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Love’s Escape



Beth was in love with Master Druce from the moment he saved her from the massacre at a BDSM club. He kept her from seeing the worse and now Master Xanthos is having Master Druce train her. Beth couldn’t be happier, but her age is a concern to Druce.

Master Druce demands perfection from his submissives and this new submissive Xanthos has given to him is far from that. Beth is so much younger than him and she is brand new to this lifestyle. Druce can’t deny Xanthos’ request to train this new submissive. Will he be able to train her to be the submissive he needs so he can be the Master she deserves?

Phoenix was saved from the same massacre that Beth was. He was placed exactly where he wanted to be with Mistress Roxanne. Through her Phoenix could get to Master Rex and finally find Master Jinx and his submissive Lucy. His Master would finally have justice and this is all Phoenix has been living for.

Kyle didn’t trust Phoenix from the start. Something was off with his Mistress’ new submissive from the beginning. While staying at Master Rex’s home so Rex can help Roxanne with Phoenix, Rex’s submissives start to mysteriously fall ill one by one.  Kyle believes in his heart that it is Phoenix who is causing all of this, but he can’t prove it.  Kyle sees the true target of Phoenix’s venom. How will he ever convince Master Rex that the person who is most precious to him is target for Phoenix’s revenge?


Music I listened to when I wrote “Love’s Escape”

Sex is on Fire-Fleet

You Make the Rain Fall- Kevin Rudolph and Flo Rida

Everyday People-Joan Jett

Crazy Possessive- Kaci Battalgia

Put in a Love Song- Alicia Keys

Halo- Beyoncé

 Opps, oh my- Tweet

Work it Out- Pitbull

Hella good- No Doubt

I Shall Believe- Sheryl Crow


Chapter One


“I hate wearing a damn collar,” Lash said as he fidgeted in the limo.

“Calm down, baby bear,” Damien said as he pulled on the leash he had attached to Lash’s collar.

“Stop calling me that and stop pulling that damn leash.”

“Now you know how your pretty little submissive feels don’t you.”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“Lash, you better get into your role,” Druce said. He adjusted the collar Xanthos had put on him. “Who is going to believe you’re a well-trained sub if you keep acting like that?”

“Druce is right, Lash. Look at the bigger picture here and not your foolish pride,” Xanthos said.

“Yes Sir.” Lash sighed. He respected Xanthos above all else. He was actually honored that Xanthos asked him to help with this. He looked up at Damien. Damien just smiled at him. Damn, this man turned him on. Why in the fuck did he have to pretend to be this asshole’s submissive? He was attracted to Damien and this made this whole thing harder than it needed to be.

Xanthos could see how uncomfortable Lash was being Damien’s pretend submissive. Lash was too prideful at times. This would be good for him. There was nothing wrong with being attracted to another dominant.

“This is it?” Druce said as they pulled up to a rather modest house.

“It’s the address.” Xanthos texted his friend on the Dallas police station and let him know they were there. He would call him when or if it was time to go in. “We ready?”

“Yep,” Damien said. “Come on, baby bear it’s show time.”

They all headed up to the front door. Damien knocked but no one answered.

Both Damien and Xanthos unhooked the leashes from Lash and Druce’s collars. Something wasn’t right, everyone could feel it.

“I don’t like this,” Druce said. He moved to the front. He turned the doorknob and was surprised to find it opened. “Stand back.”

“Druce…” Xanthos didn’t like the feeling that came over him.

Druce went into the house. The others followed.

“Holy fuck!” Damien gasped. He quickly turned Lash around. “Don’t look.”

“What the fuck?” Lash tried to turn around.

“Don’t look, Lash. They are all dead.” Damien was shocked seeing the amount of blood that was everywhere.

Lash broke free of Damien’s grasp. He turned around and froze. “Oh my God. What do we do?”

“I have called the police. Druce, where are you going?”

“There might be someone still alive. The rest of you stay there.” Druce carefully moved through the house.  Everyone he came across was dead. He slowly went down into the basement. He spotted a young girl and pretty male chained to the wall. He hurried over to them.

“Who are you?” Phoenix said.

“I’m Master Druce. I came with Master Xanthos.” He unhooked Phoenix then unhooked Beth. “Leave the blindfold on.”

Beth couldn’t move. She felt herself being lifted up.

“Don’t hurt me,” she whimpered.

“I’m not going to hurt you, but I need you to leave that blindfold on.”

