Yes...My Master

My name is Hope. I was blessed with knowing a truly remarkable man. I dearly loved Master Xavier. It was because of him that I was brave enough to explore this lifestyle.  Yet, he couldn’t become my Master. He said it wouldn’t be fair to me or to his brother Xanthos. When I met Master Xanthos I understood why Master Xavier couldn’t be my Master.  It was Master Xavier’s wish that his brother find me a perfect Master.  Master Xanthos’ BDSM community is one of the best communities and I am honored that my new Master is part of this community. There are so many Masters to choose from. I will learn about all these Masters from their new submissives. Yet…will any of them measure up to the memory of Master Xavier?

“Yes…My Master” is another exciting addition to Justus Roux’s Master Series.

Also included is a guide to Justus Roux’s Master Series.

"Yes...My Master" available now

Music I listened to when I wrote “Yes…My Master”


Crying like a bitch by Godsmack

Crazy Bitch by Buck Cherry

Werk Me by Hypercrush

Pain by Three Days Grace

Strobe Nanafushi by Kodo

I’ll be by Edwin McCain

Krazy by Pitbull

Undead by Hollywood Undead

Come on by J. Bigga

Alright by Pitbull

Crazy by Pitbull and Lumindee

Halo by Beyoncé

I Was Here by Beyoncé

Kothboro by Ayub Ogada

Night of the Wolf by Nox Arcana

Slave to Love by Lords of Acid

E.T. by Katy Perry

IMLYHYM by Seether

Turn Me On by Nora Jones

Innocence by Avril Lavigne


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