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Judas' Kiss


My Master, Noah, brought all of us to Master Xanthos’ community when our former head Master died suddenly.  I didn’t know at the time that my brother Rex was a Master in this new community. Yet, my Master knew about Rex and this is why he chose this community.  Being reunited with my brother is a blessing that I never thought would happen, yet, fitting into this community is difficult, especially for Adam.

Adam is a unique submissive. His wild nature is sometimes hard for my Master to control. I believe Adam is falling in love with Rex’s Elle.  This will only cause problems between my Master and my brother.  Rex is very protective of Elle and my Master wants to give Adam what he needs.

Then there is Master Judas…where do I begin…he is immature, spoiled and avoids dealing with anything. And to make things worse I believe Master Judas will give into his addiction again. My Master doesn’t need this right now. Yet...it is Master Judas’ behavior around my Master that ignites my anger.  The way he looks at Master Noah…he has feelings for my Master that go beyond mere friendship I just know it. The way Noah talks about Judas’ kiss... Noah is my Master, my husband...damn it, Judas. 

Songs I listened to while writing "Judas' Kiss"

Breath of Life- Florence and the Machine

I F***** hate you- Godsmack

Stinkfist- Tool

Levitate- Hadaken

How do you like me now- The Heavy

Over and Over- Hot Chip

Breathing- Jason Derulo

Creepshow- Kerli

 Take a Bow- Leona Lewis

Rain- Madonna

The Living Proof- Mary J. Blige

Die for You- Otherwise

Engel- Rammstein

By Your Side- Sade

Serenity- Godsmack


Tired- Stone Sour 

Chapter One


Jezebel waited at the airport with Xanthos for Noah’s driver to show up. She was numb, yet she was grateful that Xanthos was being so understanding and helpful about everything. Soon, she and Logan would be legally divorced. She still couldn’t wrap her head around this.

“It will be okay, Jezebel,” Xanthos said.

“Tell my heart that.”

The limo pulled up and a young male servant got out. He rushed over to Xanthos.

“Master Xanthos?” he asked unsure if he had the right man.


“Master Noah sent me to bring you back to his home.”

Xanthos led Jezebel to the limo. They got inside. She was quiet all the way to Noah’s home. They pulled up to the house. She liked the ocean view. Master Noah had recently bought a home in Oahu so that his submissive Emilia could be closer to her brother Rex.

They got out of the limo and followed the servant up to the house. He let them in and asked them to wait in the foyer.

“I have explained to you the dynamics of Noah’s home. Please remember what I have told you.”

“I remember.” She vaguely recalled their conversation. Everything about the last few weeks has been a blur.

“I will go speak with Noah. You stay here.”

Jezebel looked around the foyer. It was decorated pretty nicely, not quite her taste, but at least it didn’t look cheap. She really hoped it didn’t take Xanthos too long. She just wanted to lose herself in serving Master Noah. Let him decide what she should or shouldn’t do.

She looked at the painting of a beautiful ballet dancer. Whoever painted this was pretty good. They captured the joy of the dancer.

“Jezebel, I will be leaving now.”

She turned to Xanthos. Noah was standing beside him. She had forgotten how big Noah was. Hell, he was every bit as big as Rex was. She remembered those large hazel eyes of his from the first time she met him. There was something about this male that intrigued her. Was it the fact that he was so different than Logan? Or was it because he looked like he wouldn’t take too much crap from her? He was sexy. Maybe this was the only reason that she chose this Master to serve. She quite frankly didn’t have the strength to dissect this too much right now.

“I will leave you two to get to know one another.”

“Thank you, Master Xanthos, for everything,” Jezebel said softly.

“You’re welcome.” Xanthos left the house.

“I’m sorry to hear about your divorce,” Noah said gently. His voice was deep and there was a hint of a German accent. “I will show you to your room. I want you to have a little time alone. I think you need that right now.”

“Thank you,” was all she could think to say right now.

He led her upstairs and to the room at one end of the hall. “Take as long as you need. When you are ready come seek me out.”

She just nodded then went inside her room. She didn’t pay attention to much of anything she just headed to the bed and laid down. She began to cry unable to hold it anymore. The only thing that kept going through her mind was please let Master Noah help me forget Logan. 