Phoenix gasped seeing an older man come down into the basement. Those eyes, those beautiful eyes, this man had to be Master Xanthos.

“Are you alright?” Xanthos asked Phoenix.

“What is going on? We heard screams.”

“Let’s get you out of here. I strongly suggest that you allow me to blindfold you.”

“No, I don’t know you.”

“I’m Master Xanthos, you contacted me.”

“Even so…I don’t feel comfortable being blindfolded.”

“You don’t want to see what happened upstairs. Please, at least close your eyes. Let’s go Druce, we have to get them out of here.”

Xanthos led Phoenix out of the basement and then out of the house. Druce carried Beth out of the house.

“Only two survived?” Damien said.

Xanthos looked at Lash. He was visibly upset. Damien was trying to soothe him. “Yeah, only two.”

Druce slowly removed Beth’s blindfold as he still held her in his arms. She looked up into his handsome face. This man saved her. She felt safe being held in his strong arms. An overwhelming feeling that she couldn’t describe filled her. She snuggled closer to him. He said he was a Master. He looked every bit the part too.  

The police came and took their statements. It looked like one of the dominants went nuts and killed everyone then himself. He must have forgotten about the two in the basement.  Xanthos agreed to look after Phoenix and Beth.

“Why in the fuck would someone do that?” Lash said in the limo as they drove back. “Why?”

“This world is full of evil, Lash,” Xanthos said. “These two need to see a doctor.”

“I don’t want to be in a hospital,” Beth said as she latched on to Druce’s arm. “I want to stay with him.”

“I think that might be a good idea, Druce. She feels safe with you and that is what she needs right now. We will sort things out later. Phoenix, I will help place you with a Mistress or a Master once you have calmed down.”

“I want a Mistress. I heard about a Mistress Roxanne in your community. I was hoping…that man said he could get me in to meet you…he said he knew Mistress Roxanne…” Phoenix started to cry.

“I don’t know if Roxanne is what you need right now.” Xanthos held Phoenix to him. “Nothing has to be decided now.”

Damien looked at the pretty little male. Something wasn’t right, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Nothing was right about what he just saw. He wished Lash would have listened to him and not turned around. “Are you alright, baby bear?”

“No, I’m fucking not alright. How in the fuck…why didn’t any of them fight?”

“Maybe he drugged the wine and they couldn’t fight. You have to pull it together before we get back to my house. Your submissive can’t see you like this.” Damien watched Lash instantly calm himself.

“You’re right.”

“The only thing that bothers me was he picked now to do this, just as we were coming here,” Damien said.

“I find that a bit strange too,” Druce said. “Why were you two chained down in the basement?”

“I was the prize, that is what the head Master told me,” Beth said.

“Prize for what?”

“They were having some sort of contest and the winner got to have me.”

“What about you?”

“I was being punished for contacting Master Xanthos. My owner looked through my laptop and found what I was doing. He was going to beat me after they finished their contest.”

“Who was your owner?”

Phoenix looked to the floor. “This might have been all my fault. He knew I contacted you…” Phoenix started to cry hysterically. “Maybe that is what pushed him over the edge. Oh my God I am responsible for all of this.”

“No you’re not. Don’t blame yourself,” Xanthos said.

“I’m going to name you three.” Phoenix jerked hearing his old Master’s voice in his head. “My three, you are worthy of my love.”

“What is wrong with him?” Damien said, watching Phoenix hug himself.

“Three…three…” Phoenix started to cry harder.

“Whoa…” Lash said as he watched Phoenix’s strange behavior. “That little dude is in shock. God knows what that bastard of a Master put him through.”

“Shh, it’s alright. You are safe now,” Xanthos said softly.

Phoenix looked up into Xanthos’ eyes. He smiled. “Three, I’m your three. I have always loved your eyes, Master.”

“Let’s get back to Damien’s house so I can contact a doctor for these two.”

Damien was shocked to see Phoenix’s demeanor suddenly change back to cool and calm. It was like someone flipped a switch. “I don’t know if Roxanne will be able to handle…”

“Nothing will be decided now. I will let them have time to recoup. Thankfully they were shielded from the worse of this. Lash…” Xanthos looked over at him.

“Hey, don’t worry about me. Just give me a minute. I will be fine.” Lash leaned his head against Damien’s shoulder.





They got back to Damien’s house. Lash hurried inside and went straight to the studio when he heard the music playing.

