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SRcover2DLove finds you where you least expect it:    

       Alexandra or Alex as she liked to be called was amazed when a dark, handsome stranger named Michael offered her a most intriguing job. She was to tutor some eccentric millionaire all about astronomy, her passion, and she was going to be paid a handsome amount to boot.  She quickly jumped at the offer. Little did the sexually uptight Alexandra know that she was heading to Kjonn Fengsel, a sex resort, to tutor a very sexy man named Rapture.  Determine to do what she was paid to do; she attempts to focus on astronomy, but it is Rapture who tutors her on the pleasures of sexual freedom and love. 


 "The timid way you touch me, makes me feel like a well desired man. You are so beautiful to me."- Rapture to Alexandra


Chapter One



 “Oh, girl it’s about time you took a trip,” Jenny said. She was busy neatly folding a sundress for Alexandra.

“This is not a vacation, you know.” Alexandra picked a couple more books from the shelf and placed them in a small trunk.

 “Are you sure this is on the up and up?  That Michael guy could work for some Sultan.” Jenny slammed the suitcase shut. “Yeah, and he is luring you to this island. Oooo, I bet this is where they force you to train, you know sexually.”

 “Please, a sex island, geez.” Alex rolled her eyes. “I’m going to tutor some rich dude about astronomy nothing more. Don’t you think I checked this out first? This Kjonn Fengsel really does exist. There is a man named Drake Devaux, who owns it. Boy, did I have to dig to find out what his last name was.  So see it’s all on the up and up.” Alex put the last of her notes into the trunk then locked it.

 “Yeah, you’re right if anybody can find a fact about someone it’s you. Call me when you get there, okay?” Jenny hugged her tightly.

“I will, now stop worrying.” Alex kissed her on the cheek.

 “Get yourself a nice tan while you are there. I’m sure this Mr. Devaux will give you a break every now and then.”

 “I will lay out on a chaise and sip a drink with some little umbrella in it, just for you. Jenny, take care, and don’t get into too much trouble.” She hugged her one last time. A knock on the door startled both of them.

 “Come in.” This was Alex’s first trip away from California. She was a bit apprehensive, but excited as well.  She had just graduated from college, and eager to apply at NASA, but this offer came up she couldn’t pass on it. It was quite a large sum of money this Mr. Devaux was offering and Donald recommended her.  Donald was her mentor, he encouraged her to take this offer. It would give her the necessary funds to support herself while she applied to the Hubble project at NASA. He told her it would be a long hard road to be accepted if she was lucky enough to be in the first place.

 “Oh my,” Jenny gasped, looking at the tall, dark-haired, Greek god.

 “Jenny, this is Michael. I will be ready in a moment.” Alex gestured for Michael to sit down.

He walked over to Jenny, placed her hand into his, and pulled it up toward his lips. “A pleasure.” He smiled then gently kissed the back of her hand.

“Likewise.” She blushed. 

Michael motioned to the two men to gather up Alex’s suitcases. “I will wait for you in the car, Ms. Wilson.”

“Okay, but please call me Alex.”

 “As you wish, Alex.” Michael left the room.

 “That man gives a new meaning to the word suave.” Jenny watched him out the window. “If he is going to be there, can I come?”

 “I wish I could take you. It would be nice to have a familiar face with me.”

 “Girl, you better get you some of that. He is freaking fine umm, umm.”

 “I better not keep him waiting.” Alex pulled back her long, golden hair.  She chose a simple light blue summer dress for the trip.

 “How are you getting to the island?” Jenny handed Alex a tube of lipstick.

 “Well, were flying to Hawaii then taking a private yacht the remainder of the way. Michael said I should be there tonight.  What is the lipstick for?”

“To make you look fetching for that Greek god.”

“Will you stop it? Is sex the only thing you can thing of?  Alex handed her the lipstick back.

 “Well, yeah.” Jenny laughed. “You need to loosen up.”

 “Later, girl.” Alex hugged her small friend one last time before heading out the door.

 “Later girl.” Jenny waved at her. She smiled at Michael and watched them drive off. “You better get some of that fine piece of man, girl.” Jenny’s body agreed with her.

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