Adam went into Jezebel’s room. He picked up a new female’s scent and was curious to see this new female. He perched on the footboard of her bed and gazed at her. He took a deep breath inhaling her scent. She smelt of lilies and woman. He gazed at the beautiful woman who was fast asleep on the bed. Her long dark hair fanned out across the pillow. He wanted to touch her hair to see if it was as soft as it looked. His gaze went to her body. The dress she wore clung to her soft curves. He wanted to grab her breasts and squeeze. His cock grew harder the longer he looked at her.


Jezebel slowly opened her eyes. She looked up at the ceiling. She remembered that she was at Master Noah’s home. She stretched then saw the strange male in a squatting position perched on the footboard. She let out a scream and moved up against the headboard.

“What the fuck are you?” she screeched. The wild-looking male had long thick dark hair. His green eyes were piercing. He wore only a pair of jeans. His body was muscular but not overly so. The way he perched there at the foot of the bed was freaking her out.

Adam growled then leaped onto the bed.

“Get away from me, you freak!” Jezebel cried out. Her heart pounded in her chest. Where the hell did this thing come from? More importantly, where the hell was Master Noah?

Stoppen, Junge,” Noah’s voice boomed through the room.

Adam quickly got off the bed and knelt off to the side of the room as Noah came into the room.

“What the fuck is that?” Jezebel said.

“Xanthos told me he explained to you about my household. You will take care what you call Adam.”

“That thing was perched on my bed like a fucking monkey.”

Noah walked over to the bed and grabbed Jezebel. “His name is Adam. You will remember to address me as Master. I will not repeat myself.” He let her go then went over to Adam. “It is okay, Junge. You just scared Jezebel. I explained to you that a new female was going to stay with us for a while.”

“I want her,” Adam growled. His cock was so hard. Her anger mixed with her fear made her even more beautiful. It had been so long since Adam lay with a female. He wanted her. His need was growing and growing.

“That thing isn’t touching me.”

Adam hissed at Jezebel. He didn’t like being called a thing. His anger mixed with his need.

“Go to your room, Adam,” Noah said, sensing Adam’s need. He had to get him out of here.

Adam hurried from Jezebel’s room.

“He better stay out of my room.”

Noah sat on her bed then grabbed her and threw her over his knee. He held her in place with one arm as he began to paddle her ass hard.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” Jezebel was genuinely surprised by Noah’s actions.

“You will obey me, Jezebel. Now address me properly.”

“Fuck you.”

He spanked her harder. “You came to me. I didn’t seek you out. If you want to serve me you will obey my commands. Now address me properly or I will send you back to Xanthos. I have no need for a spoiled brat in my home.”

“I’m sorry…Master.” Her ass felt like it was on fire as he continued to spank her. When he was finished he threw her back on the bed.

“No submissive shows me disrespect.” His German accent was heavy now. “No one calls Adam a thing, an animal or anything else along that line. If he does something to upset you then you come to me and I will deal with it. You better get along with my Emilia. Is this understood?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes Master.”

“I will not cut you slack because of your situation. If you are going to serve me you will do as my other submissives do. Is this understood?”

“Yes Master.”

“Now, I suggest you unpack your suitcases and get settled in.” He left the room and went to talk with Adam. When he entered Adam’s room Adam was perched on a chair.

“I didn’t hurt the female, Master.”

“I know you didn’t. But you can’t just go into her room like you do to Emilia. Jezebel doesn’t know you yet.”

“She called me a thing.”

“Don’t listen to her.” Noah ruffled Adam’s hair. “She is new to being submissive so try and give her a little slack.”

“I don’t like being called a thing,” he repeated as he pouted.

“I have commanded her not to call you that.”

Adam smiled at Noah. “When do I see Elle again?”

“You know Rex doesn’t like you to frighten her.”

“It is not my intent to do so.”

“Very good sentence structure, Junge.”

“I want to speak proper for Elle.”

“Boy, don’t get attached to her. Rex is very overprotective of her.”

“I would never hurt Elle.”

“I know that, but he doesn’t know that.”

“If he wasn’t Emilia’s brother I would…” Adam growled.

“He is a Master and you will show him the same respect you show me.”

“You are the only man I see as Master. These others are nothing to me.”

Noah sighed. It was a lot harder to control Adam around all these damn strangers. Since joining Xanthos’ community after the death of his former head Master Alexander, things have been very difficult to get adjusted to. Emilia was getting to know her brother Rex again, and Noah was grateful that she was able to do this. But poor Adam felt even more out of place in this new community.

