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dante_1Angelique went to Master Dante by request of Michael, her trainer and lover. She was new to this lifestyle and Michael wanted her to learn about the pleasures of pain. Angelique had no idea just how much meeting Master Dante was about to change her life. Dante saw her deepest desires—he brought to life those desires.

Master Dante never trained a woman in the art of pain before until Angelique. She was born to be a Mistress, he knew it. What he didn’t expect was to fall in love with her. Torn between his role of Master and his growing love for her he must decide their future together.

This book is the back story on how Master Dante and Mistress Angelique became the enigmatic couple they are now.

"Dante and Angelique"  is another exciting book in Justus Roux's Master Series.



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If you've read the other books in Justus Roux MASTER's series, you'll be able to fully appreciate this tale of how DANTE AND ANGELIQUE met, fell in love, and everything that comes afterward.  These characters have stood out in my mind since I first read LOVE MY MASTER which contains Michael's story and we received a sneak peek at DANTE AND ANGELIQUE's relationship. The characters throughout this series have been highly memorable with passions deeply embedded in the BDSM lifestyle.  I've loved having the opportunity to "sneak" out of my ordinary housewife self and indulge in an alternate reality - one where my needs are taken care of for once.  This has been a truly wonderful series.  I've thoroughly enjoyed each of the books and hope to see more in the near future for the other characters that I've found fascinating while reading.

4.5 out 5 blue ribbon rating

Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

The Romance Junkies www.romancejunkies.com



The prequel story to the famous BDSM Master and Mistress, Dante and Angelique delves into the explanation of the scintillating relationship. The love between a slave and a master is the beginning of a passionate affair that spans a series. With titillating sex scenes between Angelique and Dante and wonderful character interaction and development, it is very understandable why these characters have spanned a very enigmatic series.

4 out of 5 cups

Mila Bean
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books





Dante and Angelique is not a novel for the faint of heart. It is an extreme exploration into the world of BDSM. I will venture to say that this story is more BDSM than romance. However, my knowledge of the practice of dominance and submission is little. I understand the feeling a woman gets when a man turns her on and maybe Angelique could not help falling in love with the one man that made her crave submission. Dante's past clearly dictates his craving for dominance and pain. He is a very interesting character with many facets to his personality. The relationship these characters have is far from conventional. It always involves others. Apollo, for example, plays a major role in their romance, as do others. However, this does make the sex intriguing and hot. Overall, Dante and Angelique is a story I'm glad I had the opportunity to read despite the confusion I felt in the end with the introduction of a character I did not know. I believe he appeared in another novel involving both Dante and Angelique.

Reviewer: Suni Farrar
Rating: 4 Stars out 5
Heat level:



The erotic scenes in Dante and Angelique were unique. I never would have thought that so much pleasure could be received from pain. Different members of the household had very unique needs for pleasure, which Master Dante had no problem in fulfilling. The physical interactions between Master Dante and Angelique were erotic and beautiful. The love that Angelique felt for Dante allowed her to submit herself to his dominance in spite of her personal need to be in control. Dante realized Angelique’s need and loved her for her submission to him.

This book also explains how Bazil comes to live in Master Dante’s home as well as Angelique’s part in Bazil’s arrival.

Ms. Roux fashioned together a very interesting book. I would recommend reading the other books in this series to get the complete feel for the story line.

4 out 5 angels

Reviewer: Teresa

Fallen Angel Reviews



Dante and Angelique tells the story of how the Master and his Mistress first met in this ongoing Master series. The connection between Dante and Angelique are electrical as their sensations and passions practically drip from the pages. When they are together it is like a flickering blaze in this erotic read. Justus Roux creates an exclusive story that is beautifully composed. I like the way she incorporates the different levels of pleasure that Dante presents to each diverse person in the household, while creating bold emotions. Her stories are always top-notch and fascinating, leaving the reader completely satisfied and this one is dynamite.

Overall rating:  5 out 5
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Linda L.




Bazil walked out to the edge of the gardens. He could see the workmen in the distance starting to build Angelique’s new castle.  Sadness engulfed him as he stared out at the workmen. Soon, Angelique will move into her new castle, soon, she will completely take Dante away from him. Bazil knew his place, he knew Angelique would always come first in Dante’s heart, but now…she would be so close. Never again will Bazil have Dante all to himself. Oh, how he enjoyed living here—enjoyed being Dante’s favorite slave.

