith’s Romulus/ Rex’s Jinx



“Lilith’s Romulus”


This is the prequel to “Lilith’s Web” the upcoming novel in the “Master Series”, and tells the story on how Lilith and Romulus met and fell in love.



“Rex’s Jinx”

This is a prequel to the book “Bind Me” the previously released novel in the “Master Series”. It tells the back-story on how Jinx met Rex, and how they became lovers


Both novellas are exciting additions to Justus Roux’s best selling Master Series. 



This is the prequel to “Lilith’s Web” and tells the story on how Lilith and Romulus met and fell in love.


  Chapter One


Xanthos wasn’t sure about this. He looked at the young man standing before him. There was no doubt that Romulus was beautiful. His body was very strong, lean, tight. His hair was long and a deep black color.

“I have never trained a blind submissive before,” Xanthos said.

“I need to belong to someone,” Romulus said in a quiet voice.

A since of obligation filled Xanthos. He couldn’t turn away this young man. It wasn’t because he was blind, but who was related to this man.

“It is up to Lilith, whether she trains you or not is up to her. Do you understand what I’m saying, boy?”

“Yes Sir.”

“I am sorry about the passing of your mother. Is it your grief that drives you to this lifestyle?”

“With all due respect, Sir, I did not look upon my mother with the need to submit to her. I love my mother in a purely paternal way.”

“I didn’t mean to infer that you and your mother…never mind. I was just thinking that sometimes grief makes a submissive want to submit. Not out of need, but out of pain.”

“I assure you my need to submit has been with me for quite some time.”

“You are very well spoken. I like that.”

“Well, is this my new submissive?” Lilith said as she entered the room.

“Romulus, this is Mistress Lilith.”

Lilith walked over to him, letting her gaze drink in all of him. He was a beautiful man. She looked into his eyes. His eyes were a pure crystal color, a bit disarming at first. His eyes didn’t fixate on anything. Not did she expect they would. However, she wasn’t expecting the color of his eyes or the way the pupils didn’t flux, they stayed small, giving his eyes an ethereal unreal look.

“I can keep my eyes close or wear sunglasses if you would prefer, Mistress Lilith.”

Lilith was a little embarrassed that she made him feel uneasy. “Don’t worry about that. Your eyes are unique, don’t cover them. Please leave us for a moment, Romulus.” Lilith watched him take out his elegant white cane. The rhythmic tapping it made on the marble floor filled the room. She waited until the servant closed the door.

“I can see you are very uneasy with this, Lilith,” Xanthos said.

“I’m not uneasy, just unprepared. He is very beautiful. I have never seen a male like him.”

Xanthos gestured for her to sit down. “If you don’t want to train him I will understand.”

“I will train him. He has nowhere else to go. I read his file. I do have one question and I want a straight answer from you for once.”

“Of course.”

“Is the Apollo mentioned in the file, Dante’s Apollo?”


“Romulus looks nothing like Apollo.”

“They had different fathers.”

“Apollo’s mother sold him to you ages ago. Why did she take such good care of Romulus if she could easily abandon her other child?”

“It’s a long story. You will have to ask Romulus. The only thing I can tell you is that Romulus’ mother believed it was Apollo’s fault that Romulus lost his eyesight.”

“Was it?”

“It was a tragic accident nothing more.”

“How do you know that?”

“Romulus told me. He is looking for Apollo. I just thought you should know that. I will leave it up to you if you decide to tell him where Apollo is.”

“Does Apollo know Romulus is here?”

“No. And I want to keep it that way for awhile.”

“First thing is first anyways. I have to see if I can train Romulus or not.”

“He is very intelligent. And damn, he can sing. Heavenly, just heavenly.”

“Cyrus is going to have a bug up his butt about this. I’m starting to think Cyrus would make a better master than submissive anyways.”

“You know I only want you to train Mistresses.”

“What can I do? If Cyrus is meant to be a master and not a submissive I have no choice but to train him as such.”

“We will talk more on this later.”

Lilith stood. “I want to get Romulus home and get his training started. If I can’t train him none of the other Mistresses will have the skill to do so. I’m not going to worry about it. Let me get him home first and I will go from there. I will talk to you later, Xanthos.” She left the room. Training Romulus wasn’t going to be easy, but she was up for the challenge.

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