Strict Machine


Salome was tricked by the man she loved most in this world. Lucian said he was her Master and that he loved her. Yet, he abandoned her here with these strange men.  Her life quickly became a living hell. One in which she thought she never escape until a man named Master Darius saved her from these slavers.  He was going to hunt down Lucian and she wanted to be there when he caught him.

Darius wasn’t too happy when Salome wanted to be his submissive after he saved her from those slavers.  He couldn’t refuse Xanthos’ request to train Salome. They had to keep her from running back to Lucian. Darius knew Salome wouldn’t fit into his home, his submissives were trained to break up slave rings and she was nowhere near tough enough to do this. He figured he would keep her until he caught Lucian then he would send her to Master Drake. She would certainly fit in with Drake’s pampered pets.

Salome finds herself falling in love with Master Darius despite the fact that he comes across to everyone as a strict machine. She knows underneath his frigid façade there is a Master beyond all others. But will she have the strength to uncover it, especially after what Lucian has put her through.



Songs I listened to while writing "Strict Machine" 
Machines- Bears of Winter
Disappear- Beyonce
Strict Machine- Goldfrapp
Spectrum- Florence and the Machine
Kiss the Whip- Athamay
Nightmare- Avenged Sevenfold
Edge of Desire- John Mayer
Torture- Les Friction
Teardrop- Mezzanine
She is (Featuring Tim McGraw)- NeYo
We All Want Love- Rihanna


Chapter One


The bars of the cage were cool to the touch. The cement floor in which the cage was bolted onto was hard and unwelcoming. The air reeked of urine, sweat and sex. And what was worse there was no light in this room most of the time, though at times this was welcoming, the light only served to illuminate this dank place. This was Salome’s reality for the last four months. Her truth, her hell, it threatened to rob her of her mind, her very soul. Her only crime that damned her to this place was that she chose to love the wrong man.

At times she could hear soft weeping. This saddened her, knowing that other women shared her fate.

Lucian led her to this place, and like a fool she followed. She can still see Lucian’s smile in her thoughts. He was so handsome, so charming…God she was a fool.  He let those other men use her roughly and when he grew tired of it he simply left her here. He didn’t say goodbye or give any explanation on why he did this to her. The smelly older male of the bunch locked her in this damn cage over a week ago. He said she needed to be housebroken. And when she inquired about Lucian the older male only said that she belong to this house now.

Her tears would not come, though she disparately needed to cry. She huddled in a corner of the small cage trying to warm herself. The ratty dress they had made her wear offered no warmth and barely covered her. She looked at the two dog bowls that were placed in her cage. The repugnant old man took so much pleasure in treating her like a dog. The only time she was let out was twice a day to use the bathroom.

Salome closed her eyes and prayed for release from this abyss. She prayed that someone would save her and the others or that one of these monsters would hurry up and take her life. One way or another she wanted to be free of this hell.




“Master, there are ten men inside, and at least eight women,” Cody said as he hurried up to Darius.

“Only ten, good then this will be quick. I want you all to take positions. We will circle the house. My females, I want you to stay outside and catch any of those scumbags that try and escape. Maybe we will get lucky this time and Lucian will be in there.”

Darius found out about this slave den from Master Xanthos. He promised Xanthos he would shut this place down and take all those slavers to the police. If any of those assholes put up a fight Darius had no problem with shooting them.

Darius’ eight submissives helped him to break up these slave rings. He trained each and every one of them. He knew his submissives were tough and didn’t worry about any of them getting hurt during one of these raids. His submissives knew exactly what to do and were highly trained to carry it out efficiently.

Darius recently became an official member of Xanthos’ BDSM community. It was his father’s dying wish that Darius become part of his Uncle’s community, so he had no choice but to honor his father’s wish. He wasn’t too happy about being part of anyone’s BDSM community. He didn’t play well with other dominants.

“Are you all in place?” Darius said. They all wore small headsets to communicate easily.

“Yes Master.”

“Move quickly and secure all those assholes before we release the submissives. Be safe, my submissives.”

“We will be, Master.” He heard a chorus of voices.

“Move in.” Darius kicked down the front door and moved swiftly through the house. He used a tranquillizer gun to dart any male he came across. He had to be fast to ensure the safety of his submissives.

“Master, one of the males tried to escape, but I got him.”

“Good girl, Loretta.”

Darius was impressed by the speed and efficiency of his males, and the fearlessness of his females.

“Good job, my submissives. Let’s sweep the house to make sure we got them all.”

They slowly went through the rooms and when Darius was satisfied that they got all of them he signaled for his females to come into the house.

“Let’s free the submissives, my females. My males, take these assholes out to the van.” Darius kicked one of the males who were lying on the ground. “Damn it…” Darius kicked the male again.

“Master?” Neil said.

“Lucian is not here. I thought Xanthos said that bastard was a gatherer for these assholes.”

“We will get him. His luck will run out eventually,” Hugh said as he lifted one of the males up and carried him out of the house.

Darius went down to the basement. This is where these monsters kept submissives. He turned on the lights. “Be careful, my females, these females will be frightened and might lash out. Tranquilize them if you have to, but I would prefer that we didn’t.”

“Is Master Xanthos waiting at the hotel for us to bring them to him?” Zoe said.

“Yes, so let’s not keep him waiting.”




Salome huddled in the corner of her cage and latched onto the bars tightly. There was so much noise going on upstairs. She gripped the bars tighter when the lights came on. She could hear a deep male voice and several female voices. She held her breath when the door opened up. She looked at the large male dressed all in black, then quickly back to the floor. She could hear his boots on the cement floor. She glanced up. He had short dark hair and dark eyes. He was a very handsome male, yet he had such an air of authority to him it scared her.

“You are safe now. I won’t hurt you.”

He was trying to keep his deep voice gentle. He squatted down and used something to pick at the lock to her cage within seconds he had the cage unlocked. He opened the door then stepped back.

She didn’t know what to do. After what Lucian had done to her she had no trust left for anyone. Was this man here to save her or was he just going to hurt her like those others had done.

“My name is Master Darius. I swear I’m only here to help you. Now please come out so that I may take you some where safe.”

“And how do I know that you speak the truth?”

“I don’t blame you for your lack of trust. Look into my eyes and see that I speak the truth.”

She gazed into his dark eyes. She didn’t know how to gage truth anymore. What has she really left to lose? If he was lying then maybe he would be the one who killed her. Yet, if he is telling the truth…he would free her from this hell.

She slowly came out of the cage. Her legs wobbled and it was hard for her to keep her balance. She gasped when he lifted her up into his arms.

“I’m sorry you had to suffer this,” he said as he carried her upstairs. “Just know the ones responsible will be punished for what they have done.”

“Lucian…” she said softly.

Darius looked into her pretty face. Her long dark hair made her blue eyes more pronounce. “Lucian is the one who brought you here?”

“He said he loved me. He made me believe it.”

“I will find him. He can’t evade me forever. Let’s get you to Master Xanthos. He will see to your care.”

Darius put her into the van with the other submissives. “My females, take them to Xanthos.”

“Yes Master.”

“My males and I will see to taking those assholes to the police.”

Salome watched Darius walk away, then she closed her eyes and thanked God for answering her prayers.


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