“My Bazil.” Dante walked up behind Bazil and wrapped his arms around him pulling him close.

Bazil melted into Dante’s embrace, which only heightened his sadness.

“What is wrong, Bazil?” Dante nuzzled his face against the top of Bazil’s head.

“Angelique’s castle will be done within the month.”

“And this saddens you?”



Bazil reached up and grabbed Dante’s arms as he nuzzled back into Dante’s body. “You will forget me,” he whispered.

“Oh…” Dante held Bazil tighter. “I won’t forget you, my Bazil.”

“May I speak freely?”


“Once Angelique moves here you will always be with her. She will sleep in your bed, she will hold your attention, she…has your heart.  Where will this leave me?” Bazil couldn’t stop the tears that started to flow from his eyes.

Dante could feel Bazil’s pain and it tore at him.  “Bazil.”

“Tell me…you love me. You tell her that all the time.”

“Bazil, stop crying, it pains me to hear you cry.”

“Then tell me you love me.  I love you…I love you so much, Dante.”

An awkward silence fell between them. Dante kissed the top of Bazil’s head. “I love you, Bazil.”

Bazil broke down and wept openly.

“Shh, Bazil, shh…”

“Once Angelique comes we will never have a moment like this again.” Bazil turned around and latched onto Dante. He buried his face onto Dante’s chest.

Dante slowly sank down to the grass taking Bazil with him.  “I don’t think you understand Angelique, Bazil. You had to have known her when she first came into my life. She is so different than you are Bazil. She is strong, independent, and stubborn. I want you to listen while I tell you about how I fell in love with her, about her training and how I determined she was meant to be a Mistress.”

“Why, Master?”

“Then you will know why I need you both.”

“I am a man and she is a woman, you need to be with both sexually.”

Dante started to chuckle. “Oh, there is more to it than that, Bazil. If that was the case I could just go and fuck a man when the urge hit.  Now, do you want me to tell you about Angelique right here or do you want to go back to my chamber?”

“I want to stay just like this.”

“Very well.” Dante closed his eyes and mentally went back to the first day he met Angelique.



Chapter One


Angelique sat silently next to the man who just went by the name Apollo as they drove through the desert. Michael had sent her to meet this Master named Dante. To be honest she didn’t understand Michael’s reason for doing this, other than he wanted her to learn about the sweetness of pain, but she would do this for him.

Angelique shifted in her seat when Apollo placed his hand on her thigh. Though Apollo was a rather handsome man she wasn’t in the mood to entertain him. She had too many thoughts going through her mind. Something wasn’t right between her and Michael. She could feel it and she wondered if he did too. Perhaps that is why he sent her to this other Master.  She looked out and saw the huge mansion coming into view. The beautiful grounds and elegant fencing around the mansion made it stand out. Plus the fact that this oasis was surrounded by the barren desert made its beauty that much more to behold.

“You will only speak when Master Dante wants you to, and you will do what he says or you will taste his whip. Do you understand?” Apollo rumbled.

“Yes.” Angelique took his hand as he helped her out of the car.

“Apollo, you have finally come back,” Habu said as he instructed the servants to take Angelique’s bags.

“I had to drive all the way up to Reno to collect this one.”

Angelique looked up into the eyes of the large ebony man. He only nodded his head toward her and motioned for her to join Apollo. She quickly hurried to catch up to Apollo. She paid little attention to the elegant décor, her mind filling with too many thoughts to really pay attention to much of anything except following Apollo.

“Wait here,” Apollo said.

Angelique looked at the two large doors that had elegantly carved figures of Jupiter and Zeus adorning them.  She began to wonder what kind of man would have such figures of authority mark the entrance to his chamber. A strong man, a confident man…she ran her fingers over Zeus’ leg, or perhaps an arrogant man. 

She jumped back when Apollo opened the door. He quickly closed the door then grabbed her arm.

“What are you doing?” Angelique asked.

“Master wants you to wait in the receiving room.”


“It is not for you to question Master.” Apollo brought Angelique to the small receiving room. “I will come and get you when Master is ready for you.”

Angelique sighed and sat down. She was most eager to meet the Master of this beautiful home. Through her training with Michael she had learned patience and she had a feeling that patience was going to be tested this afternoon.




