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wrathcoverWhat if the life that used to bring you so much happiness no longer seemed to fit?


This was the question Wrath was faced with. He thought he found his place in the world when he met Master Drake.  But seeing Lust all tied up waiting for him to dominate her, Wrath wasn't sure being Drake's submissive was what he wanted anymore.


Xanthos invited Master Drake and Master Dante to his Mediterranean Manor where he has graciously offered to host Rapture's naming, although Xanthos has several ulterior motives for doing this.  Having no choice but to follow Master Drake to Xanthos' Manor, Wrath is forced to face Master Dante again and relive old memories. 


Will Lust help Wrath find where he belongs or will circumstances take her away from him? 


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Justus Roux writes another hot tale of love and life in the world of BDSM. The following pages will scorch your eyes, along with other parts of your body, as you read about a man's discovery into his own identity. Can Lust's love for Wrath give him the courage to take what he really wants in life? Truths are brought to light when Dante reveals Xanthos' dark secret. There are new beginnings for all of the characters in this story. The tenderness shared between Master and Sub shows the way they cared as a family unit, one always ready to support the other. No matter what the preference we may have in life, bottom line is, we all want love. Ms. Roux's story Wrath's Lust is a love story that gives you that with a bit more. Enjoy!

Overall rating: 4 Hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Diane Tugman- The Romance Studio

Chapter One


“You are going to miss Rapture, aren’t you?” Lust snuggled closer to Wrath as they lay in his bed.

“Why do you do that?” He glared down at her.

“Do what?”

“You know I am not comfortable with this shit.” Wrath sat up. He hated talking about his feelings. But over this last year he has shared more and more of those feelings with Lust.

“Oh stop being so dark and gloomy and answer my question.” Lust climbed on his lap.

“Alright yes, I will miss Rapture when he leaves.”

“See was that so hard.” Lust gasped when Wrath pinned her arms behind her back.

“No, but I assure you this sure the hell is.” Wrath rolled Lust over and rammed his cock deep inside her all the while holding her arms behind her.  It hurt Lust a bit but over this year she has grown to crave the pain Wrath brought on her.

“Good and hard, Daddy,” she sighed.

“I fucking love it when you call me that.” He thrust violently into her. Lust had learned well he thought. She paid attention to everything that brought him the most pleasure, to completely dominate her….Rrrrrahhh!!” Wrath screamed.

Lust looked up into his face, his eyes were closed and that look of pleasure was all over his face. The pain in her arms was almost too much to bear and as if he knew, he released them.

He laid gently on her and felt her arms wrap around him. He nuzzled his face against hers for moment. This was going to be a long week. Xanthos had asked Master Drake to join him at his estate in France. Wrath was going with him, he insisted Lust come with them too, he needed her by his side. A thought that both frightened and soothed him.




“Sweet Jessica, shhh.” Drake held Jessica in his arms as she sobbed. “It is for the best.”

“I know but still…” She sniffed. Rapture was leaving the island. She could hardly believe this was true. Drake had said Rapture was ready to be his own Master. But still Jessica couldn’t believe her favorite was leaving. She had grown quite fond of Alexandra too over this year. Of course Alexandra would follow Rapture, they were lovers after all.  Jessica held onto Drake and started crying harder.

“Your tears pain me, Jessica. Surely you knew this day would come.”

“No, I didn’t know,” she snipped at him.

“Rapture was training to be a Master. He is ready, Jessica.”

“No, he isn’t I think maybe you….” Jessica didn’t want to complete that sentence.

“Maybe I what?” Drake pulled her up so he could look into her face.

“I am sorry it’s just my pain talking.”

“I have gotten over my jealousy of Rapture and your need for him. Tell me you believe this.”

“Of course I do. I am sorry, Drake.” She snuggled back down, burying her face in his chest.

“Xanthos will see if Rapture is truly ready. Jessica, I didn’t want to say anything until you were feeling better.”

“But…” She lifted her head.

Drake decided it was best just to come out and tell her. “Master Dante and Mistress Angelique will also be at Xanthos’ estate.”

“What?!” She climbed off his lap.

“Xanthos invited them as well. I don’t know what game he is playing, but we have no choice but to be participants.”

“They will have no say about the matter with Rapture will they?”

“No, only I have say on that.”

“But why go to Xanthos?”

“Because he has invited us, believe me Jessica it is rare to get such an invitation from Xanthos.”

Jessica sat back down on Drake’s lap and snuggled up to him. Not only was her favorite pet leaving, now she has to spend two weeks with the detestable Master Dante and his bitch Mistress. But this was important to Drake, so she will endure it.




“Mmm, that was so good.” Alexandra smiled as she ran her hand down Rapture’s hard chest.

“I thought so.” Rapture smiled at her. Both were covered with sweat and each other’s juices.

“Trying to take your mind off something or were you just trying to see how big a smile you could put on my face.” Alex laid her head down on his chest.

