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B0000AFX9JThis is not a love story.

It's a story about obsession, compulsion, devotion and an all-encompassing need for someone.


No, this is not a love story…


Tom and Anna Bradford wanted to dabble in S&M, but Anna’s unrelenting need for the very best leads them to Master Dante.  The couple realized quickly that they are in over their heads; however, it is too late to turn back now.  Dante's Mansion is in the middle of the Nevada desert, the only way out is if Master Dante wishes for you to leave.  Their only hope is to endure Dante's cruelty for the next two weeks...but a lot can change in two weeks.


"You will become so obsessed with me, that I will fill every waking thought you have. " -  Master Dante

"When Dante lavished attention on you, damn it felt good, but when he moved on to another favorite toy, the loneliness was crushing."  -Wrath






I feel the straps cutting into my skin, it is his embrace. I smell the faint odor of sweat and leather, it is the scent of him.  As always, I wait. Master, will you come for me today?  Such pleasures I can only hope.  I hear footsteps coming closer. Is it you, Master? Please, please, let it be you.

Anna tried to remember the day she arrived, the day she first saw Master Dante.  The ropes and leather straps bit at her skin as she hung there. Discipline, that is what he calls this room, and this is where Anna has been all day.  Master Dante tied her up like this. He took the time to do it himself.

Anna’s mind was fuzzy, memories were flickering in an out. Tom hadn’t come back for her. Not that she blamed him.  She tried to move in her restraints, but Master was so good at this.  Her thoughts trying to be rational, she should leave, go back home.  But…Anna closed her eyes…  I just can’t…



Chapter One



 “Wait, let me get this straight. You have some guy come over to your house, who instructs Steve how to dominate you.” Anna took a sip of her coffee. “And, oh I like this bit, this guys name is Master Demetri.” Anna chuckled a little.

 “Laugh all you want, but it has really spice things up in the bedroom,” Jane replied.  Jane was a petite, dark haired woman, pretty like a cherub. “I could give you Master’s number when he gets back in town.”

“Where did he go?” Anna burst out laughing. “The slap and tickle convention?”

“Will you stop it? For your information, he went back to his Master Dante to learn a few more tricks or something like that. All Master Demetri told us is that he needed Master Dante.” Jane wanted to pull Anna’s long, dark hair for making fun of her.  “You’re the one who asked about S&M you know. I shared mine and Steve’s personal business to help you and you’re making jokes.”

 “You’re right, I’m sorry.” Anna got up and poured herself another cup of coffee. “So your Master has a Master. Whew, that’s a mouthful.” Anna leaned up against the counter. “So where does this Master Dante teach at?”

“Somewhere out in the Nevada desert.”

 “Can you get his number?” Anna went back to the table and sat down. Jane looked at her best friend strangely.

 “I can have Master Demetri introduce you guys to this world. You know you should really take it slow.”

“What, afraid that I will show you up by going to the top guy.”

 “No that’s not it. Master Dante is for the hardcore S&M people. You shouldn’t really just jump into the deep end.”

 “Oh please. Get his number. I won’t waste my time with second best.”

“This is not a yoga class, Anna.” Jane saw that look in Anna’s eyes. There would be no talking her out of this.

 “Only the best, you know that’s my motto.” Anna placed her cup down. “Maybe, Tom and I can go to Vegas when were done getting whipped into shape, pardon the pun.” Anna chuckled.

 “You should take this seriously. You have no idea what you are getting into.”

“Why don’t you enlighten me?” Anna’s mind was already made up. If Jane’s Master had a Master then damn it, Anna wanted the top person. Why the hell should she waste her time on a mere student?

 “Anna, there is many levels to this whole world. Steve and I are basically beginners. This is probably as far as we are going. Master Demetri knows this and respects this. If everything he has said about Master Dante is true, you want no part of that guy.”

 “Oh, damn it, Jane, you are being so vague. So what, I get tied up and slap on the ass. Hell if Tom likes it we will add it to the list of kinky things we do.”