“Xanthos…Lash is really shaken up. I’m pretty freaked out about all of this too,” Damien said.

“I’m sorry, I had no idea that anything like that was going to…” Xanthos looked at Phoenix and Beth. “At least these two…Damien, please have your servant take them to a room so they can rest.”

Damien instructed George to take them to a room, then he went to find Lash. When he entered the studio Lash was sitting down on one of the chairs hugging Julie tightly to him. Damien could hear Lash gently singing to his submissive. It was such a tender sight.

“Master?” Steve hurried over to him as well as Cassie.

All Damien could see in his mind was all the blood that was in that house. Then his thoughts went to Steve’s former Master and how he killed his submissive. That could have been Steve. Damien grabbed Steve and Cassie and held them to him.

“What has happened, Master?” Cassie asked.

“It was awful…we only saved two of them. The others…shit…they were all dead when we got there.”

“Master…” Steve hugged Damien tighter.

Xanthos walked into the studio. Damien was going to be alright, but Lash…Xanthos was mad at himself for involving Lash in this. Lash was so young. “Fuck,” Xanthos growled. He left the studio and went to find Druce. One of Damien’s servants said that Druce headed to the gym. As Xanthos got closer he could hear Druce beating on a heavy boxing bag.

Xanthos slowly came into the gym and watched Druce kicking and punching the shit out of the bag.

“How is the baby Master?” Druce asked as he continued to hit the bag.

“He is rattled.”

“Damien will make him feel better.”

“How are you doing?”

“I’m fucking pissed off. Why would a dominant do that? And Lash is right, why didn’t any of them fight back.”

“My cop friend thinks they were drugged judging by how dilated all their eyes were.”

Druce stepped back from the bag. “Did Phoenix give you a clue what might have happen?”

“No, I just assumed it was just a bad club who took advantage of submissives. To be honest it didn’t even look like some club. It looked like someone’s house. This was just some kind of sex party. I will get to the bottom of this. I have to.”

“What about those two submissives?”

“I think you should train Beth. She needs to feel safe.”

“She is what, maybe eighteen at most. She is too young for me. For God’s sake I’m thirty-two.”

“You make her feel safe. Just start her training, if it doesn’t work out I will find her a new dominant. You aren’t training anyone at the moment. Rex is busy training a new Mistress. Drake is having marital issues at the moment. Beth feels safe with you.”

Druce sighed. He couldn’t refuse Xanthos, but he didn’t like the thought of training a female who was so young. “I will do it, but on a trial basis.”

“That’s all I can ask.”

“What about the male?”

“I don’t know yet. He seems to have his heart set on Roxanne. Why didn’t he just come to me first? Why did he have to go to that club?”

“You are a hard man to get in to see. Maybe he thought it was the only way.”

“Maybe. I will talk to Rex and see if he thinks Roxanne can handle it. For now, I think it’s best if Lash stays here with Damien for a little while. The only problem is convincing Lash to do that.”

“Let Damien convince him. As you said Damien can talk his way out of hell if he wanted.”

“Are you sure you are alright? I wonder if Damien is alright.”

“I will be fine. It’s going to be hard to get those images out of my head. But I will deal with it. Damien will be just fine too. I just hope Lash won’t be damaged by this.”

“I will speak with Damien. I think you should take Beth to your home tomorrow. The sooner she gets away from all these people the better. If at any time you don’t think you can handle training her let me know and I will help you.”

Druce went back to kicking the crap out of the boxing bag.

Xanthos went back to find Damien. He entered the studio again and saw Damien talking with Lash. Druce is right, Damien would help Lash get through this. This made Xanthos feel a little better. He turned to George. “Is there somewhere I can make a phone call in private?”

“Yes Sir. I will show you to Master’s office.”

“Thank you.”

Xanthos followed George to the office. He sat behind Damien’s desk and closed his eyes. He needed a moment to let everything he just seen sink in. What he just witness reminded him of when he entered Falcon’s house and that damn earth pit Falcon threw slaves in to die. Rex’s Elle was the only submissive who was saved from that pit.

“Falcon…” Xanthos whispered. His son was a monster…and yet he missed him. Xanthos had to clear his mind. He had to call Rex and see if Roxanne would be able to handle Phoenix. His gut was telling him not to send Phoenix to Roxanne. And yet, how could he not. If it was Phoenix’s desire to train with Roxanne…Xanthos took several deep breaths to clear his mind.



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