“Both.” Rapture stroked her hair.  He looked around his room. He had lived here for many years while he served Master Drake faithfully.  It will be so hard to leave, but he knew it was time to move on.  Alex was his life now, though he still cared deeply for Drake, he could no longer be happy just being a pet.  Drake knew this. He had pushed Rapture to go. He even took Rapture and Alex to California where they could pick their new house. Oh what a manor Drake bought them, it was truly fitting for a Master.

“I can’t accept this generous gift,” Rapture said, looking over the large estate.

“I insist.” Drake pulled Rapture into his arms. “For everything you have done for me over the years, my most trusted pet.” Drake paused. Rapture could see the sorrow in his former Master’s eyes. “Let me do this for you, it is the least I can do for all the pleasure and comfort you have brought into my life.”  

“I don’t know if I can leave you,” Rapture said, looking down at Drake’s strong chest.

“It pains me to let you go, Rapture, but you must grow.” Drake lifted Rapture’s eyes to meet his. “Look all around you.” Rapture’s eyes followed Drake’s hand as he took in all of the large estate. “You are the Master of all of this.” Drake gently kissed Rapture’s lips. “Alexandra will make a fine Mistress.”

“I am afraid,” Rapture finally admitted out loud.

“I know you are. I will help you.” Drake gently stroked Rapture’s cheek. “You only have to call, besides, you and your Mistress are always welcome on my island.” Drake smiled as Alexandra approached them. “I will help you get started with training others. Take as many or as little clients as you want.”

“Thank you, Master.” Rapture smiled.

“No, you can call me Drake. You are your own Master now.”

“That will take some getting use to. But I would still like for you to call me Rapture. You made me the man I am now that’s why I want to keep the name you gave me.”

“I will be honored for you to keep the name I gave you.”

“Nice job picking this beautiful house, Conan.” Alex gave him a big hug.

Drake laughed and pulled both of them into his arms.

Rapture sat up in bed. “What’s wrong, baby?” Alex sat up next to him.

“I am just nervous going to Xanthos’ manor.”


“Once we leave there, you and I will go to our new home.”

“Together Rapture, we are in this together.” Alex squeezed his hand. She always had a way to soothe him.






Dante leaned his head back onto the seat as his hands caressed Bazil’s hair. “Mmmm, my Bazil.” The sucking sounds that Bazil made could be heard all through the first class section of the plane. The flight attendant avoided coming up here as much as possible.

“Do you plan on having him suck your cock all the way to France?” Angelique purred, running her hands through Dante’s long, thick ebony hair. For the first time since she knew Master Dante he wore his glorious mane free, he usually had his hair done up in hundreds of little braids. She liked the way he looked with all of his gorgeous hair hanging untied. She couldn’t keep her hands out of it. 

“Do you plan on playing with my hair all the way to France?” Dante answered back.

“Well, until your cock is free I will be.”

“Wait your turn woman.” Dante reached over and squeezed her breast hard. 

“You are such a tease.”

Dante just growled and tightened his hold on Bazil’s head.

Angelique looked around, Dante had brought Apollo, Bazil and Emerald with him. Her fist tightened looking at the pretty oriental woman. Dante was taking too much of a liking to Emerald here lately, oh she would have to put a stop to that.  Angelique smiled looking at her two sweets, Raven and Eros.  She adored her sweets, but no one could take Dante’s place. Her eyes went quickly to Dante’s face when she heard him moan.

“Ah…like that Bazil…oh fuck…” Dante closed his eyes as he grinded Bazil’s head against him. “Fuck…ah…” Angelique reached down and pulled her skirt up as she began to stroke at her pussy.  The look on Dante’s face was driving her mad with want.  “More Bazil, oh yes, fuck yes…” Dante’s hips rose off the seat, he was still grinding Bazil’s head against him.

“Yeah baby….” Angelique purred, rubbing her clit faster.

“Bazil…fuck, FUCK, FUCK!!!” Dante screamed, causing Angelique’s whole body to quiver.  Dante slowly opened his eyes and looked over at her.  A slow smile swept across his face watching her pleasure herself.  He grabbed a handful of Bazil’s hair and pulled him up. “Eat her pussy,” he growled pushing Bazil’s face into Angelique’s pussy.

“Mmmm,” Angelique purred, feeling Bazil’s tongue lapping at her pussy.

“Does that feel good Angel?” Dante asked as he held Bazil’s head gently stroking his hair.

“Oh yes,” she answered.

“Doesn’t my Bazil have a very talented mouth?”

“Oh yes…” She began grinding her hips onto Bazil’s face.

“Get her off, my Bazil, so I can lick her sweet juice from your face.” Dante’s words brought Angelique over the edge. She reached down and latched onto Bazil’s head holding him tightly against her as she rode the waves of her orgasm.

“Umm, come here, Bazil,” Dante growled, pulling him up so he was kneeling between Dante’s legs. Dante licked all of Angelique’s juice from Bazil’s face then rammed his tongue into Bazil’s mouth.  Bazil wrapped his arms around Dante and sighed as Dante deepened the kiss. Angelique went back to stroking Dante’s beautiful hair as she watched all the various slaves masturbate watching Dante and Bazil’s heated kiss.





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