 “Anna, will you for once listen to me, Master Dante’s mansion is in the middle of nowhere. He can do pretty much anything to you and there is little you can do about it.”

“Please, Jane.” Anna rolled her eyes at her friend’s dramatics.

 “I’m not kidding, Anna. Master Dante has rooms called discipline, torment and what was the other one.” Jane snapped her fingers. “Isolation, that’s it.”

 “Oooh.” Anna made a silly face at her. “It’s all part of the show, Jane.”

“Listen, Anna! Start with Master Demetri if you like it then progress to Master Dante.”

 “Just get Master Dante’s number for me.” Anna was growing tired of this discussion.  The guy had a flare for the dramatic, so the fuck what.  She and Tom would be paying customers what could this Master Dante really do to them.

 “Here, but you are being stupid.” Jane thrust the piece of paper at her. “Maybe Master Dante won’t accept you guys?”

 “Hell, honey you be surprised what throwing in a few extra dollars would get you.” Anna took the paper. “Don’t look so dreary.” Anna hugged Jane.  “Thanks, I owe you one.” Anna winked at her then left Jane’s house.




Chapter Two



Master Dante stalked into his desert mansion. He was glad to be back in his domain. He and his favorite slave Apollo spent two weeks at Kjonn Fengsel that detestable sex island. Well, fuck Wrath and fuck that pathetic Master of his. But, his cock couldn’t forget Ecstasy. Damn it why didn’t that fucking Master sell him to Dante.  Hell, he knew why, that Ecstasy knew how to suck cock.

 “Apollo, tell Tavon to get his ass into my chambers,” Dante bellowed

“Yes, Master.” Apollo hurried off.

Dante was greeted with down turned eyes and quiet voices. He ignored them all and went into his chamber. His chamber was huge. Metal post lined the walls leading up to his enormous bed. This bed had large post and chains hooked to the footboard. Off to the side of the bed was a cage, beyond that was Dante’s dressing area and bathroom. No one but Dante was allowed in there.  Along the back wall Dante proudly display his whips, crops and other assorted toys.

Dante went straight to his dressing chamber to take a long hot shower. When he finished he walked back into his bedchamber nude.  Tavon was on his knees in front of Dante’s bed.  Tavon was six feet tall, well-muscled with long ash blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail.  He was only dressed in a pair of soft leather pants that clung to his hot body nicely. For this was how Master Dante commanded all his male slaves to dress. “Damn it! I thought your hair was blonder than that.” Dante stood in front of Tavon, he reached back, and pulled Tavon’s hair tilting his head back. “Look at me.” Tavon slowly raised his eyes to meet Dante’s. Master had never let Tavon look him in the eyes before.  Dante looked deep into Tavon’s blue eyes. “Your eyes aren’t even the right shade of blue, damn it!” Dante pushed Tavon to the ground.  He went to his bed and sat down.  “Untie your hair and let it flow freely.”

Tavon quickly obeyed. His hair hung to the middle of his back.  “Well at least your hair is the right length. Get over here and suck my cock.” Dante commanded. He leaned back on his arms and waited for Tavon’s mouth.  Tavon rushed up to him and fell to his knees. Master didn’t like to be kept waiting. He took Dante’s cock into his mouth and sucked hard. Dante grabbed a handful of Tavon’s hair and pushed down filling Tavon’s mouth full of his cock.  “Look up at me as you suck my cock.” Dante looked into Tavon’s eyes. “Yeah, take more into your mouth.” Dante pushed more of his cock into his mouth. Tavon made a gagging noise when Dante’s cock reached the back of his throat.  “Choke on it fucker for all I care.” Dante pulled at Tavon’s hair bobbing him on his cock.  Dante fell back into the bed and closed his eyes. Imagines of Ecstasy filled his mind. Oh, the way that fucker sucked his cock.  That long golden blonde hair wrapped in Dante’s hand and those pale blue eyes looking up at him, and that fucking mouth… “Oh fuck!” Dante spurted his juice down Tavon’s throat causing him to gag again. “You fucking pussy.” Dante kicked Tavon away from him. “You can’t even swallow your Master’s cock.”