“Master sad?”

“No, Adam, just worried about you. I know this has been very hard on you.”

“Emilia is happy to see her brother again. I will be alright.”

Noah smiled and opened his arms. Adam jumped off the chair and hurried over to him and hugged him tightly.

Ich liebe dich, Junge,” Noah said softly.

“I love you too, Master.”




Jezebel wandered around Noah’s home. It was decent enough. She missed New York though. But more so, she missed Logan. The renewed feeling of lost threatened to make her cry again. She looked out over the ocean and tried to clear her head.


She turned to the sound of a woman’s voice. The woman standing before her was the same woman in the painting of the ballerina that was in the foyer. She had long brown hair and beautiful dark eyes.

“Yeah, I’m Jezebel.”

“I’m Emilia. Master told me about you. I’m so sorry about what happened to you.”

Jezebel went back to gazing at the ocean. “What’s the story with the freaky male?”

“Adam takes some getting used to, but he is the sweetest male I have ever known. Life just dealt him some shitty cards.”

“Must have, to make him act like an animal.”

“Please be nice to him. Master will be angry if you upset him.”

“I have a feeling Master gets mad at a drop of a hat. Let me guess you guys live in Oahu because of Rex.”

“Master has been most generous about allowing me to be closer to my brother.”

“It’s hard to believe that bull is your brother. Though, you do have his eyes. I’m not looking forward to being dragged to his house constantly.”

“I will leave you to your thoughts.” Emilia headed back into the house. This new female was quite the bitch, yet she had no choice but to get along with her. She didn’t want to make things harder for Master.

“I no like that female,” Adam said as Emilia headed into the kitchen.

“The proper way to say that is I don’t like that female.”

“I don’t like that female.”

“She is hurting. To lose the man you love…” Emilia had to think how to phrase this so Adam would understand. “Imagine if we were to lose Master and how awful that would feel.”

“I don’t even want to think about life without Master.”

“But imagine the pain it would cause. That is what Jezebel is feeling since she lost her husband. Keep that in mind when she is being a bitch. I don’t think she means to hurt us, I think it is her pain that is talking.”

“I will try to be nice.”

“I will try to be nice too.”

“Emilia is always nice.”

“So is Adam.” She smiled and gently petted him. He jumped up to his feet. He looked down at Emilia. He was quite a bit taller than her. “I want to see Elle.”

“Perhaps, Master will allow us to go to Rex’s house tomorrow.”

“You convince Master, please Emilia.”

“I will try.”

Adam picked her up and hugged her tightly. Emilia laughed, which filled Adam with such joy. He loved Emilia as much as he loved Master. She has been so kind to him. She never got jealous that she had to share Master’s love with him. He spun her around and made her laugh harder. He would do anything for Master and Emilia, they were only to ask and he would do.

Noah smiled seeing Adam and Emilia playing then he looked out of the window and saw Jezebel just standing there looking out at the ocean.

“Her heart is broken by losing Logan. If you could get her to see her submissive side perhaps she might be able to win Logan’s heart again.”

“You are asking much of me, Xanthos.”

“She asked for you, Noah. She is so lost it breaks my heart to see a female suffer so.”

“It might be better for her to move on.”

“Then you might be able to help her do that, if this is the path she is supposed to take.”

“And if I can’t help her?”

“All I ask is that you try.”

“I will do this for you, Xanthos, since you have allowed both Judas and I to bring our submissives into your community.”

“You will be a wonderful asset to my community. The jury is still out on Judas.”

Noah could still hear the conversation he had with Xanthos. Why did he agree to do this? And yet he knew the answer. He owed Xanthos for taking Judas into his community. If he didn’t Noah could have never been able to reunite Emilia with her brother. He couldn’t leave Judas alone. He made a promise to Alexander that he would always look after Judas.

Noah sighed.

“What is wrong, Master?” Adam said as he rushed up behind Noah and hugged him from behind.

“Nothing, Junge.”

“Where is Judas?”

“That is a good question. His submissives are gone, so they must have went with him. Knowing that boy he is out showing off somehow and forcing his submissives to be his cheering squad.”

“That sounds like Judas.”

“Yes it does.”

“Go do your studies with Emilia.”

“Yes Master.”




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