Dante sat on his bed and looked at the man slumping in the chains that bound him to the wall. The young man was covered in sweat and red marks. Dante slowly coiled up his whip. This man was given to him by some other Master and judging by the way he held himself after just a brief beating this man wasn’t meant to be here. Hell, he couldn’t even give a decent blowjob, which told Dante that this man has never really been with another man before. More than likely he was just a servant to the other Master, easily discarded.

Dante lay back on his bed. Now he will have to decide what to do with this gift. More than likely he will just put him with his other slaves in the slave quarters. Only a chosen few actually lived in the main house with Dante.

Dante sighed thinking about the woman he was supposed to train. Yet another favor asked of him. He was growing discontent with being in this circle of Master and Mistresses. He would like nothing more than to shut out the outside world for a little while. But he would have to keep his connections—after all, they brought in wealthy clients. He wasn’t hurting for money, hell he could easily live quite comfortably on what he had. But he never really got over being poor once, so he continues his accumulation of wealth.

He used his whip to hit the golden button by his bed.

“Master,” Habu hurried into the room.

“Habu, take this male to the slave quarters and get him settled in, then bring me the woman in the receiving room. When you are finished tell Cassandra to ready a spot for the new female.”

“Yes Master.” Habu hurried over to the young man and took him down from the wall. He threw him over his shoulder and carried him from the room.

Dante stood and walked over to the wall that held all his various whips. He carefully hung up the whip that was in his hand.  He wanted to play with his two new oriental slaves Emerald and Xylon that he obtained a year ago, but he had to get the woman he was supposed to train settled in. He didn’t really know what kind of training she would need. He would have to see her and speak with her first to figure that out.  He took one last look at his collection of whips then headed to the bathing chamber to freshen up.




Angelique stared at the painting of a woman bound in chains. This erotic image stirred her body. She studied every nuance of the artwork. She had been waiting for a couple of hours now, waiting and wondering what the Master of this house was like. Was he like Michael? Or was he like some of the other Masters that visited Michael’s house?

“Follow me,” Apollo announced.  He couldn’t help but notice her interest in the painting.  Dante tied the young woman up like that and commissioned an artist to paint the image. Apollo loved this painting.  “Angelique,” he said a bit louder.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” She quickly stood.

“It is a very interesting painting isn’t it?”

“Yes. May I ask who the woman is?”

“Some client of Master, he tied her up like that.”

“He did…” Angelique felt a rush of desire sweep over her.

“Now follow me. Master is ready to receive you now.”

Angelique followed Apollo back to Dante’s chamber. Her eyes locked on the image of Zeus as Apollo opened the large door.

“Master, here is Angelique.”

Angelique’s breath caught when she saw the large man standing by the bed. Never had she seen such an intimidating, yet handsome man before. His six foot four inch body was a solid wall of muscle. His hair was dark and very long, it was braided up into hundreds of little braids. His face…her eyes locked with his gray eyes, oh God he was beautiful. He exuded dominance. She found herself wanting to fall to her knees before this glorious man.

Dante couldn’t take his eyes off the small woman. She was beyond beautiful to him. Her long dark brown hair looked like strands of silk. Her large dark eyes gave her an almost innocent look.

“Master Dante.” Angelique bowed her head respectfully to him.

Dante was genuinely surprised by her deep sultry voice. It didn’t seem to fit her innocent look. He liked that very much.

“Angelique.” Dante walked over to her. “You may go, Apollo.”

“Yes, Master.” Apollo quickly left the room.

“Your trainer told me you are here to learn about pain. Is this correct?”

“Yes, Master Dante.” She looked up into his eyes. The closer he got the more she became aroused.

“First, I want to see how well you have been trained.” Dante grabbed her arm and led her over to a wall that had all sorts of restraints attached to it. He carefully placed her ankles and wrists into the metal shackles. “You will stay like this until I return.” He looked over her feminine body. His cock started to harden. However, he would have to wait to take her. He must see how long she can endure waiting for him. He looked at her once more then left the room.

Angelique could feel her heart pounding in her chest. Michael never made her feel like this, hell, no man had ever made her feel like this. She was so aroused and eager for Dante’s touch, but it was more than that. This unknown, yet wonderful feeling was foreign to her. She closed her eyes and tried to focus. She knew soon her arms and legs would ache from hanging like this. She would endure this…she had to.


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