“Forgive me, Master.” Tavon went to his knees and lowered his eyes to the floor.

Dante went to the back wall and pulled down a thin leather whip. He rushed over to Tavon and beat him several times across the back. Tavon didn’t move or cry out. This cooled Dante’s anger.  “Get the hell out of here!”

 “Yes, Master.” Tavon jumped to his feet and left the room.

Dante lay back on his bed and fumed. He wanted Ecstasy here with him. To have that amazing mouth service him whenever he desired it, but instead Dante had to settle for poor imitations. 

A knock on the door capture Dante’s attention. “This better be good,” he yelled out.

An average size woman, dressed in a clingy black skirt and a black lace bra top timidly walked into the room. Her big blue eyes turned down to the ground. “Forgive me for intruding, Master, but …” Cassandra didn’t know how to handle the pushy woman on the phone and thought Master might enjoy telling her off.

 “Well what is it?” Dante climbed out of bed. Cassandra knew he was naked without even looking at him. The lack of leather rubbing together gave it away.  Master always wore leather.

“There is a phone call I think you should take.”

Dante ran his fingers through her soft, short black hair. “Mmmm.” Dante hissed picking her up. He carried her to the east wall and shackled her arms to the highest chain he could reach. He left the room leaving her hanging there.

Dante strolled nude through the large open area to his office. All servants and slaves turned their eyes to the floor as he approached. Anyone caught looking into his eyes without his permission was severely punished.  He banged the door open and picked up the phone receiver.

“Who is this?” Dante flatly stated.

 “Do you think you could have left me on hold any longer? I want to talk to Master Dante so go fetch him.”

The woman’s voice on the other end of the line, instantly enraged Dante. “This is Master Dante!” he bellowed into the phone.

“Oh… Well then, I’m sorry. I guess we got off to a rocky start. Let me introduce myself, my name is Anna Bradford. Me and my husband Tom would like to go to your resort and learn about your special…ummh…talents.”


 “Or whatever you call it. I assure you I can pay very well for your services.”

 “Is that right. Fuck you, Mrs. Bradford.” Dante hung up the phone.  He counted to five then the phone rang. “Predictable.” Dante sighed. “Yeah.”

 “Did you just hang up on me?”


 “Master Dante, I don’t think you understand what I am offering. Set your price, all I want is your expert teaching.”

 “Hundred thousand dollars.”


 “I set my price, now live with it.” Dante figured that would get rid of the annoying bitch.

 “How about twenty-five thousand?”

 “You are wasting my time.” Dante hung the phone up again. How in the hell did that woman get his number anyways. Only a select few knew about his mansion.  The phone rang again. Dante laughed then picked it up.

 “Fifty thousand.” 

 “One hundred thousand or just fuck off.” 

There was silence for a moment.  “Alright, one hundred thousand, but you’d better be worth it.”

 “Oh no, woman, you better be worth my time.” Dante put her on hold. “Xylon,” Dante called out.

 “Yes, Master.” Xylon was a gorgeous oriental man with a strong body. His black hair was short giving his face a harsh look.   Like all the other men, he was dressed in soft leather pants. Dante demanded all his male slaves stay in top physical condition.  He enjoyed looking at them. His female slaves were expected to maintain tight strong bodies as well.

 “Give this woman the details on how to get here.” Dante walked out of the room.

 “You will be picked up at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. How you get there is your problem. Be there Saturday at three o’clock in the afternoon. Apollo will greet you.”

 “Whoa wait, what does this Apollo look like?”

“Apollo is tall, short blonde hair, a very beautiful male. He will be wearing leather pants and a black t-shirt.  He will be standing by a black limo. You will wire the money into Master Dante’s account. Someone will get a hold of you to tell you how to do this. If the money is not in Master’s account, Apollo will not be there, understand?”


 “Saturday at three o’ clock.” Xylon hung up the phone. 



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